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DeVry University - Maryland Reviews

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classes were small in size which made It easier to learn.
I havent started yet but I know that the outlook is positive.
The choices of what I want ted to go to Devry for were endless. The academic advisor actually helped me narrow it down to something that I might enjoy this time around.
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There are a lot of resources Online! Textbooks included and resources if we need help with microsoft office and also to reach faculty and admin if we have any issues.
The classes are very flexible, considering they are during my own time. (Classes are online)
I have not been attending school for long, but for the time being I would chose my school because of the tuition it offers me.
The class styles are all somewhat the same, but the types of classes to differ greatly.
The school is nationally recognized and the school does provide career services for students.
Everyone can contact their professor very easily and they reply with an answer fairly quick. Students have to have a discussion on three different days every week.
Students are very diverse and as far as political or religious, I am not sure.
The school offered a discounted tuition rate for military members and were very direct about tuition rates and scholarship options.
School has not discussed many options with me, but did mention something about helping with future job encounters.
They have an option where you can go to different countries to apply world business.
Class registration is very easy, professors are friendly, and curriculum is simple to understand when you put you mind to it.
The online student body is very active and friendly. They like to help other students learn and understand and most already have some prior knowledge that can be pooled collectively for a great experience.
my experience with financial aid process was graet
They should give more internship/job opportunities
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Workload in online class is too much
The online workload is way more than the classroom experience
They need to step up in job prospects
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