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Because my class is online I get to interact with a lot of people from different races, and locations
I am attending DeVry and the process was so easy I was in constant contact with the enrollment department and if they needed something they would contact me and if they couldn't reach me by phone they would send me a text because of my work schedule. They are working closely with me concerning my financial aid helping me to find finance for school, they even assigned me a coach to help me with any problems that I might have and I will have the same couch throughout my time there. I can't say enough about DeVry.
I attend the classes in Bethesda, MD where I live. The on-line classes are good if you can stay focused on the subject matter.
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The school needs to charge for the education and professors that teach. Other schools with longer programs charge more than DeVry.
The students at the Bethesda, MD campus are working adults many with kids. We are focused on higher education and obtaining our degree to move ahead in work, or career. There are students from various backgrounds which offer different aspects on life and struggles they have gone through. These open dialogs help others in the class to understand the wide range of skills people have.
The campus in Bethesda, MD is great. It is in a prime location for bus and rail and has parking across the street. The class size is adequate for the amount of students attending. I have not taken part in any of the athletic or other campus activities other than the job fairs at the Bethesda campus which have been very good.
Very flexible with my work schedule in the Washington, DC area and commuting to the campus in Bethesda, MD.
The resources at the DeVry/Keller Campus in Bethesda, MD is good. It has been remodeled to allow students better ease with computers and they have done away with the process of borrowing a laptop during class. That is good. All computers are up to date with the newest Microsoft programs.
The financial aid that I received was from Pell Grants and Loans. The Univeristy did not make me aware of any scholarships, even when I questioned them about it.
Great Career Center – They really work with you to find a career in the field and they set up mock interviews. They also have a career portfolio that you put together from your classes to be able to show prospecting employers what you are able to do.
Has Network Issues – There are so many people on the network at one time that it runs slow and sometimes I have trouble completing my work.
No Problems – So far I had no problems with the computer resources at DeVry
Don't Think That a Lot of the Classes Are Useful – A lot of the classes that I already took have nothing to do with my degree and I think it is a waste of time. I don't think that I am more rounded now after taking psychology or science fiction.
Was Told Something That Was Not True – One of the academic advisors told me that it would be better for me to change my degree plan which would have made me graduate sooner, she said that if it is not what I wanted and would change my mind later, the classes I was registered for are also in the degree plan I had previous. It wasn't true, comes to find out that I wasted a session because of her information. The good part was that I got the money I had spent on the 2 classes reimbursed, but it all took some time and confusion.
Learning Experience at Devry University. I have not had any issues with the instrustors those far. I do have to say that the learning curve is a lot higher verses a classroom setting. Most of the material that I have covered so far I have been able to grasp on my own without any help from the instructor. The few times that I have struggled I was able to ask the professor questions via e-mail or phone, and get an answer in a timely manner.
It's a Little on the High Side. Curentyly I am only able to take 2 classes per semester because that's all that my student loans will cover. On an average one class 4 credit hour class is about $2000.
My Experience at Devry Those Far. The main reason that I picked to attend DeVry University is the fact that I am able to work on my school work at anytime. I am able to attend from home via the internet. I have enjoyed my time that I have spent here at DeVry University.
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