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The campus is not the typical large college but rather in an office building of sorts with three levels which makes navigating and getting to class very easy. The teachers are laid back, willing to get to know you, answer questions and touch base if you have any concerns.

The work load is tense, much more than the typical college experience and will be a constant thing to remember when it comes to work but at the same time, this is preparing you for the workforce, meeting deadlines and staying motivated. You get to know everyone eventually.

The staff are dedicated and friendly - when living in the dorms you get to meet your RA's who set up weekly to monthly events and the university itself is very driven by holding events and getting everyone together.

The price of attending here is expensive, but considering the result that you get out of it, it is worth the effort.
Very up to date on their information for students going in their respective feilds. Teachers are willing to help and has a great atmosphere for students.
DigiPen is a school you need to be ready for. It offers alluring courses that describe ideal opportunities and careers that you may find fascinating, but it does not sugar coat the four years it will take you to get there. It is a grueling, difficult course sequence to get through, and they make that very clear. As a currently enrolled student, allow me to amplify that message: To get through any of the degree programs at DigiPen, you need to really know what you're getting into and be determined to get through it. This is not a cheap school. If you have second thoughts, spend your money exploring elsewhere. But, if DigiPen offers exactly what you are after and you are ready for a brutal first few years, there is no better school out there.
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Digipen overall is a fantastic school. The professors and administration are all great. Of course, like any school it has its pros and cons, but everyone at this school is dedicated to achieving its goal. The cafe is wonderful, the connection opportunities the school provides you with are insanely fantastic, it's lived up to all the expectations I've had for it and I'm glad I am going.
Most classes are geared toward your actual majors, however when you first start there's a lot of general studies to get through your first year. Things get more specialized the longer you stay. Faculty is nice, and all of them have worked in the industry in some way shape or form, so everyone knows what they're talking about! (Mostly)
Being at DigiPen Institute of Technology is like stepping into another world. It's different from most colleges because you are learning your degree right from the beginning, and you're treated as an equal among your peers and professors. If you get stuck, there is always someone around who can help you or point you in the right direction for help. The campus is very diverse, with people from all walks of life, and the faculty and students take great steps to make sure that everyone feels welcome.
Digipen is not a learning institution in the sense that you don't go there to learn. You go to prove that you already know. Most of the teach are unqualified to even teach. In my experience, Digipen doesn't even test if the teachers can speak English proficiently or even have a viable academic plan. There is a reason why Digipen only less than a 30% retention rate and the dropout rate is so high. The degree programs are so experimental that they burden the students with unbalanced workloads and poorly planned assignments. There are many teachers who are simply unqualified to teach their respecting class. For example, some of the teachers who teach in the design degree program have never designed a single game in their entire life and just copy and paste their teaching materials from the Youtube channel "Extra Credits." If you want to learn and don't have much experience in coding and/or want to learn game design; go to any other college that has software engineering or psychology.
I feel DigiPen is a good school. One thing you have to be willing to do is work. No matter what degree program you go into, you WILL be piled with work throughout a semester. It's important that you have decent time management; if you don't have time management, you can still get by, but it's crucial to get those time management skills.
I'm love this school, not because this school is easy or stress me out less. It's because they gives us a chance to do, or learn what student want.
DigiPen is a school where you put hard work in and get out amazing work. I get to work countless hours on the things I love. All the assignments and art courses are relevant to each other. I get to explore something I love and continue doing it as a passion and a career.
It all depends on what you have taken
Availability in each semester is a problem.
I haven't found any helpful things for me yet.
It's hard work, but if you can do it, then do it.
It's a great school for those who love games.
As a student who is specializing in audio, it is very interesting how my course sequence has been laid out. Just this year, I took a class about writing a synthesizer using code. It was an amazing experience. We get access to some of the best audio technology in a special room filled with music equipment, it's great.
DigiPen has taught me more in one year, than I had learned in my four years of high school. The school is constantly trying to be better than it already is, and constantly evolves with the industry. Everything you learn is closely related to what employers are looking for today. DigiPen by far is the best school!
Review DigiPen Institute of Technology
From what I've heard, there will be a large variety of classes that cover every topic imaginable. There have also not been any complaints about the scheduling.
From what I've heard, they will be excellent. They really know what sorts of advice a student of that age would need, as well as plenty of connections and resources.
According to past alumni, it's very easy to get a job straight out of school, as well as internships while still attending. There are many of the top companies employing from here, as well as doing guest speaking sessions and such. Not to mention a wide variety of career fairs and very supportive career counselors.
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