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The night classes that DeVry offers works great with my work schedule and family life as well. Since Devry has a VA worker, getting my VA applications filled out for benefits, are always filled in a timely manner.
The school is awesome. They have friendly, helpful teachers. They have great staff. They have easy to comprehend classes that still challenge and help you to grow. Their tuition is too high though.
As a computer major very few classes were available to evening students. This poses a problem for students with full-time jobs.
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I am regretting this decision more with each passing month, and I graduated 9 months ago.
I regret this decision, it ended up that I just checked a box to get my degree. I graduated Cum Laude and still feel like I got nothing from the program.
Getting you in the door was smooth and easy. They told you EVERYTHING you wanted to hear.
It was survival mode. You were so busyjust trying to complete the assignments that you didn't really havetime to learn the material.
I graduated 9 months ago now and in the last 3 months I have been hit withover $1700 in charges. I was a GI Bill student and apparently the school authorized courses for me to take that the Department of Defense when auditing have decided were not authorized. As a result, because of their enrolling me in classes that were not authorized for my track, I am being charged. Again, over $1700 in just the last 3 months. On top of that, they are hitting me with finance charges because I wasn't checking my account looking for unexpected charges 9 months after graduation.
If you just grduated high school and are full-time, day-time student.
See previous comments. For and adult, full-time employed, full-time student interested innyth Computer Sciences this was anything but worthwhile.
The computer classes are primarily M-F daytime hours. When I initially enrolled I was told the courses were flexible and they focused on the adult learner. That was a lie. Unless you needed non-technical like English, or Maththe options afforded for Instructor Led training was extremely limitied.
The classes are good, it requires a lot of reading which is to be expected from any college but if you focus in classes and follow through with all of the assignments you should not have any issues getting good marks in your classes.
I have not been offered any special studying process and the registration for classes have been frustrated as of lately especially due to this hidden cost they have given me and I dont have the money to pay them for this. Its absolutely outrageous.
I have not received my degree yet and still have a number of classes to go so I honestly don't know how the process of applying for a job will go when I receive or get close to receiving my degree.
I go to DeVry University Online, there is flexibility but its all on the student. You have to meet deadlines every week but it is sometimes possible to get an extension on an assignment
I have only attended community college, but I really like this school. Everyone is very pleasant and helpful. Although there have been minor set backs when trying to get questions answered, yes I would choose the same school again.
Obviously college is expensive, I was lucky enough to be able to receive a discount due to the fact my husband is active duty military.
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I was able to transfer almost all of my credits over from my previous school. The classes are very exciting yet knowledgeable. Sometimes it is frustrating choosing your own classes, only because there are so many choices.
I could not be happier that I switched to online courses. The discussion board is a great way to communicate between everyone, the professors are very involved. Although we do not meet our peers face to face, it is a great way to get to understand someone else's perspective by doing classes online. You have no way to be able to stereotype or judge someone by their appearance before you hear what they have to say.
Since so many students have graduated from my school, the alumni network is great. Even my employers know my school very well.
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