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DeVry University - Virginia Reviews

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I feel like I was suckered into going to this school. I initially enrolled in Texas and was going to go to the Arizona location, but due to living expenses I moved and attended classes in Virginia. This location had professors who were not knowledgeable in the field teaching design classes. The school always advertised its connections to industry leaders and job placement, but they weren't able to help me find a single job relevant to my degree.
Professors get back to you within 24-hours and check up to make sure you are understanding assignments
Close relationships with internships and recruiting agencies
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online and on-campus classes are blended so you can get the most of your education
they have a Keller program for graduate students
time management is possible with workload
career services are available even for alumni
time-management is possible with the 8-week seesions
The online environment gives you the opportunity to have a full-time job, a full-time life and school on your time
The online experience has been awesome. Very easy to navigate and user friendly
I haven't used this service yet but I have heard it is wonderful
I am in an online program but we still get a very rounded education. I have been on virtual teams and it worked out very well.
DeVry offers a lot of help with internships and helping to find jobs for your future.
I am going towards a bachelor degree in Technical Management with a focus in Health and Hospital Management. I am learning a lot of valuable information regarding real life situations.
DeVry is about average when it comes to cost, but the school does try to help with school scholarships and sending information to you about looking for outside funding as well. I love the programs offered and the support that is given to you by the advisory team and your professors.
I would say of the many schools that I have attended that DeVry University is by far the worst.
While they do offer a lot of time slots for classes, it can be difficult to manage getting a class on campus due to the small numbers of students that attend some campuses.
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I wouldn't choose this school due to its high cost not being worth the education that I received.
The class sizes are great, but not all of the professors are. They have varied teaching styles, of course, but there are some professors I would avoid if possible.
I feel that unless you dedicate all of your time to talking to your professor, you won't get your money's worth. While degrees from this school seem to be valued highly, I don't feel it's a deserved value.
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