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I love movies and shows!! Always loved special features!! But the college I’ll be in has the same name but here in Louisiana!! And I loved all the technology and staff!!!
From my experience Digital Media Arts College has exactly what I am looking for. It is an art school, so of course there are art teachers. The teachers there are very experienced and have jobs working for other really big companies. It is not a very big school, so that means class sizes are small and intimate and the student gets much more instruction on what ever it is he or she needs help in.
i have never had to transfer credits, but the school offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to working and going to school at the same time.
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i did not take online courses with this school.
the class sizes are great and the teachers are better i think if you want to pursue a career with Dmac College you need to be willing to do the the work the school will do the rest for you.
you have a lot of possibilities when you come to this school its a great school to learn and become a great artist.
there is a lot of support from students and teachers in my school. The classes are not to big so you have a lot of one on one time with the student and teachers great school.
the school is credited and helps you apply for jobs when you have graduated from this college.
i will never forget what i have learn in this school. Never!
With the current schedule, two classes twice a week, its pretty easy to time manage. With the workload however, in Computer Animation, I did find it hard to keep a job. My projects/portfolio was suffering because I wasn't able to put in extra time.
Online classes are really different than being on campus. But they've helped me be able to work more with this schedule.
Career services department is really amazing and always post about jobs, internships, workshops, events ect. Our school is really close nit and alumni are constantly doing workshops or helping out students.
As an art major it all comes down to your portfolio. You can go to a small school or a large well known school and still come out with the same portfolio results. It depends on how much time you're willing to put into this. There's alumni out there that have worked on massive projects like Book of Life and Life of Pi, then there's some(few, but some) who are still trying to find their place in the industry. Our school really does try its best to make sure students are employed with in 6months of graduating. They're actually held accountable for 65-75% of graduates to be employed because of accredation.
Professors here have been experienced for years in industry and know what they're doing. With such small class size (3-30 max) it's personal help pretty much all the time. Classes are fast pace but everything you need to do is clearly told to you. For someone who's never worked in 3D before the way classes are arranged makes it easy to slide into the new field.
I major in Computer Animation BFA. Coming from a more 2D illustration background there's a lot to take in for the first time in this program. We work with all relevant industry standard programs and tech. In the general program (not game art concentration) we learn everything a 3D artist can know for any type of field, such as modeling, texturing, lighting,rigging, vfx, compositing, ect. The pace at DMAC is accelerated, classes only last 7.5 weeks. Professors and fellow students are always more than willing to help out with anything though, makes the stress less intense for finals. There's always workshops from fellow alumni working in the field, events around town, and a career services message board to help with internships and networking. Its a lot of work to go into this field, as long as you're determined you'll be just fine!
I've been here for about a year and a half in the animation BFA program, and I wouldn't even think about switching out. Art school is expensive, but DMAC really does try and help take down the cost. In this area its probably one of the cheaper schools. I love that so much because not only is it easier on your loans but class sizes are really small. With in a year you'll probably know most of your professors for the entire degree as well as other students. The atmosphere is so vibrant and helpful on campus and not a day goes by were I think to switch out. The only sort of downside is that classes are an accelerated pace, you will feel the pressure of it. As long as your dedicated and hard working this school will help you reach unexpected heights!
Digital Media Art College campus is fun, relaxed and creative, the faculty are very helpful. The college provides its students with many different options to express your creativity while develop artistic fundamentals.The college also provides students with specialized training for a demanding market like Computer Animation and Game Art. I also love the atmosphere and I know I will be successful after graduation. They give you the confidence that you will be doing great after completing the program. If I have to choose another college I will stay at Digital Media Art College.
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Upon graduation, the school will make sure you get a job as a professional in the industry.
There are a lot of assignments and projects to work on, but the teachers are always there to help the students.
Teachers are always on point in class. Presentations are given professionally as we call them "critique", and the teachers will treat students as they are interns in their company.
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