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As a single mother of a two year old my experience with Dickinson State University has been very excellent. All of my professors have given me the best feedback to improve my studies. I feel that the staff are there to help anyone academically succeed. Tuition costs compared to other Universities is very affordable.
I like the environment. Professors and students can have a stronger relationship due to the small classes.
my experience with Dickinson was average. nothing too special just a place to go to school. not many things stick out to me about it.
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Overall, my experience was great. The professors seem to care about their students and want the best for their students.
I love the small town atmosphere. I appreciate that my teachers know me by name and all of the coaches from various sports know all of the students. It feels like home.
Have loved attending DSU! Great people. Student to teacher ratio is 11:1 so it’s great learning in a classroom where the teacher knows you by name. You aren’t just s number here.
I love this University!! It has a great a great class size and great teachers. Pretty cheap apartments to live off campus.
I like that it is a small campus! Professors are amazing! I can’t really say much about campus life or athletics. Overall not to bad of a college to go to! I would recommend it to other students!
I love it. It is very diverse and it has a great band i play in as a sophomore in high school. Very inviting people and place
This is actually a very small university with about 4000 students including online. The people you meet and the faculty are what makes this school achieve any greatness. They have awesome programs that help the poor and disabled students. If you can get into the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program -DO IT! They will give you 3000 a year for four years! The school is realitively affordable, and works tirelessly to provide a safe environment and community. You will fall in love with the heart of Dickinson, I know I did.
i love the fact that everyone is so helpful being as i live in baltimore and the school is in north dakota from the online teachers to the staff they are very helpful
Wonderful. Small classes mean more interaction between students and professors. Okay tuition prices.
they have more dorms.wont open them. high prices for cost.
I have liked all my courses so far. The teachers help out a lot even if a person isn't doing so good in the class.
They like to help out students with anything they need if its a job or helping them with future jobs.
The campus always have their campus security on duty all the time. I think they take safety very seriously at the school.
One thing that i liked about living on campus was being closer to classes. The cost of living was a good price for college kids who don't make a lot of money.
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The students at the school are excited to go to sports events and school dances. School spirit is one of the highest things the school promotes and they want every student to participates.
One thing that makes my school unique is the classes are a nice size, which makes the teachers a lot more available to help their students. I would choose this school again because the teachers really care about their students graduating.
The idea you can call security is really comforting but I feel like there really is not enough security around to actually be there if something is happening.
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