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During my initial enrollment four years ago, I was challenged with a heavy load. Running a household, taking care of children, and working a full and part time job. Devry assured me that it would cost a lot of dedication. Very true, but they pushed and helped me every single step of the way. They call and check on me, they send me encouraging messages, and they treat you like you're important. Not just a student, but an individual who they see has goals and is reaching out to grab them, at all cost.
I had a great experience. I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The college experience changed my life. The teachers and classmates always had a great line of communication. Everyone worked together. If you had trouble understanding there was always some to help or talk to you. I am so proud to have been a student at DeVry.
Devry takes great pride in matching a student to the best course for them. They ask a lot of questions to make sure the program of interest is actually going to be a benefit for your future.
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DeVry offers great instructors and flexible learning. Academic Advising are a great resource for students. DeVry University allows students to learn while working a job and taking care of family.
I was not sure what to expect when I first started with Devry. Everything was new to me, and I was not sure if I would learn and stay up with their platform. After navigating through the platform, and starting my classes, it felt as though I had been doing it for a while. The instructors, classmates, and class assignments were awesome. My professor was right there to help me 100% when I ran into problems, and assisted me more than I expected. I passed my first class with a B and a 3.00 GA.
I am an Online student, currently in my senior year, looking to graduate by August 2018, and in need of tuition assistance to complete the last courses. I have run out of college tuition assistance, am not employed (retired 2013), but wish to finish these next few months to graduate and obtain my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administation, majoring in Technical Communications.
Wonderful! I had the time of my life and I owe it all to you. I never felt this way before. DeVry is for those who are driven to make a difference in the Academic World.
I can say without a doubt that Devry is just like any other school, you get out of it what your willing to put in. I laugh when I read all these bad reviews from "students" who had a bad experience. So many people complain about Devry but those same people are the ones not willing to do any of the work. There's even proof of this is some of the reviews on here, people saying "it's a copy and paste from google school". That right there explains their work ethic. Devry isn't the best school you can go to but it's not the worst either.
Devry gave me the opportunity to lean every day more and more, I love my career, the stuff of professors is excellent, in other words I am very proud to be a student of Devry University.
DeVry's online classes make earning your degree easy. The convenience of being able to do your class work is optimum.
I love the staff at DeVry everything that has gone on in my crazy life since I started and they always help me in anyway that they can!
DeVry University is good overall in helping me get things done with my schooling, it started out rocky but gotten better over the years.
The staff who helped me get back into school were really friendly and kept me up to date with prices for the program i was interested in. They even helped me set up the sites on my computer and told me more in details on the program. im very excited to start school.
Great people there to help you get started and help you achieve your goals. People certainly care about helping you grow and get where you need and want to go. Professors help and challenge you to leRn and excel at every corner or you class.
My cousin graduated from DeVry and I have heard good things about this college from her. I am happy I'm able to study in my chosen field (Medical Billing and Coding) online and work/study/go to class at my leisure.
I have been to a couple different colleges and DeVry University is definitely the best one. No matter what questions I have, someone is always there to take care of everything. I highly recommend DeVry University.
DeVry University provided an academic coach that would check in with the students and talked to them about anything that they needed support in and reminded them about deadlines. This school allows for you to take more than one class at a time and the financial department is great. They take the time to explain things to the students and notifies them quickly of their financial awards. This school is expensive though.
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I took online classes. It was easier for me being a single mom to attend college, work, and take care of my children. The staff were always available and tried their best to take care of my needs. The professor's were amazing!!! They were always readily available when I needed them most.
Davey has really helped me grow intelligently. Class schedules are accommodating to anyones life. Working fill time and going to school part time is a challenge for anyone, DeVry makes the experience pleasant and easy to accomplish the degree program that is desired. I would recommend this college to anyone. All of the support I have received has helped me get to where I am currently in my program. Academic advising has always helped me understand what is required for my degree program. Although I am an online student, anytime I have any issues they have always helped me through it. The professors I have had are very accommodating, always willing to help with any questions. The environment of the online portal is easy to operate and manuvior thought to get where is required.
I enjoy the professors and the school. The programs allow a student to really excel and gain valuable knowledge
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