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The illustrious Dillard University is a uniquely excelling historically black university in New Orleans, La. Dillard life is a family-oriented academic experience. Dillard students achieve together, go through trials together and continuously uplift ourselves and our colleagues. African American students from all over the country attend our prestigious university to experience different cultures, different understanding of our education and deeper hunger to change the world.
Overall Dillard University is a good school for academics. When it comes to academics they are up there and have great programs. When it comes to social and extracurricular activities the school lacks. There is greek life but they are not really active and it is not really entertaining.
What I love about Dillard University is what anyone would love in the institution. It embodies the home and family feeling that anyone who’s away from home would love to have. The individual’s there are friendly, comforting and fun to be around. Honestly it’s like being in the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, some many different personalities to take in.
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Being that I am a very shy and quiet person, it was easy to adapt to the environment. The staff and students are very welcoming. The classes are small therefore there is more time for students to communicate with the teacher.
Since1869, Dillard University has been committed to providing students with a quality four-year liberal arts education. Dillard is a fully accredited private, historically black university. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranked Dillard among the nation’s Top 10 HBCUs, based on comprehensive undergraduate studies. Dillard also was awarded a Top 10 Ranking in 2010 for liberal arts schools in the social mobility category by Washington Monthly
Dillard University is a great school. I enjoy the community that has been built since I have been at Dillard. I have great relationships with my professors and I am glad to have teachers and an adviser that is available almost always.
As a Freshman student here at Dillard University, I have gained experiences and knowledge that I will continue to build upon. Dillard is a great school with wonderful Professors who tries their best to help you excel. they also have many opportunities for extra help outside of classes. Dillard has hosted a great amount of successful business Men and Women as well as a few well known celebrities to speak with our students encouraging us to never give up and to believe in ourselves.
My experience at Dillard has been dusty thus far . I’m a second semester Freshman and I don’t like how unorganized the staff is in general . The campus police cares about the irrelevant situations and lets anybody on campus . Dillard does anything to keep their name held high instead of thinking about the favor of the student .
I like the environment of Dillard. Dillard has a positive environmental and the people are extremely helpful. Everyone is very personal and the campus is very family oriented.
My experience has been great. There is a great group of Students in my program who come from various parts of the country. Learning about the customs and cultures is very interesting.

My Professors are very engaging and helpful and I am so pleased that I had the honor of being accepted to Dillard.
I am from New Orleans and when I thought of colleges, I wanted to stay home but I also wanted to have a real college experience. I chose Dillard because of it's great academic program and the small classroom dynamic. I wanted my professors to really know my name and face. The instructor to student ratio was exactly what I was looking for. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dillard. Dillard also prepared me for graduate school and my career. I am greatful to have had the Dillard learning experience. I am proud to call it my HBCU.
The professors are student lovely and classmates are brothers and sister. Seems like everyone just want to see each other succeed
I enjoyed my college experience. The staff/student ratio was small and I felt that the professors were professional and personable. I was able to get hired in a field in my major shortly after graduating. I also feel that Dillard prepared me for graduate school.
I can honestly say that overall enjoyed Dillard University for everything they had to offer. My trip wasn't as thorough as I had hoped but I still managed to gain an broad outlook on the university. I got to talk to one of the students and also gaze over the dorms and campus.
I love how everyone is willing to help the newcomer and to give you a helping hand in any situation that arise while I have been on campus.
Dillard is a private HBCU. It's perfect for those who want to go to a school where they can actually build connections and they're not just a number to the professors. The campus is not very large, everything is literally in walking distance. Then, it's in close proximity to French Quarter and everywhere else you would want to go in New Orleans.
Dillard University is an amazing overall experience. From the beautiful oak trees to the caring and giving professors, the school will fit the proper person for this school. I am an alum of Dillard University. And I still communicate with my classmates all the time. I can still call up with my professors and get it advice, wisdom, or just remember old times. Dillard is growing in an amazing way and implementing new and innovative programs in their academics. Dillard University is a survivor.
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While attending Dillard, I have had a great experience. Dillard, overall, is a very academic bound HBCU. This university has students and teachers pushing each other to succeed and strive higher in life. I would recommend this school for mostly locals. This school generally doesn't have a high diversity in race nor culture. Dillard mostly consist of African Americans with a New Orleans culture. I would recommend it to locals because I think they would feel most comfortable here. Academically, I think that Dillard performs well. From being in class with these scholars, Dillard shapes and molds excellent students with a motivation to succeed. Dillard represents HBCU's well and I am glad that I was able to to tell you how.
Dillard University is were you have to make you own college experience happen. I can say nothing bad about the professors because they go above and beyond to help you but the administration is just a lot to deal with on top of the hard time you will already have in college.
My experience at Dillard has been great! My education at Dillard University has taught me how to be responsible as a young adult to prepare for life after. I have prepared myself to stay focus and remain on the goal at hand of becoming a News Journalist.
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