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Dickinson has allowed me to make new friends from all over the world. I am able to learn in and out of the classroom about different people and their cultures. When you go to Dickinson you have the chance to make your experience anything you want it to be. Being able to attend classes with people with life experiences that differ than your own help you grow. Growing into who you are is the most important part of college, and Dickinson helps their students you that in many ways.
I'm only a sophomore at Dickinson but my experience has been amazing so far. In speaking to my friends who attend different universities, I can say that the sense of community on the Dickinson campus is absolutely unmatched. Faculty and administration is incredibly accessible, I have already had the pleasure of having dinner with our college president, and have taken a class with our Dean of Students. Classes are intimate, my largest class so far being around 25 students and my smallest only having 5, which facilitates close and positive faculty-student relationships. Opportunities have proven to be almost overwhelming as an underclassmen, with various work and research opportunities both during the semester and over breaks, and the school's commitment to study abroad only works to increase student opportunities on a global scale.
Students and faculty are respectful and welcoming. Professors make helping their students academically a priority. There are a wide variety of clubs and activities.
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I've loved Dickinson from the moment I stepped on campus. The landscape is well maintained, however some of the buildings could really use an update. The dorms are typical of any college, and they are adding a nice new dorm this year. There is special interest housing which is worth looking at. The class sizes are small so lots of one-on-one time with professors. The sciences are amazing even though Dickinson doesn't recognize them as much as the large population of business majors. My professors are great advisors for grad school and job options, and Dickinson has many resources for finding internships. Pretty diverse population and the food is awesome. I personally don't think this is a party school, good options for sororities but not so much fraternities. Greek life doesn't interfere with non-greek students. Carlisle is a nice town with lots to do in the surrounding area. Dickinson also provides great financial aid resources.
I transferred out of Dickinson after my sophomore year. I loved almost all of my professors at Dickinson and would love to keep in touch with them, but the thought of spending another two years in Carlisle, PA was just unfathomable. If you're someone who doesn't have a family with lots of wealth and career connections or if you're not in a scholarship network, you need to work your ass off to network with people and find good internships/employment opportunities. The insular location of the school, combined with its predominately rich, white student population, creates a college version of a prep school. The caf (and the food sucks) even has unspoken "designated" tables for teams/frats/sororities. Overall, campus social life is very much segregated. Academics are not-at-all bad there, but it definitely takes a specific type of people to be happy at Dickinson.
From the beginning it felt very easy (INBM Major) and after 2 years, it hasn't gotten more challenging/interesting. It's very easy to stand out in academics and extracurriculars, as many students aren't very active in the community outside of their cliques, greek life, or sports teams. Decided to transfer for junior year. Not worth your time if you actually want to learn something or build a strong network in business.
From my one year spent at Dickinson College, I found that the students come in two forms: the ones that worked their fingers to the bone to attend and the ones that strongly felt that they could do better regarding their college selection.
First, the housing process is embarrassing. First semester I was placed with a roommate that I simply did not get along with and Dickinson's residence life made it nearly impossible to switch roommates without long discussions about why I couldn't get along with a roommate that stayed up until 4 in the morning with all of the lights on and was completely rude to me. Additionally, when I signed up to live in Substance Free Housing my sophomore year, I was DENIED despite the housing advertisements claiming that all students would be accommodated. I think the school has major strides to make to be even academically comparable to some of its neighboring institutions such as Bucknell University or Lehigh.
I like Dickinson college, but I would like to have more things to do in a short distance from campus. The campus can feel a bit insular.
Dickinson College is a great school with a tight knit community and very challenging academics. The worst thing about Dickinson College is housing and residence life. They are awful if you are going to a college expecting to have an apartment within your first 3 years do not choose Dickinson. The school is also overpriced and tuition continues to increase. However if you can afford the school and don't mind terrible housing, the academics and professors at Dickinson are incredible.
Dickinson College loves to leech off of their students. They built a new senior living space for the senior in class in order to generate more income for the school and ultimately replace off-campus housing. It's also very focused on academics and provides very minimal for the students in terms of entertainment during their off time during the weekend. School spirit sucks and is an embarrassment. The school may sound very good from the tours provided, but beware its a trap. Almost 1/4 of my class transferred after the first year after being exposed to the high school atmosphere of dickinson. Please look at other schools before coming here because other schools will provide more for the students with much less money spent. Good luck
Dickinson has a cozy campus in the historic area of Carlisle. During my four years there, I had some fantastic professors whose classes were very engaging, but also a couple whose classes sounded very interesting, but who, unfortunately, did not teach them well. If you want to study abroad, Dickinson is a great place to go, as about 2/3 of students go abroad with one or more of the many programs offered. They also offer a lot of financial aid. Overall, Dickinson is a good place to spend your undergraduate years and get a good education.
I think it is a great school with a beautiful campus. There are many problems with the school, but from what I can see, less so than many other colleges. We have beautiful facilities, and the best parts about Dickinson are how accessible and friendly most staff and professors are, and how students can take such a wide variety of courses. Another amazing thing about Dickinson is that the class sizes are very small, which makes classes very personable. Some problems include limited public transportation, hard to get into classes you want, and many wealthy and contrite students.
Dickinson is a hidden gem in the East! The classes are excellent and the professors are very knowledgeable. The campus is small but has a TON to offer students. It's as strong academically as any of the Little Ivies!!!!
I love the academic atmosphere at Dickinson - the professors are amazing and it is easy to have a relationship with them. Food and housing is good, not too great though.
I have meet my closest friends here and have found a supportive group of advisors to help me achieve my goals. With the help of the amazing faculty, I have formulated an achievable plan and have set out to realize my plans of traveling the world and using my liberal arts education to accomplish something I can be proud of.
According to those who have told me about their experience at Dickinson College, it is an amazing school that is lacking in the diverse department. Other than that it is more than you can ask for.
I loved visiting Dickinson for a diversity program this fall. All the faculty members who I met were invested in their respective disciplines and determined to pass on their enthusiasm to students. The current undergraduates were friendly and willing to talk to me about their college experiences.
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I am a first year student at Dickinson and I have enjoyed my experience so far. The community is great and this was a concern for me being a person of color. However, the POC community is more than welcoming as well as the nonePOC community. Your experience here is what you make of it, if you go out and attempt to assimilate into the community you will do just fine but if you hide and stay away from people then you will not enjoy your experience. The classes are great the professor take a personal interest in your well being in class, to the point of emailing or calling you if you are absent. There are many clubs and activities to get involved in. Greek life is present but not mandatory to have a great experience at Dickinson. The party scene is great and accommodates all kind of people. From major parties to smaller kickbacks. I recommend Dickinson for anyone, it’s a great school!
Dickinson is a small liberal arts school with professors that really care about what they're teaching and want to see you succeed. The campus and town are super cute and fun to explore.
The education is worth looking past all the other crappy things about this school. The professors are all amazing and the classes are very interesting. The library and academic buildings are excellent. That being said, the food here kinda sucks and the social scene is very odd. Lots of cliques and to get into good parties you pretty much have to be in greek life or on a team. Also, while dickinson public safety is very helpful, they are literally out to get people who party. They circle around campus every night, and on fridays and saturdays they wait near known party locations, just so they can bust them up. Its a little much. I like this school, but it certainly is difficult to adjust to.
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