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Great Professors and one thing that could change is to lower the price of classes. Overall good selection of classes and the staff is very knowledgeable. Would like to see more campus classes in the Charlotte, North Carolina.
I am a mother of 4 and work full time. I was able to take online classes. It was very flexible and helped me reach most of my goals. I am still a student graduating in 2019.
DeVry is a great college. I am taking online classes so I am not sure how the campus life is but the online courses are great. It is very easy to navigate. The professors are very helpful and are able to be reached by phone or email daily. The online classes are easier than I anticipated and are fun as well. The online canvas I very useful too and they have so many useful resources like an online library and free online tutors too. There's not much I would want changed.
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Oh I am loving my school. I go online and the instructors are great and very helpful. The work is doable and I intend to go all the way. I recently graduated with my associates so this is the next step in reaching my career goal.
Absolutely love this school, they really made my re-entry into the learning field a smooth transition. Because they offer online classes, I am able to study at home and spend more time with my family. Online learning has been a great adjustment for me and I don't think I'd want it any other way.
Professors have real world experience which they communicate in class. Classes are not just regurgitation of the textbook. Face-to-face classes are not too large, thus it is easy to communicate with the Professors and my peers.
Devry has been a breath of fresh air and ease compared to the previous online school I attended. I have been able to connect with my classmates and teachers on the same level I would if I were sitting next to them. The work is challenging but necessary. I look forward to graduation in 9 months and I thank Devry for every moment right now I hold a 4.0 GPA and I plan on taking that all the way through to graduation. Thank you Devry
It has been about a couple of years since I last took any classes anywhere. When I browsed through DeVry's online program and expressed interest on their website, their response was almost immediate. I received several calls throughout the next couple of days from DeVry advisors wanting to talk to me about joining a program at their school. I appreciated their guidance and loved what they have to offer. I am now thriving in their online program, finishing up my third session, going into my fourth very soon. Through taking their courses, I have now found a career that I am interested in and I am thankful for that. DeVry's resources are outstanding and they are so helpful every step of the way. I love the fact that they have resources to help you find a career, job, or even internship that will lead you to your penultimate goal. With their continued support, I know that I will power through my courses to achieve my bachelor's degree and pursue my desired career.
All Professors have been extremely professional and work well with the students. The courses are dry up in a way that is easy to follow and learn from. Tutors are available if the need for assistance ever arises.
Great school with A great staff to represent. I attend classes online and notice the extra help with tutoring offered 24/7. Very accommodating. The only concern is the tuition. Very expensive. Other than that, I appreciate the staff patience and understanding of their students lifestyle.
DeVry is a great college. My husband graduated in 1992 from DeVry and I am currently working on my B.S. degree at the moment. I love the convenience of being able to do my education on line. It has been a great experience.
My experience at DeVry University has been very good so far. They offer a very flexible schedule and has a great tutoring program, DeVry University has given me many opportunities to meet a lot of good friends their campus is very diverse in the same can be said about their classrooms. There are many ways to get to DeVry University there are several bus routes and there's a very large parking lot where you can park your car, and on the inside of the DeVry there are many things to do before I also has a gaming center and what you can meet a lot of good people and play games they have food there that is pretty good. The classes there are long enough to where you can get a good understanding of what you are learning however it is also not extremely long as to where you feel like you're wasting your time if there is anything that I would change about the God is that I would add a gym and athletic teams other than that I think that DeVry is a very good school.
I really appreciated how the professors and other staff were willing to go above and beyond in order to ensure program completion and they even offer a counseling program for people to are having a difficult 5ime at home or work.
During my initial enrollment four years ago, I was challenged with a heavy load. Running a household, taking care of children, and working a full and part time job. Devry assured me that it would cost a lot of dedication. Very true, but they pushed and helped me every single step of the way. They call and check on me, they send me encouraging messages, and they treat you like you're important. Not just a student, but an individual who they see has goals and is reaching out to grab them, at all cost.
I had a great experience. I think it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The college experience changed my life. The teachers and classmates always had a great line of communication. Everyone worked together. If you had trouble understanding there was always some to help or talk to you. I am so proud to have been a student at DeVry.
Devry takes great pride in matching a student to the best course for them. They ask a lot of questions to make sure the program of interest is actually going to be a benefit for your future.
DeVry offers great instructors and flexible learning. Academic Advising are a great resource for students. DeVry University allows students to learn while working a job and taking care of family.
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I was not sure what to expect when I first started with Devry. Everything was new to me, and I was not sure if I would learn and stay up with their platform. After navigating through the platform, and starting my classes, it felt as though I had been doing it for a while. The instructors, classmates, and class assignments were awesome. My professor was right there to help me 100% when I ran into problems, and assisted me more than I expected. I passed my first class with a B and a 3.00 GA.
I am an Online student, currently in my senior year, looking to graduate by August 2018, and in need of tuition assistance to complete the last courses. I have run out of college tuition assistance, am not employed (retired 2013), but wish to finish these next few months to graduate and obtain my Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administation, majoring in Technical Communications.
Wonderful! I had the time of my life and I owe it all to you. I never felt this way before. DeVry is for those who are driven to make a difference in the Academic World.
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