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I'm a junior transfer student from a community college, this is my first semester here at Dillard's University so far it is a very nice school, I enjoy the professors I have because they are very eager to help you, also Dillard University has a more older crowd and younger generation too, but I feel very comfortable by being boldet than 35 and returning to a university after 20 years, I love the campus and staff is very helpful, security is scarce you can't really see them unless you just happened to see them sitting in a car ,this is due to construction taking place now on campus, but overall it's a very good school for someone looking to get a BSN or Masters degree.
I really love the school because it is a part of my history being black and really not able to afford college yet I am pressing on because this school was built by people like me pushing on because they knew that people that looked like me need a education to live the America Dream
My experience as a student at Dillard University are great. The professors and staff are kind and are on duty. The knowledge is fundamental, yet difficult. Students are provided with information to navigate the world by applying the knowledge , they learned along the way.
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I absolutely love Dillard. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The people around you try their best to make you feel comfortable . I feel as if the school is perfect if you would want to attend an HBCU. There is an wide variety of opportunities for student to unravel as they discover their path in lif. I also can not think of any changes that need to be made.
It's my first year being at a HBCU and it's so different from a regular university. I do not regret my decision in attending this school. I would recommend an African American to attend an HBCU because it does add something to your life and you meet people just like you that are trying to make something of them selves. The faculty and staff want everyone to succeed and graduate.
Dillard University has a very family-oriented environment. Student actually believe in what their learning and they believe that their professors truly care about them.
Traveling to a different state for school wasn't easy for me. Leaving my family and learning to live on my own really set me apart from my comfort zone. Because Dillard is a smaller HBCU, I felt at home being there. I was always comfortable. My dorm was clean, physically up to date, and accommodating. The food is good, of course after being there for a couple months you will get tired but it is not bad at all. At least there is a selection and its tasteful. Campus is SAFE, it is gated and we have "top flight" security. I can actually say that professors at Dillard are great, they really care about your well being. It is always important to get to know your professor, make a good impression so that when scholarship come around they have no problem writing recommendations for you. I can't say enough about my HBCU, you'll have to take a visit some day!
I love that Dillard is like a family. Everyone is close and helpful. The oaks on the lawn make you feel at home and all of the staff is so helpful and want you to succeed. I wish Dillard was more affordable to attend.
Dillard is a great school. I have enjoyed every year hat I have attended. I am currently in the physics program here. The program has grew tremendously in the past decade. We are one of the top 5 producers of females in physics in the country.
I love the how the campus is very family oriented.I have met some great friends so far through many social events. Dillard also has a diverse campus with students from places like ; Chicago, California , and smaller states like , Alabama. I have only been in attendance at Dillard going on three years I know i still have a lot to experience.
I love Dillard University. Dillard University is a private, liberal arts college that has a strong sense of family and makes sure that you receive the best college education possible.
Dillard University offered a broad range of backgrounds, demographics and still provided the sense of family. I enjoyed all 4 years of my education and wisdom the history of the university and city gave.
I like Dillard University because they have endless opportunities for you to venture off into a great career with a great network. Faculty do what they can to meet your standards. I don't like the infrastructure or cleanliness for I feel like it can be improved.
The illustrious Dillard University is a uniquely excelling historically black university in New Orleans, La. Dillard life is a family-oriented academic experience. Dillard students achieve together, go through trials together and continuously uplift ourselves and our colleagues. African American students from all over the country attend our prestigious university to experience different cultures, different understanding of our education and deeper hunger to change the world.
Overall Dillard University is a good school for academics. When it comes to academics they are up there and have great programs. When it comes to social and extracurricular activities the school lacks. There is greek life but they are not really active and it is not really entertaining.
What I love about Dillard University is what anyone would love in the institution. It embodies the home and family feeling that anyone who’s away from home would love to have. The individual’s there are friendly, comforting and fun to be around. Honestly it’s like being in the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, some many different personalities to take in.
Being that I am a very shy and quiet person, it was easy to adapt to the environment. The staff and students are very welcoming. The classes are small therefore there is more time for students to communicate with the teacher.
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Since1869, Dillard University has been committed to providing students with a quality four-year liberal arts education. Dillard is a fully accredited private, historically black university. In 2010, U.S. News & World Report ranked Dillard among the nation’s Top 10 HBCUs, based on comprehensive undergraduate studies. Dillard also was awarded a Top 10 Ranking in 2010 for liberal arts schools in the social mobility category by Washington Monthly
Dillard University is a great school. I enjoy the community that has been built since I have been at Dillard. I have great relationships with my professors and I am glad to have teachers and an adviser that is available almost always.
As a Freshman student here at Dillard University, I have gained experiences and knowledge that I will continue to build upon. Dillard is a great school with wonderful Professors who tries their best to help you excel. they also have many opportunities for extra help outside of classes. Dillard has hosted a great amount of successful business Men and Women as well as a few well known celebrities to speak with our students encouraging us to never give up and to believe in ourselves.
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