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DeVry University-Georgia makes me feel very special. DeVry University has taught me to be diplomatic, understanding, and mature. There is nothing that I would change about DeVry because I feel that this school is a perfect fit for me.
I'm presently in my 4th term at DeVry University-Georgia. It has been a unique
experience thus far. My major is HIT, health information technology. The support
and guidance from my professors, advisors, and other students has been a total encouragement throughout the classes. I couldn't be happier with my choice
to attend DeVry University-Georgia. Their online programs are perfect for
individuals who work full time like myself. I'm very proud of myself.
I take online classes and have been since 2013. I find it convenient for me, a bit challenging but that makes it all worth it in the end. My advisers have been very helpful and I am grateful to be on my way to graduating soon.
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Very good school. Great Academic curricula. Great teachers and a good learning environment . Recourses that encourage students on their learning journey.
So far it is a great website. Number of oportunities to obtain money help with college is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to everyone that is attending college.
Again, my experience has been awesome. Classes are flexible.
it is great to take Online classes and still be able to work, take care of home and family along with other activities. To me, online classes helps the student to be held more accountable. Workload, peer-to-peer interaction is great. Professor is great to talk and chat with too.
Career services and the website have been great tools to assist me with my future endeavors.
The professors are truly in tuned with your needs and what you, as a student, need to be successful. The courses are challenging, the work load at times seem excessive, but it's all worth it in the end.
You receive the combination of the education and degree to compete with the best out in the workforce.
This is why I came back and complete my education. The courses were challenging yet meaningful and applicable to my career. I see the opportunities opening up for me. I am extremely thankful.
I am a returning student so the process was very seamless. It's great to be back and how far Devry has come to advance all students no matter what stage in their professional lives they are in.
So far I haven't come across anything that I would like to change. The admissions personnel have been super helpful and friendly.
career focused programs-applies in the real world
Classes are easy to complete and do well in
Accelerated program helped me finish my degree quickly
Getting an education here makes it worth accomplishing my goals.
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They are consistent in everything that they do.
Dedicated professors, easy schedule for the courses. Academic couching and resources to help students with their school work.
It is a very good college!
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