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DeVry University - North Carolina Reviews

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The overrall process was easy at DeVry University. The only complaint I had at the end was when they changed their way of disbursing funds.
Its great for me because I learn faster than most of my classmates and I can do my work at my own pace and I don't have to work on projects with anyone else.
I dont live in the area where my school is so Im i the process of trying to relocate and get transportation.
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The career department is great but since I havent relocated Im having difficulty finding work..
I like the fact that you post 3 times a week and you take quizzes and that the final exams are open notes.
I did an internship at a retirement community and its nice to know that DeVry finds an internship for you because my public speaking isn't the greatest and b it can be time consuming. That was the greatesr relief in my opinion.
After leaving University of Phoenix I stepped out on faith and applied and three years later I graduated. Yes the school is a little on the expensive side but if you want to work full time and don't have time to sit in class online learning is the best option.
I have made a few friends within my classes. Some of which I have made plans and hung out outside of class.
When it comes to my son and work, DeVry's professors and adminstors have been very accomadating to my needs. They help me figure out what classes would be best to take next and whether to take it online or on campus.
The tuition seems to be a little high for a single working mother like myself. I do reiceve a little bit of financial aid. With the loans as well, I feel like I will be struggling after school is all done.
I love it! I was nervous at first because I am a single working mother so I was afraid that I would struggle a great deal. January will be one year since I started at DeVry and I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. I never had that type of GPA before so it pushes me even harder. I also made honor roll and Dean's List. All of which are great acheivments to me. The staff is excellent with helping no matter what the situation is.
The classes are well rounded. It is not too hard but not too easy at the same time. It can be difficult at times but the teachers are great with assisting you when needed.
I enjoy the classes for my course load. Math can be a bit difficult sometimes, but I tend to override my nervousness when it comes to numbers. With english, my teachers have helped me become a better writer and how to go about writing professionally. I have not started my Business classes yet, but I cannot wait to start in January.
It can be a little difficult to "teach" yourself the material but I have had some great professors online that was always willing to help. If you e-mailed them they were pretty quick to respond back. It helps a lot when you comes to doing classes online because of work and if you have children. I like the fact that it involves students from all over.
The university has a great student central department that assist with career fairs, interviewing tips and emphasizes networking skills to better one's chances in entering/ reentering into the job market. There are employees within the student/ career services that will assist with additional resources an individual may need to prepare and promote their educational or work experience with a polished resume and cover letter to start in their post-grad journey.
I had credits transferred from both schools that I attended prior to my current university.The anticipated amount of transfer credits were applied to the program course hours. My class schedule has had to be more flexible due to the area of study and number of students in the program in which I am in. I have both online and blended classes (online and onsite) that are in my program of study. Because of the small number of students in the program on campus many of the core classes are offered online which gives the student the flexibility to work in studies when convenient within the class and university requirements.
My online course experience has been good. I have gained knowledge in the various areas of study and because of the discussion board requirements I have had good exchanges with peers as well as the instructors. This has enabled me to better understand the subject matter in real world situations and expand my knowledge on subjects due to researching information as it relates to relevant topics.
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There are no typical students , especially for online courses. Students are from all over including other countries. On my part I accept everyone for who they are and I believe the other students feel the same. We are all going to school for the same reason - to learn, better ourselves and/or advance our careers.
I haven't run into any problems so far. I transferred credits from other schools but I have not transferred credits from DeVry to other schools.
The tuition is high but it is at most universities of this type. The financial aid process has been easy. I believe the value of the education is worth it. I wanted to go somewhere where I could get a great education in a shorter amount of time. I earned my Associates Degree in the early 1990's and decided to return for my Bachelor's.
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