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I had an obstacles come up during one of my sessions, the professor was very understanding and gave me extra time to get my course objectives completed.
Most of my previous credit were transferred over easily. The admissions office was extremely helpful.
The professor are very easy to contact. The peers are able to answer questions and give feedback on the discussions in the sessions. The work load is manageable for having a semester in a 8 week period.
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Devry offers associations to join during and after my education is acquired.
I like that I can email or call for help from the professor. The classes are very informative and the lab interactions are easy to understand.
Devry is helpful in being placed in a job space that I would like to pursue. With the classes I take I feel that I am more prepared for the job I would like to pursue.
There is a paper for each class required by the 7th week of the session which helps me understand real world applications.

The fast pace of taking online classes is helpful to retain information for the future.
Counseling in the first semester was very valuable.
I'm actually very new to DeVry University so my experience has been very limited.
DeVry University actually helps you get into a job way before you graduate.
DeVry University has a really awesome computer lab and wireless access.
DeVry University offers a huge online library so you can access it anytime you need to.
DeVry University offers tons of academic programs.
We have many different students within each class. There are parents returning to complete their education as well as high students continuing their education. There are men and women with the armed forces so I've even met retired veterans as well as first class petty officers in the United States Navy enrolled at DeVry. The student body is also very diverse. This semester I met student from Africa that spoke three different languages. Of all the students I've met, each person had a special uniqueness they presented at Devry.
I love the career services. They were able to update my resume by providing profound information that helped ensure my family would be receiving financial support enabling me to finish strong.
I will give them an A- because, they work consistently with you to make for sure all classes are completed, they constantly check your financial aid and, they make for sure you are in compliance with the requirements of what a student must do to complete their academic goals.
It is very helpful, especially for a parent that works full time like me. I do like the challenges of the work load and detail that is required for us to know. The only down side to the online coarse's are some professors will not follow up with you as much they could.
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My overall experience is great. The support staff at DeVry, has been very patient with me, they have extended help to me and encouraged me to take advantage of it, whenever needed. When I have a question or an issue, I simply email my professor, and the professor responds to me as soon as he or she can. They are wonderful...
The online courses make it very easy to fall behind. But also teach you time management skills, and I think that is very important. You just have to get in the swing of thinghs, and then you don't want to stop doing your homework. Its like a self motivator.
Many students have jobs and families and Devry is really flexible with every-bodies schedules.
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