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My time at Diablo Valley College has been really great! I've been able to meet people who have created an extensive support system that makes it easy to transfer to my intended school. The PUENTE program has been really amazing in creating a welcoming, supportive system and family
some professors expect WAY to much from a first time OLDER student who has not been to class in 45 years! I think that students who are on their 50s should get special help to teach them how to learn again and how to study, etc.
I loved DVC because of the diversity it encompasses. You are surrounded by a wide range of people and it adds uniqueness to your educational experience. Everyone has a different story and are there for different reasons which I found really enlightening.
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I am doing all my classes online through Canvas and find they offer an average to above average # of classes via online only learning. You will need to take an English Assesment on campus and can do the math assessment online. There are many classes you can take without pre-requisites (meaning advisory) but you can still take the class if you have not taken the class they are specifying yet. They have a great portal which is basically your dashboard that has every link, icon you will need at DVC to connect to your outlook email inbox, canvas, financial aid, clubs, register for classes, forms, admissions office. library, everything in one place which is really nice.
Online learning is not easy and I spend between 4-9 hours on each class per week.
The teachers at DVC were amazing and always encouraging. Though sometimes it was difficult to navigate through the mess that is college, the amazing counselors were there to help create class schedule which were easy to understand. The one complaint I have is that I wished there were more spots in core classes such as Chemistry 108 and English 123 (both necessities for many majors).
My college experience with Diablo Valley College had been great so far.The college has a lot of great resources to reach out to whenever help is needed.I really like how they have different groups that you can join and feel more connected to people.The only thing that has a down down and that i would like for it to stay open a little bit longer is the bookstore.I think it should at least be open until 8:30pm because i am usually a nigh time student and there has been times when some of us or speaking for myself would liked to go buy some things that are needed or a snack but unfortunately it closes at 7:00pm
As a college freshman, DVC has been a great experience. The environment is really nice and the size of classes makes it easier for students to form lasting relationships with their professors. There are many resources available to students to aid student life and help us reach our goals in a timely manner. Also, the classes are challenging enough to prepare students well for transfer into 4 year colleges, future jobs etc. There are also many opportunities for students to get involved in their community. The high transfer rates is also a huge plus because students feel motivated to excel.
I really enjoy how convenient the college is and how most of the professors there understand what we are going through. A lot of the professors I have talked to were transfer students and are very helpful with transfers.
As a current student at Diablo Valley College and recent graduate from high school, I have really enjoyed this college in every aspect and have much enjoyed being a college student. The professors have been very kind and also helpful in every way they can be. Also the diversity is amazing! Unlike high school, DVC is very much helping me enjoy my education and letting me grow my wings.
I loved the overall experience I had in DVC. Students and staff are all friendly and welcoming. I’ve met wonderful people through the years!
The campus is still on the smaller size but all the amenities are in the process of being updated; the building that they are working on over the summer is the student union building . It is a great place to get started on your degree though. It is hard to try and get some classes, especially in the math department but that is true for a lot of other community colleges as well. The professors that I had throughout my years there really seemed to care and wanted to see their students succeed. There are also a lot of great places on campus to study that are spread out and quiet.
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Diablo Valley College has a really beautiful campus. There are tons of ponds, resting/studying areas, and trees to sit by. Their bookstore is pretty good; it has a Peet’s. The cafeteria food is also amazing, the culinary students make the food themselves. The one downside is the counselors and financial aid office at DVC aren’t as helpful as they should be.
I am a currently a returning student at Diablo Valley College. I first attended Diablo Valley College as an immature and naive high school graduate. Going through the motions in order to please my parents, I study my way to transferring to San Francisco State University where I earned my B.S. in Business Administration. However, I was so sure of my self and my future.

To my relief, I received a job offer to work in New Zealand as an outdoor guide. After working in ecotourism for two years and attending a two-week Wilderness First Responder program, I fell in love with medicine. For the first time in my life, I knew what I wanted to do.

I returned to the United States in August 2017 with the intention of pursuing a career in medicine. Since then, I have been able to attend Diablo Valley College and successfully complete 30 units of graduate school prerequisites. Diablo Valley College has enabled me to pursue my dreams.
I have been attended this college for about two and half years starting as ESL student. I have to say that this college impressed me a lot. I am glad that I had this experience.
First, I have to say that this college gives the opportunity to earn the education for the not very big price. If you compare the tuition for the DVC and any university, you will see that DVC is much cheaper. Therefore, it is a good idea do not go to university right after High school but go to the college DVC, CCC...) and take some classes.
But remember, DVC is very popular college, and you use your chance to register for the desirable classes as soon as possible (as the system can allow you to do this).
It feels like a 4-year college. The best professors you can find, and interesting, engaging courses. It is the perfect place to prepare you for transferring to a University or give you vocational skills like nursing/dental hygiene.
DVC has provided an overall fantastic education for me as a student. As a community college, it has allowed me to learn more within my field, catch up in my weaker areas of study, and explore new subjects I now find myself incredibly passionate about; moreover, it has saved me a great deal of money, and helped me transfer to a 4-year college, preparing me and giving me enough confidence to succeed, (I believe it's currently the #1 leading transfer college in California).
Ultimately, like any college, it has its shortcomings (as you'll see within my ratings), and as a community college, you definitely won't get the same college experience as you would at a 4-year college. But ultimately, DVC provides you with a good education, with a lovely community of both teachers and peers.
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This school has helped groom me into a student who's ready for a four-year university. Only problem I'd say would be parking and hard to get classes in the beginning as a freshman
I think there should be more unity between the campuses. Other than that, the program is really geared towards helping you become a better student and achieve your academic goals. The San Ramon Campus is definetly the nicer campus out of the two. However Pleasant Hill has a lot more options and feels much more like a college campus than DVC SR does.
It motivated me to transfer and to pursue a higher degree, loved the environment that I was in and made me want to work hard.
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