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Dillard Univerisity is a small HBCU so the staff and students feel like family. The classrooms are so small you can know and talk your professor one on one and do what you need to to pass the class. you can even get to know the president very well because he is very involved with campus life.
I just completed my first year at Dillard university and it was amazing . The professors and other faculty members are always open and wanting to help. The students are active and smart . Literally everyone enrolled is destined for greatness .
Dillard's campus is amazing! I enjoyed every year that I was there from freshman year to senior year. My teachers challenged me to be my very best even when I did not want to do my best. I had and still have exceptional peers now colleagues and a support system like no other. The one aspect of Dillard that could use improving was the connection from college to your career.
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My Dillard University experience was challenging, rewarding, fulfilling, and world-class! Dillard prepared me for bright and brilliant future. I would not been as successful as I have if it was not for the dedicated and challenging professors, the rich community, and my astute, creative, and unique fellow students. Furthermore, New Orleans is a phenomenal city in which to learn; the culture, arts, living history, and politics were a laboratory of sorts!
Dillard University is an amazing school! The professors actually care, and they want you to have a bright future. I would definitely recommend Dillard University to anyone.
I attended Dillard University for 2 years in 1998 through 2000. I loved this school. Everything about this school was great for me. The experiences that I received at Dillard were remarkable and I will carry these memories and experiences for the rest of my life.
I like Dillard. I Love how the professors are so attached to the students. I love how the campus is so small and everybody are family orientented. i dont like how expensive it is when the amenties given arent much and shouldnt cost this much.
Dillard University is a great college to attend! By attending this college, you will not only just receive a great education but you will gain a family!
First of I would like to say. How are you? Yes I'm fine, I am a sophomore at Dillard university I am part of the Track team also. I love the school I am able to learn and go to my professors one one. It's great experience and I'm living it up.
I LOVE how Dillard University gives everyone a chance. Dillard Is a diverse community where everyone can go to learn and success. Dillard prepares you for you future. That can be medical school, pharmacy school, any graduate school or just straight into your career. When you leave DU you'll be ready to take on the world.
Dillard University is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The university has a fairly beautiful campus with lots of spacious greens and white buildings. Although the school has an amazing, academic atmosphere, student life on campus is a bit unlively. Also, the food in the campus' is always a bit distasteful and unhealthy. Because I am a vegan, it is very hard to get meals that meet my health requirements. When the cafeteria is only filled with foods such as pizza and fries, it can be hard to get anything healthy. The dorm/housing life is okay. If you remain cleanly and you keep everything in check, there should be no problems with rodents of any sorts. Although safety was pretty lackluster for the beginning of my collegiate career here at Dillard, I have been in a fairly safe place right now. Because of a new and improved security system, there is fairly any problems on campus.
Here at Dillard, everybody full of drama but hey… the education is well. My advice to freshman is to find u one or two good friends and stick to them because once you get a huge group, it may get a little messy. Trust me I've been there.
A vast majority of graduates go on to graduate school or direct careers
I've had a few issues here and there with professors but nothing that I can not handle and hasn't been overcome
The level of severity for health and safety is high at this school
Where I've stayed on campus has been nice. I plan to stay here until graduation
I don't participate in the athletic department other than going to games here and there.
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Being at a small school has its ups and downs but coming to a smaller institutions was the best decision I've ever made in going to a college
Security are mostly friendly; they're doing their job
Cooke and Kent should be your best friends
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