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DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management - Illinois Reviews

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I have had a fairly easy experience this is my second semester with them online and only had one professor that I don’t seem to fit well with.
The school discontinued physical operations in my city early on in my program, which transferred me to completely online learning, which had advantages, but when I encountered problems or had administration questions it made everything more challenging to get resolved. Also it was very expensive.
I was expecting a better experience, but some professors are not as good as my advisor told me. He also said the on-campus classes are recorded for online students to view, not true! I don't want to do the admissions process with another school and maybe lose some of the credits I've already earned, so I'm stuck with this school.
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Great money always on time or when expected. School hands on and always up on new and with new technology in every field.
Keller graduate is an amazing school. I received my bachelors from devry and it has helped me career wise. The learn system is easy to use and the teachers are engaging and very helpful.
Devry University's Keller Graduate School of Management is an excellent institution to attend. The staff members are very pleasant, and the professors are very encouraging and highly skilled to assist students achieve academic excellence.
Keller Graduate School of Management has made the transition back into school easy. I was expecting difficulty getting back into the swing of school, but here I sit going into my 2nd semester with 4.0. The resources that are readily available make the campus feel like a one-stop shop. Juggling a 3-year-old, being a single parent, and classes made schoolwork a little difficult at first. Trying to figure out a life school balance was a challenge and a bit rocky in the beginning. The instructors were responsive and understanding, through guidance they showed me how to achieve balance. With encouraging words and mentor-ship, they helped me work towards my full potential. So far, I don’t have complaints or recommendations for any change. I know if I wouldn’t have taken the leap and tried the school I wouldn’t be achieving my dream. Take the leap they will catch you. They help uncover who you are and what potential you carry.
DeVry University is a great for student coming out of high school who are dedicated to their classes and looking to get a degree. DeVry University works with adults of all ages who are interested in obtaining a degree and DeVry has a program department that works with students or adults with disabilities. DeVry University gives encouragement, focuses attention on students and their classes truly promotion graduation from the university with a great degree.
Best on-line experience. 8 week classes, making it easier to go full-time, three quarter time or part-time.
When perusing my Bachelor's Degree at DeVry University, my experience was good. they offered many classes at the campus; however once I graduated and then enrolled into their Masters program, most classes were only available online. When I would reach out for help through the campus, I was told to look up information in school catalog or I would have to wait several days to speak with my adviser.
It has been a rewarding experience
They connect different people from different places with the same goals
There are a number of available services
The courses are career oriented
I believe this is leading me in the right direction towards my career
The work load is reasonable and flexible
My first semester has been a great experience thus far
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I can take classes day or not so it really helps me balance the rest of my life
I wouldn't choose another school because the professors are experience, knowledgeable and I feel I could really learn from them.
Class style is great as it allows you to continue to work and get your education at the same time
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