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DeVry is about average when it comes to cost, but the school does try to help with school scholarships and sending information to you about looking for outside funding as well. I love the programs offered and the support that is given to you by the advisory team and your professors.
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The workload is fine, but I feel that the curriculum for most classes could be better. The classes where I felt I learned and gained the most experience were the ones that didn't just teach to the curriculum and found activities that satisfied what the curriculum tried to achieve while involving the students more, which is important when it comes to design classes.
Hey everyone,

I'm in your Marketing 14733 class and I made an intense study guide a while back. There's important info that will be on the test at the end of the semester. If you want a copy, click here!

I'll be uploading notes for the rest of the semester, so make sure to follow me to get updates when I post new materials ( Flashcards, study guides, you name it.

Happy Studying!