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The teachers, curriculum, facilities, and support staff are great, however, the expense is high. Tuition for 2 courses is $4,872. The advantage of going there is year-round, accelerated 8-week classes and a choice of online or in-person class. I came here because I could finish my degree in a little under 2 years. It would have taken me a minimum of 5 years at the community college I was going to that was only $480 per course. I'm 54 years old now, I can't wait that long to get my degree and change careers.
I have been a student of DeVry Institute for the past 3 1/2 years and I would like to say that it has been great challenge. When I walked into the classroom of my first Cisco Academy course and seen all of the racks of computer equipment, I thought to myself, "things just got real." I have to admit that I was intimidated by the level of expertise that my professors had. Not all of my classes were easy and I have stayed up late many nights to complete assignments. The online courses gave me the flexibility to work and still attend classes.
I have learn so much from each and everyone of my professors. I believe what I have learned at DeVry University will have me ready for a new career and a new future.
I only able to transfer a few of my credit. Some are better than none.
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I don't have to worry if my child get sick while i'm doing my work I'm able to stop and come back to it and don't have to worry about getting a point for leaving class
I like everything that I'm doing
I like that i can take some of my major classes with my regular classes
I'm glad that I am here.
Overall, I enjoy college so far. Something that I like is that my courses are very flexible in terms of online and on campus studying. I also like how technologically-oriented the school is. Something I don't like is the low difficulty level of the studies.
This college has helped me pursue my education and help guided me through career decisions. They are caring and make sure that you get your moneys worth with them. I would reccomend it to anyone. They have low prices for classes and you get the best education and experience with them.
I currently attend DeVry University with plans to complete and obtain a B.S. degree in Computer and Information Technology. Walking into DeVry, I knew nothing about computers. From the beginning to end of each class, I have been able to attain a great amount of informative knowledge from assigned Professors/Instructors, giving me the tools I initially desired, simply unlocking this powerful confidence I have today. DeVry University, is well-respected and recognized for their exceptionally professional staff, faculty, and mentors, that are always available. I come into DeVry University with the utmost respect on how eager and passionate the staff are with guiding students in reaching their goals successfully. So, I stand with pride to say, I am genuinely honored to have “DeVry University” be part of m
it is great how can you choose your classes, and how easy to get help choosing your schedule.
My school is excellent in everything I like DeVry University it it great college.
the best quality of courses, the best professors and the best class style and class size
It's excellent I like the way they help people to find a good career.
I don't really interact with students out of the classroom.
I have a very good finance's representative whom help me to understand every little thing about financing, grants and student loans.
I have a great Professors and a good curriculum and I also have a great student's adviser.
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I love mathematics and that's why I choose my major program
It is very good school I like the way they treat students, I like the flexible schedule that they have and I like how can you manage your studying materials I really like DeVry University.
I currently attend DeVry University with plans to complete a B.S. In Computer and Information Systems. Prior to attending DeVry I had no interest in computers viewing the machines as a complex and confusing equipment. DeVry has taught me the knowledge, essentially building my confidence which inspired me to work harder. This school has innumerable resources, mentors, with a vast group of professional and exceptional instructors who are currently working in the industry. The library is impressive, providing access to great books generally helping students excel. Simply privileged to experience online and live classes, never completing a course without gaining new, vital, informative and profound knowledge. Ultimately, the Instructors, faculty and staff showed passion when teaching which has produced successful future graduates. Now I have built a solid foundation in learning computer knowledge, rewarding me with an offer to apply for the honors program.
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