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DeVry University - New Jersey Reviews

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Great school every thing is great at this school. The people are very friendly and very knowledgeable. You learn a lot from what they teach you. Great atmosphere.
DeVry University North Brunswick is in a good location which is easy to get to. The campus is clean and has great security.
I enjoy attend Devry the professor are working in the field of my student so it give me opportunity to get the experience from them from the business aspect and the education aspect.
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The classes and schedule are really flexible.
The campus is only one building with a sort of game room in the cafeteria. There is no athletic center and the student center, I guess, would be considered the cafeteria since that was the only place where students could talk to each other or hang out. There weren't really a great source of campus activities, the only one I knew and enjoyed the company of was the gaming club which ranged from video games and board games. The campus looked nice, it was clean, but some rooms were small and didn't have proper desks or seating. It was strange.
The curriculum is very flexible considering it is mostly done online. Professors are understanding when there is an issue with transportation or work. Transferring credits was very simple as well.
The education I was receiving was not worth the fees. I was taught very little above the high school level with an even smaller time-frame to learn the material. I was lied to from the start which was unfortunate and I am now in debt 7k more than I should be due to being told that the tuition fee would be covered by a grant given to all undergraduates. I later found that I didn't qualify for the grant and when I asked questions about it they were unanswered. Unfortunately i have to carry that debt into my new school, but amount could have been worse had I stayed.
They are extremely approachable and kind. If there is a question you have you can ask any part of the student body and they will happily answer you as best they can or push you in a direction where the answers can be found.
It's not the best. You basically teach yourself and it's not very rewarding. It's nice because you can work at your own pace since the option was present to take a few classes leaving a week or more for the work to get done. There were options to get tutors and speak to the professors online, but I prefer classes to be in person.
The curriculum is fast paced and mostly self taught. The professors are helpful and kind, but since so much knowledge is crammed into eight weeks, the information gained is usually lost.
The workload wasn't rough and if it was the professors worked with you. Registration was extremely easy and did not take up time.
I like the online classes.
I have not had any problems yet!!
The environment is good and the way in which the classes are handle are fine with me.
worst school, once you get to be a senior you will understand why. Just as I was told by the seniors my freshman year.
the only good experience I have is in the classroom. But with finance, they seem to never know what is going on and always have a problem with you finance.
You have people form all sorts of background and ethnicity. It is very diverse and everyone seems to get along. Have never seen an argument or confrontation between students.
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No athletic center, would be helpful to the students that are in school on a daily basis. No students center, libraries it ok. Activities in campus, just shows or food they have 2 or 3 times a month.
Classes that you need are barely offered. If you don't get a group of students that need the same class and request it to open. You more likely will not get the class opened and therefore can proceed with your curriculum.
A semester is too much and housing is not included. With what I pay per semester, I can pay for 2 semesters at rutgers and still have money left over to pay my personal housing.
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