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The classes are steady and everyone is there to help
I would not choose another school because I plan on graduating from DeVry. No other school put as much efforts in their academic programs than they do.
They showed me ways to get my classes done a d still work and. E with my family.
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Let me to work at home and still work if I need to.
My career prospects look great after finishing in my.field of study

I sure that I will get great assist in that area.
Great I can go to any professor and get help and I enjoy my courses and feel good after finishing them.
The school is showing me in my program the different aspects of my career and what is needed in the different jobs or careers so I don't just be stuck in one area.
Enjoy going to the school and meeting people that know about the career I want to be a part of.
The education I am getting will be worth it in the end. It is worth it, but right now it is a bit pricey. Financial aid helps with being able to go through school. I feel that the workers at the school help make the financial process easy. Great workers that help make this process less stressful!
Online based courses are very self challenging. The level of the challenge really depends on the class. I find Math classes to be the most challenging. The best part of online courses is not having to worry about the commute and being able to work on it anywhere there is a computer.
When observing the type of students that attend DeVry, it mainly consists of people that have a family and full-time jobs. I believe this is a good thing. The people that attend classes at DeVry are there to get the job done. Even though many people in this school are in that boat you do still see the diversity in the background of each student.
This is a great school to attend if you are currently working or have family illness because the classes take place at night. If you're unable to attend the center, there are many options to have online classes. Just make sure to schedule them ahead of time before they fill up.
There's not much to do at this center because it's located within a building instead of having it's own campus. However, it's surrounded by eateries, office supply stores, and down the street from a shopping mall and other shopping stores.
The only available resource is an online library that's connected to the main campus in Tinley Park, IL.
Network Has Some Malfunctions – Although the speed of the school's computer system is adequate, there are times when the resources aren't helpful. Recently, our computers are having trouble showing adobe reader downloads from the Internet. The school's online library is a great resource, but its database doesn't have some of the required or additional information that I need for research for design classes. Most of the available resources are articles or reviews.
My classes are online, so many have full time jobs, families, etc. to juggle along with class (like me). For the most part the students have been cooperative and easy to deal with on projects. There are always some that are not, though.
The computer network is pretty good but sometimes slow. If you are having a problem the help desk is always available to help and try to fix the problem.
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All the professors seem to be involved with the students and they are available for any questions or concerns that a student has for assignments. They are reasonable if there is an emergency that comes up.
All classes needed to complete my degree are not offered all the time only certain sessions.
Don't come to this school. It was horrible. Overcharged, overrated, lying, deceiving advisors who promise the world but not all programs are accreditated. High tuition for credits that don't transfer especially Master's programs like Engineering and Business. A for-your-profit all the way type school that only cares about the bottom line-money, your money. Run!!!! Get your degree from a reputable school, community college at lower rate for better degree that will transfer.
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