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As a freshmen at DeVry University taking online only courses after a long 16 year break from school I must say this is a pretty neat experience. It is somewhat challenging but if you can find a routine and a schedule you will succeed. The professors, classmates are pretty informative and interesting. I am enjoying going back to college at DeVry.
I can only speak about my online experience. This online schooling is perfect for my needs as I can choose to work in the middle of the night when it is quiet. I am very organized so I do what is expected of me with the given time parameters. It was fairly easy to have applicable credits transferred to Devry. I have been lucky with the teachers because if I don't understand something they get back with me in short order.
I really enjoy the online experience due to the flexibility as I am my husband's primary care giver since his car accident in 2013. As I am the sole driver in the home because there are doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, etc. I also like the fact that I can do my homework in the middle of the night without distraction; it's perfect for my lifestyle.
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I am just guessing as to how to answer this question as I am not close enough to graduation yet.
I have been taking some general education courses that need to be met before I can get into the core classes. The variety of classes seems to be career focused for the medical billing and coding program.
Since I am an online student many things that are available to students in a classroom setting not be available to online students. However, there may be things that I won't know about until it gets closer to my graduation date.
It is hard to answer this question as I am an online student. I don't really have any idea what I am supposed to be feeling. There are so many students that are online like myself and it is hard to know what the other students are majoring in.
I have had on numerous occasions that I needed to understand financial aid for example as it gets very confusing. I have had CSR's take the extra time to make sure I understand all the in's and out's. They have even sent me an e-mail so I can see it in black and white as I am more of a hands on student.
Classes are very flexible. I manage my classes very conveniently.
I've taken online classes before and these have been the easiest. They are very user friendly and convenient.
So far so good. The teachers are very encouraging and make sure to let you know they are there to help.
It's very easy to learn because I teach myself.
The staff is great. They are very helpful in every aspect of what I need to get things done.
Classes are flexible around my schedule. My advisor helps me pick the courses that will work best for what I have going on and make the enrollment process very easy.
Online courses are very easy. The websites are very user friendly, the professors give clear guidelines, and everything is very manageable for working adults. Adequate time is given for assignments and if there is a problem professors are quick to address it.
DeVry has given out information about their career services and the help that they provide after graduation.
So far my professors have been very involved in my academic success and making sure I stay on track during the term. They are also very accommodating to situations that may arise.
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The student center offers information on all the clubs and organizations they offer. I continuously get emails in regards to events going on and job opportunities on campus.
DeVry provides classes that help you understand the real world and how to better prepare for work.
I absolutely love DeVry. From day one they have given me so much support and directed me in the right direction to achieve me dreams.
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