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I really like Diablo Valley College, more than Los Medanos College in the area. The teachers were more concerned with your success and a lot of diversity in the students.
This is the best college for those who want to attend a community college to transfer out of. You can easily take care of your GenEd requirements. The crowd is very diverse here. Maybe the seriousness of education is a hair less than many other public, private, state, or religious institutions - but regardless of that, you will also find many amazing professors who really enjoy what they do. There is no housing at this college. There is also a San Ramon campus which is newer, but has a limited choice of classes.
What I like about Diablo Valley College is there's no discrimination between each race. The people are great
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DVC has been a great experience and has prepared me to take the next step in furthering my career to become a veterinarian. I've had great experiences with the counselors in helping me plan my future education.
I liked it, it is not a very social place but it is enjoyable. I took american sign language and loved it. My professors actually listened and offered suggestions. I was able to learn more about the local deaf community and get involved in a way that has been very meaningful to me.
I like the diversity on the campus. The school always have workshops to help whether with writing the UC applications and have ways to help students create their resumes. DVC helps the student try to graduate by giving them many financial help such as the EOPS program where they help with book tuition.
Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Much better than High School. The teachers are good the food is amazing and the variety of people that are open to help is amazing
Diablo Valley College is one of the best Community colleges in the nation. The teachers and the facilities are top notch, and the possibilities are endless.
What I enjoyed about my experience at Diablo Valley College was its diverse community of students from all over the world. In addition, the counseling services that were provided for students really helped me in planning and completing my courses. The construction and parking could definitely be improved for the safety and benefit of the students. Although there are many parking lots available, many students still struggle to find parking especially during peak hours from 9:30 am to about noon. The first week of each semester is also very hectic as people struggle to find parking due to the overflow lot being full.
the classes are simple and very friendly campus. Counselors and professors are kind to students.Easy going classes and very informational. Experience has been great met new people and also made a lot of connections with professors.
DVC is a great community college. I went there to get some general education and it was a great school. They have some really dedicated teachers if you choose the right ones.
Its hard for me to tell so far how much I like this school because this is my first semester since I transferred here. But the community seems truly nice and the diversity is an amazing change of pace since my experience at my last school.
It's good for a community college. Good professors and lots of classes available. Food is decent as well. Could be more social, but its better than a lot of community colleges in that aspect.
I love the school and the teachers that work there are super nice and helpful. I have never had an issue with any of my professors but I know that there are some students who get difficult teachers, make sure that you do your research on The campus is also beautiful. I would recommend this college if there is anyone going to a junior college before going to a four year college.
It is a great school to attend if you are planning on being a transfer student. They offer great financial aid, you can be paying a dollar per unit like I did for 2 years! It is a great school to go to while you figure out your path in life. Highly recommend.
San Ramon Campus is beautiful, Pleasant Hill is just fine. Professors were pretty much all great. Much cheaper than a 4 year, and a great place to explore different majors.
Teachers are extremely helpful, and really try to get to know you. They're lectures are very clear, and continue to check up on you when they feel you're behind.
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Diablo Valley College is a wonderful campus. The professors at both San Ramon location and Pleasant Hill want students to succeed. The campus is diverse and there are many clubs around. At the main campus there is a large pond where people enjoy eating lunch at. There are many onsite campus police patrolling the school to ensure safety.
DVC is an amazing community to college because of everything they have to offer to students such as their resources, minority programs, and variety of classes.
Good faculty, facility is nice, counselors are knowledgeable, diverse, library is well-stocked.
Would like to see teachers more enthusiastic
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