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DVC is very welcoming to all! Professors make sure you're prepared for transferring. It has a lot of extra activities and clubs to be involved in, along with programs to explore options and interests.
There are some miracle staff members on this campus. If you want to excel in your academics then it is absolutely crucial to use because not all staff members are created equally here. Being a part of sports teams and academic clubs surrounded me with positive and driven people all working towards transferring and graduation. If you want to succeed I would definitely recommend this campus. Many of my friends, including myself, has transferred into great four-years due to this college.
The diversity is great, which is a plus. I took a summer class and my professor was very nice and chill, not overwhelming students.
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Diablo Valley College is a great school. Teachers work with their students and truly do care about their well being. This school is located near Sunvalley mall and there are a lot of places to eat and socialize. There are also many students from different backgrounds which makes DVC even more unique.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at DVC. Compared to other community colleges near me, I felt like I would get the most out of my education there. like any other college you have your good and your bad professors. luckily for me the number of good professors I had outweighed the bad and they were all extremely helpful when I asked for advice and recommendations to transfer. Key advice that everyone knows, if you’re trying to transfer see a counselor every semester. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you think your counselor messed up information or they are telling you something different from a previous counselor because its your education.
Diablo Valley College has a very friendly and diverse community. The campus feels very safe and has security guards that patrol the campus day and night. When first attending DVC I was very nervous about meeting new people but quickly college has become some of the best two years. Dvc has such a great staff that ensures that students are not left behind. The campus is easy to navigate and there are many places for resources when students need help on classwork or general questions. The campus also has great food cooked by those who are in cullinary classes and is sold for a great price at the upstairs cafeteria.
I really enjoyed my time at DVC in the summer. I had very nice teachers that took extra time out of their busy day to help me with essays or homework. Everyone is really nice and helpful. It is also very safe because of the police, and very resourceful because there is a library right in front of the college.
I love Diablo Valley College its a beautiful campus and the Instructor's are great. I am an older student returning to school after being away from school for over 30 years. My re-entry has been smooth and I'm glad that DVC is where I reentered at.
I have enjoyed taking various classes at Diablo Valley College including Spanish, Nutrition, Geography, and Kickboxing. The professors are outstanding and the student body is full of life.
Well, here we are, at the end of the semester and, it has actually been overall very eventful and surprisingly better than expected. I got to meet lots of different and unique people, learned lots of new things and got to experience and live the start of my college experience. My first semester of my freshman year has already definitely made an impression on myself. Entering college has given me a reality check on who I am and where I want to be in the future.
After surviving almost a full semester, I can proudly say that I am confident in myself and what I’ve accomplished thus far. I think DVC did what it’s supposed to do for every new student. It took me out of my comfort zone and taught me about new ways of life without making others and I feel like we have to change our existing ways of living. So in other words, good job DVC!
It is hard to find the motivation to participate in community college events. However, DVC offers quite a lot of programs and activities that are great alongside the studies. There are free tutoring services and work opportunities. Additionally, the faculty are from the local areal; some even went to DVC themselves. Many of the professors also taught at the nearby UCs like Berkeley and Davis as well as the SJSU and Cal State East Bay it is even more worth the price as the education at the community college is the same as what is taught at the UCs.
What I like best about DVC is how friendly everyone is. From the students, the the staff working in Financial Aid or Administration, to the Professors, everyone is very understanding towards everyone's individual circumstances.
My experience here has been alright. You have to look into your professors before taking a class because most of the time they aren't that great.
The professors make or break your experience, just check on rare my professor before registering. Party scene is awesome IF you know people and have connections. For sure get your money's worth here as far as education. Diversity is celebrated here which is big for me. The area is not very diverse itself, so the school isn't "outstanding" in that department but fair given that its Pleasant Hill. If you're gonna eat here, get food made by the culinary students or swing by Peets.
I really like Diablo Valley College, more than Los Medanos College in the area. The teachers were more concerned with your success and a lot of diversity in the students.
This is the best college for those who want to attend a community college to transfer out of. You can easily take care of your GenEd requirements. The crowd is very diverse here. Maybe the seriousness of education is a hair less than many other public, private, state, or religious institutions - but regardless of that, you will also find many amazing professors who really enjoy what they do. There is no housing at this college. There is also a San Ramon campus which is newer, but has a limited choice of classes.
What I like about Diablo Valley College is there's no discrimination between each race. The people are great
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DVC has been a great experience and has prepared me to take the next step in furthering my career to become a veterinarian. I've had great experiences with the counselors in helping me plan my future education.
I liked it, it is not a very social place but it is enjoyable. I took american sign language and loved it. My professors actually listened and offered suggestions. I was able to learn more about the local deaf community and get involved in a way that has been very meaningful to me.
I like the diversity on the campus. The school always have workshops to help whether with writing the UC applications and have ways to help students create their resumes. DVC helps the student try to graduate by giving them many financial help such as the EOPS program where they help with book tuition.
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