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With DeVry University, it is very unique. It really focuses and specializes your talents and how to pursue it into your career. Rather than have numerous general majors, DeVry has very specific majors that will definitely fit anyone's description. The classrooms fit up to 20+ people which makes it great to get the one on one interaction with the professor if needed. The lounge is great to kick back and relax with your peers. The school has a huge board in the main hallway that gives out announcements to job opportunities, scholarships, contests, anything that will help or interest your future. Once you graduate from DeVry, they will help you get the career of your dreams and I am proud to be apart of that.
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The professors are most all fantastic. I think there might have been maybe one or two with questionable techniques but overall everything is workable and they are all very great to work with. Once again, the workload is manageable so long as you keep up with it. If you start to wave your hands around at the last minute because you haven't been doing the work, that's on your shoulders, not DeVry's. It's easy to obtain a tutor, free of charge, if you are struggling.
The students, remarkably so, don't put in all their efforts to their work. It's a laziness I expected of high school students, and less so of adults. As far as diversity goes, it's hard to be diverse when you have so few people who attend the school, but we do have a range of people in different sexual orientations, with different religious and political views, and of course of different economic or ethnic background.