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DeVry University - Nevada Reviews

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Mostly consist of veterans and a few high school graduates so their is a variety of ages throughout the school.
Very neat area where we can snack or relax and the computer lab is always open. The staff is always willing to help with anything.
It's pretty cool because you have time at home whenever you want to do homework before the deadlines but it is a neat experience
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Overall, the school is good. I'd probably choose it again in a heartbeat. It's easy to work with and maintain a good schedule with work and family. It's straightforward learning so if you do badly in a class it's because you weren't giving all the effort you could. It's generally up to you to get an A or to get a C or an F.
I don't even know about the alumni yet, but the employers recruiting on campus will let you know and are typically most usually interested in hiring. Career services is a little hyped up, they don't hold your hand and help you find a job, they try to sign you up for a class on preparing for a class they can charge you for and then they offer long emails of hot job opportunities.
Sometimes the courses don't make sense. When that happens, the professors teach in a different route and sometimes that creates a problem because they cannot access or make changes to the course. Most of the professors are really great. There is a fairly wide variety of classes that can be offered, but you might have to wait a session for one you're looking for. Class sizes are generally from 5 to 12, but can go higher or lower.
I've had a fantastic student adviser from the beginning and he's helped me understand the financial aspects that would be made. Is it worth the tuition? I'm beginning to wonder about that. The tuition is quite pricey for simply attending DeVry, and I know they're out to make a buck, but other schools can get even more expensive.
I've not yet reached this point, but as I hear, it is up to you to reach a level at which companies will try to scoop you up. If you are of the worst of your class you're definitely going to have problems trying to get a job. The reason I say this is because I hear complaints of getting jobs, and I wonder just how much effort was being expended throughout the educational career.
The students, remarkably so, don't put in all their efforts to their work. It's a laziness I expected of high school students, and less so of adults. As far as diversity goes, it's hard to be diverse when you have so few people who attend the school, but we do have a range of people in different sexual orientations, with different religious and political views, and of course of different economic or ethnic background.
The professors are most all fantastic. I think there might have been maybe one or two with questionable techniques but overall everything is workable and they are all very great to work with. Once again, the workload is manageable so long as you keep up with it. If you start to wave your hands around at the last minute because you haven't been doing the work, that's on your shoulders, not DeVry's. It's easy to obtain a tutor, free of charge, if you are struggling.
There is an internship job opportunity which is to be used within a year of your scheduled graduation. The workload isn't too heavy and even when it is you can speak with your professors whenever you need help or you can ask for tutors free of charge. My curriculum has started from the very basics and has been quite fun and interesting to me. If you don't have a computer of your own they have computers on campus accessible by the students and a commons room you can relax in.
The classes are very easy as long as you do the work in a timely fashion. DeVry, our school anyway, has been allowed to open smaller classes instead of the five person minimum just for the people who need the class credit. Timing your schedule is really easy and you can work with your educational advisers to make things happen. Classes are usually kind of small but can sometimes hit up around twenty.
I love the electives that are available and that the core classes helped towards my electives and major as a whole. Staff members are great when I was trying to find a job and internships.
I find professors to be very easy to talk to and educated in their field with years of experience in the field. Workload is not too much, just right with projects, discussions, and quizzes/tests.
Some classes are not available every 8 weeks but only every semester which held me back from graduating early with my Bach, I am hoping the Masters program is better.
The student body is very ethically diverse and they all come together to form political, honor, and major groups.
This school is made for people who want to do online school and go to school while having a full time job. This is not a school for the young adult that wants the true "college life."
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This campus is very small. The bare essentials are available, and that is all I need. But, this school is not made for someone who wants the full "college experience."
This school gives me ALL the resources I will ever need from ebooks online to private counseling. I absolutely love how they are so involved in my career and don't just want all my money.
The class schedules at this school are great! I have a full time job and don't get out of work until 4pm and work plenty of overtime. 80% of their classes start at 6pm and are one day a week. Their semesters are also split into two sessions of eight week classes so I only have to worry about a few classes at a time (one or two).
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