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So many opportunities at this school. Even more resources for students who need help financially, academically or otherwise. This school is full of people who are just waiting to help you succeed. I cannot say enough good things about Diablo Valley College
DVC has some of the best professors I have had the pleasure of learning from. I'd like to see it become more socially active.
"The primary objective of Diablo Valley College is the development, growth and success of each of its students. At DVC student learning is paramount and comprises not simply the transference of knowledge and skills but also a process of intellectual, artistic, political, ethical, physical and spiritual exploration."
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Very good college. At DVC I have experienced very good professors. The campus is large and beautiful with plenty of quiet locations to study and enjoy fresh air. Student services are very helpful and the school has a variety of classes you are able to take
DVC is a nice campus. The professors are very professional and help you learn. Classes prepare you for the real world.
The teachers are amazing and very helpful. The campus is large and very diverse. The programs at this school are amazing. All and all an amazing school that personally everyone in the area should attend. Prepares you for your four year experience.
The staff are understanding and the classes aren't big so they can take one on one with you. They have a broad selection of courses to take and classes online.
The Pleasant Hill campus for DVC was a nice campus, however, some of the buildings were in need or renovation. Some of the professors were alright in terms of accessibility, teaching ability in a clear and comprehensive manner, and overall personal passion for teaching. The food prices were average for the type of food you were getting, however, there were multiple ways to help assist those who may need financial help. The safety felt good as there were campus police patrolling around consistency around campus. There were multiple food spots to go to as the Sunvalley Mall was just down the block from campus.
I love the atmosphere. My professors and counselors have been very helpful and informative. Amazing resources. So many daily events to help you through the college process. A lot of resources. Read all the flyers posted around campus.
My time at Diablo Valley College has been really great! I've been able to meet people who have created an extensive support system that makes it easy to transfer to my intended school. The PUENTE program has been really amazing in creating a welcoming, supportive system and family
some professors expect WAY to much from a first time OLDER student who has not been to class in 45 years! I think that students who are on their 50s should get special help to teach them how to learn again and how to study, etc.
I loved DVC because of the diversity it encompasses. You are surrounded by a wide range of people and it adds uniqueness to your educational experience. Everyone has a different story and are there for different reasons which I found really enlightening.
I am doing all my classes online through Canvas and find they offer an average to above average # of classes via online only learning. You will need to take an English Assesment on campus and can do the math assessment online. There are many classes you can take without pre-requisites (meaning advisory) but you can still take the class if you have not taken the class they are specifying yet. They have a great portal which is basically your dashboard that has every link, icon you will need at DVC to connect to your outlook email inbox, canvas, financial aid, clubs, register for classes, forms, admissions office. library, everything in one place which is really nice.
Online learning is not easy and I spend between 4-9 hours on each class per week.
The teachers at DVC were amazing and always encouraging. Though sometimes it was difficult to navigate through the mess that is college, the amazing counselors were there to help create class schedule which were easy to understand. The one complaint I have is that I wished there were more spots in core classes such as Chemistry 108 and English 123 (both necessities for many majors).
My college experience with Diablo Valley College had been great so far.The college has a lot of great resources to reach out to whenever help is needed.I really like how they have different groups that you can join and feel more connected to people.The only thing that has a down down and that i would like for it to stay open a little bit longer is the bookstore.I think it should at least be open until 8:30pm because i am usually a nigh time student and there has been times when some of us or speaking for myself would liked to go buy some things that are needed or a snack but unfortunately it closes at 7:00pm
As a college freshman, DVC has been a great experience. The environment is really nice and the size of classes makes it easier for students to form lasting relationships with their professors. There are many resources available to students to aid student life and help us reach our goals in a timely manner. Also, the classes are challenging enough to prepare students well for transfer into 4 year colleges, future jobs etc. There are also many opportunities for students to get involved in their community. The high transfer rates is also a huge plus because students feel motivated to excel.
I really enjoy how convenient the college is and how most of the professors there understand what we are going through. A lot of the professors I have talked to were transfer students and are very helpful with transfers.
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As a current student at Diablo Valley College and recent graduate from high school, I have really enjoyed this college in every aspect and have much enjoyed being a college student. The professors have been very kind and also helpful in every way they can be. Also the diversity is amazing! Unlike high school, DVC is very much helping me enjoy my education and letting me grow my wings.
I loved the overall experience I had in DVC. Students and staff are all friendly and welcoming. I’ve met wonderful people through the years!
The campus is still on the smaller size but all the amenities are in the process of being updated; the building that they are working on over the summer is the student union building . It is a great place to get started on your degree though. It is hard to try and get some classes, especially in the math department but that is true for a lot of other community colleges as well. The professors that I had throughout my years there really seemed to care and wanted to see their students succeed. There are also a lot of great places on campus to study that are spread out and quiet.
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