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I am currently a student at Dickinson college, which is a small liberal arts college (2500-3000).
If you are seeking close community, constant interactions with professors- this college is for you! The campus is pretty small, and the amount of people attending the college is small, so it is easy to get to know people, you won't feel lost.
The college has pretty good program in Russian, Profs of this department are very nice and are willing to help students, so if anyone wants to pursue Russian, it is a great choice!
Dickinson College has great academics and is a good place to expand your knowledge. But as an institution that is modeling the next generation of the American work force, I'm scared. Dickinson and the student community is working to make the future of America self victimizing and isn't creating a place where the students' ideas can be challenged and become more self reliant. The students here complain about the world and how we need to change it, why be a part of a group that complains instead of preserves.
Decent academics, good professors, not worth the money. Also, never get sick at Dickinson. Their process for requesting a Leave of Absence is incredibly confusing and only disservices the student. I should be worrying solely about my health right now, but can't, because of all of the bureaucratic garbage. I am more than healthy enough to go back to campus next semester, but the process for "changing my student status" is dragging on to the point where it's affected my ability to register for courses next semester. I also had employment through the school over the summer, but they took that away since I "would technically still be on leave until the first day of the next semester." Meanwhile, I can attend a program over the summer at another university without a problem. I pay enough to go to Dickinson that this shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. All the administration of the school cares about is money and its image.

Tl;dr Don't go here if you think you'll ever end up getting sick.
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Students are either privileged or extremely unsophisticated. There's no in between. While the school does have great academics and professors, a lot is missing: good sports teams, school spirit, things to do on the weekends, a good town, a safe town, lack of an even male-female ratio (way more women than men), and a very limited selection of academic programs (one professor told me that I wouldn't be able to get another class in my major until spring of my junior year.) Most people here don't really like it and complain about being stuck in Carlisle all the time. I don't really feel safe in town either, there are a lot of people wandering around on the loose. I'll be transferring next year, and even though I've met some good people here, I really hope that prospective students will take the reality of Dickinson outside of what you see on the tour into consideration before committing - I wish I had. My advice would be to do an overnight on a weekend to see if it's right for you.
I liked the classes, the professors, and the friends I made. Pretty much everything else needs work at this school.
The college is on another planet from the rest of the world. Even the town of Carlisle separates itself from the college. The college is way more political then you may think and is very far left. Not much goes on and school pretty much becomes your life at Dickinson.
I am thriving at Dickinson College. Being a shy person, I now can stand up and debate political issues in my debate class. I can present my research in business class. My professors are top-notch. My first year seminar professor invited the whole freshman class to his home for dinner. I will never forget the delicious chicken, with spaghetti, and salad. My business professor, graduated from Cornell University, took our team of four students to lunch with a Hershey executive. What's lifetime experience.
I love it here at Dickinson! It is exactly what you think of when you hear "small private liberal arts school". It was definitely the right decision for me.
Dickinson College is beautiful and very spacious. The building itself is historical and incredibly beautiful. It's located in a small town, Carlisle, where there are infinite things to do after classes. This college would be a great beginning for anyone's life, especially those who like a simple life in a simple city. Dickinson college has a perfect, calm environment for those who need to study or relax. There are big red chairs located outside, which are perfect for Spring, Summer, and Fall weather just to settle down and unwind. Not only that, but also inside the college it’s a perfect learning environment with friendly people everywhere to helping to guide and lead students toward success.
Dickinson strives to continually improve the student experience by introducing new programs, support systems, and academic resources. The teachers and the staff are extremely dedicated to the students.
Dickinson College is a liberal arts school that provides a diverse education which prepares its students for the real world in a manner not seen in other institutions. The small faculty to student ratio allows professors to establish personal and meaningful relationships with their students. Dickinson also provides a large variety of on-campus clubs and activities that appeal to any interest a student may have. The local area around Dickinson contains the resources needed for college life. Overall, Dickinson College is a great place to prepare anyone looking to graduate and go into their major with confidence.
Classes are great. Very interesting except languages but those are required.
It's a very safe school.
Freshman dorms will always be freshman dorms, but upperclassmen housing is pretty lit.
You have to be Greek to get into good parties.
My freshman floor is super small, but we all get along and it's definitely an advantage having a network of people that I live with and genuinely respect.
I chose Dickinson as my ED school. Everyone was super friendly on campus when I came to visit, and I knew I wanted to apply right away. Like all freshmen, it's been a transition, but I've been able to quickly find people who I can spend time with and rely on for support. My classes have been challenging and engaging, and the professors do truly care about student success. My advice to anyone applying this year/in the future would be to consider how small of a town Carlisle is. It's a cute town, but for a lot of people I have come across, not having immediate access to a major city has been a real culture shock. Number two, if parties are your thing, they can be limited and occasionally hard to get into, especially for freshmen. But, if parties aren't your thing, don't worry. There are plenty of other ways to get involved and fun activities and trips to try. Lastly, don't expect football games to be huge social events. Not only does our team not have the best record, but we're also a small(ish) D3 school. Overall, it is a lively, motivated student body, and already I have created positive memories! Just remember to take all of the small-liberal arts factors into your decision. :)
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The career center is really helpful and your professors want you to be successful. Every peer will help in any way they can to set you up for the rest of your life outside of Dickinson.
Dickinson is an exciting place. Everywhere you turn, there's another adventure, a new person to meet, another club to join, another interesting class. The fun never stops here. All you have to do is put yourself out there for people to get to know you and you'll find your niche. It's an accepting community and you'll leave knowing you made the right choice.
DPS is only here to help. If they come to a party, they just want to make sure everyone is safe. No one is looking to get you in trouble and if you need someone to walk you home almost anyone is willing to. Dickinson is very much a tight community and we look after one another.
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