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Dickinson has a cozy campus in the historic area of Carlisle. During my four years there, I had some fantastic professors whose classes were very engaging, but also a couple whose classes sounded very interesting, but who, unfortunately, did not teach them well. If you want to study abroad, Dickinson is a great place to go, as about 2/3 of students go abroad with one or more of the many programs offered. They also offer a lot of financial aid. Overall, Dickinson is a good place to spend your undergraduate years and get a good education.
I think it is a great school with a beautiful campus. There are many problems with the school, but from what I can see, less so than many other colleges. We have beautiful facilities, and the best parts about Dickinson are how accessible and friendly most staff and professors are, and how students can take such a wide variety of courses. Another amazing thing about Dickinson is that the class sizes are very small, which makes classes very personable. Some problems include limited public transportation, hard to get into classes you want, and many wealthy and contrite students.
Dickinson is a hidden gem in the East! The classes are excellent and the professors are very knowledgeable. The campus is small but has a TON to offer students. It's as strong academically as any of the Little Ivies!!!!
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I love the academic atmosphere at Dickinson - the professors are amazing and it is easy to have a relationship with them. Food and housing is good, not too great though.
I have meet my closest friends here and have found a supportive group of advisors to help me achieve my goals. With the help of the amazing faculty, I have formulated an achievable plan and have set out to realize my plans of traveling the world and using my liberal arts education to accomplish something I can be proud of.
According to those who have told me about their experience at Dickinson College, it is an amazing school that is lacking in the diverse department. Other than that it is more than you can ask for.
I loved visiting Dickinson for a diversity program this fall. All the faculty members who I met were invested in their respective disciplines and determined to pass on their enthusiasm to students. The current undergraduates were friendly and willing to talk to me about their college experiences.
I am a first year student at Dickinson and I have enjoyed my experience so far. The community is great and this was a concern for me being a person of color. However, the POC community is more than welcoming as well as the nonePOC community. Your experience here is what you make of it, if you go out and attempt to assimilate into the community you will do just fine but if you hide and stay away from people then you will not enjoy your experience. The classes are great the professor take a personal interest in your well being in class, to the point of emailing or calling you if you are absent. There are many clubs and activities to get involved in. Greek life is present but not mandatory to have a great experience at Dickinson. The party scene is great and accommodates all kind of people. From major parties to smaller kickbacks. I recommend Dickinson for anyone, it’s a great school!
Dickinson Started as a great school. However, because of JOYCE BYLANDER and her ridiculous student life possibilities, the school has become inhospitable. The party scene is terrible, and there is an objective lack of adequate housing and food options. Pains me to say this, but Dickinson is not a school I am proud of and will NEVER receive a dime of my money after graduation.
Dickinson is a small liberal arts school with professors that really care about what they're teaching and want to see you succeed. The campus and town are super cute and fun to explore.
The education is worth looking past all the other crappy things about this school. The professors are all amazing and the classes are very interesting. The library and academic buildings are excellent. That being said, the food here kinda sucks and the social scene is very odd. Lots of cliques and to get into good parties you pretty much have to be in greek life or on a team. Also, while dickinson public safety is very helpful, they are literally out to get people who party. They circle around campus every night, and on fridays and saturdays they wait near known party locations, just so they can bust them up. Its a little much. I like this school, but it certainly is difficult to adjust to.
I love Dickinson! My first year here was very satisfying all around as a student-athlete. I found the ability to balance both athletics and academics, which is crucial to all coaches and athletes. My expectations were surpassed especially with regards to campus awareness. This college is very aware of diversity and contemporary issues. Two of the main pillars of a Dickinson education--global citizenship and sustainability--are present in every major's curriculum. I've found that alum have been able to apply their skills to jobs that might not even be related to their major. This skill is more important than ever because in 5-10 years, there will be jobs and industries that do not even exist yet.
I am a current high school senior hoping to attend Dickinson in fall 2018. I toured the school twice and I fell in love with it. The professors I talked to were so helpful, all the coaches were so nice and they really cared about their student athletes. The students seemed genuinely happy to be on the campus and to tell the tours about their school.
I like that Dickinson is a small college because it let me get to know my fellow students not just from my year but also those who are not. The staff is absolutely friendly and so very helpful. It is a liberal arts school that welcomes all.
I transferred out of Dickinson after my sophomore year. The student population is very cliquey, and more of a hierarchy than a community. You can definitely find your niche if you look a little bit, but the overall atmosphere of the school is pretty snobby, especially on some of the sports teams and in a few (not all!) of the Greek organizations. Again, that's a generalization and based on my personal experience, as I know some people who have attended and found a good group and managed to tune out the rest. However, be prepared to be exposed to some mean girls and douchy guys who value "relevance" over everything else. Coming from a public school in a small town where everyone is friendly I was really shocked to find what I did at Dickinson.... It's a place that looks great on the surface, but isn't always wonderful underneath that. Take a look at the freshman retention rate.
Dickinson College is good for people who want to be away from a city, focus on their social lives or want to meet a tight-knit community of people. The professors are VERY eager to help you, however, the small campus will foster a lot of competition among people.
I am currently a student at Dickinson college, which is a small liberal arts college (2500-3000).
If you are seeking close community, constant interactions with professors- this college is for you! The campus is pretty small, and the amount of people attending the college is small, so it is easy to get to know people, you won't feel lost.
The college has pretty good program in Russian, Profs of this department are very nice and are willing to help students, so if anyone wants to pursue Russian, it is a great choice!
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Dickinson College has great academics and is a good place to expand your knowledge. But as an institution that is modeling the next generation of the American work force, I'm scared. Dickinson and the student community is working to make the future of America self victimizing and isn't creating a place where the students' ideas can be challenged and become more self reliant. The students here complain about the world and how we need to change it, why be a part of a group that complains instead of preserves.
Decent academics, good professors, not worth the money. Also, never get sick at Dickinson. Their process for requesting a Leave of Absence is incredibly confusing and only disservices the student. I should be worrying solely about my health right now, but can't, because of all of the bureaucratic garbage. I am more than healthy enough to go back to campus next semester, but the process for "changing my student status" is dragging on to the point where it's affected my ability to register for courses next semester. I also had employment through the school over the summer, but they took that away since I "would technically still be on leave until the first day of the next semester." Meanwhile, I can attend a program over the summer at another university without a problem. I pay enough to go to Dickinson that this shouldn't be a problem whatsoever. All the administration of the school cares about is money and its image.

Tl;dr Don't go here if you think you'll ever end up getting sick.
Students are either privileged or extremely unsophisticated. There's no in between. While the school does have great academics and professors, a lot is missing: good sports teams, school spirit, things to do on the weekends, a good town, a safe town, lack of an even male-female ratio (way more women than men), and a very limited selection of academic programs (one professor told me that I wouldn't be able to get another class in my major until spring of my junior year.) Most people here don't really like it and complain about being stuck in Carlisle all the time. I don't really feel safe in town either, there are a lot of people wandering around on the loose. I'll be transferring next year, and even though I've met some good people here, I really hope that prospective students will take the reality of Dickinson outside of what you see on the tour into consideration before committing - I wish I had. My advice would be to do an overnight on a weekend to see if it's right for you.
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