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I liked having smaller classes and being able to get the help I needed, but also having the teachers know me by name.
Pretty fast classes and you excel rapidly as a result. For students that work full time for parents that work and still want to further their education have the opportunity to do so at DeVry. Make no mistake by thinking taking classes online is easy because it's not. On the contrary, it's quite challenging but it's convenient to be able to log on at your leisure to take your classes.
My credits were transferred with ease, I even received a transfer scholarship. My classes are flexible because they are online and I am not required to sit and listen to a lecture.
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My online courses are convenient as I have a week to complete me assignments. The are different from the traditional classroom experience because I can learn and work on assignments at home.
I gave this rating because although I am aware of the Keller Graduate School, I am not familiar with any other services. I feel that since I am a senior, these services should be explained to me at length by now.
The courses I am taking are great as they relate to my major.
A degree will help me advance my career. Because I work full time I am unable to take advantage of any internships that may be available. Also, because I attend online, I am unaware of any services on campus nor am I aware of any alumni.
The workload is not that bad. As you have a week to complete assignments. The professors also post study guides to help with midterms and finals.
DeVry University Online has been great so far. The professors are always professional and helpful when you have questions. It is fast and convenient with only 8 weeks per session.
The scheduling is very flexible, it is required that you log in once before Wednesday and twice any day you wish. You can even log in every day if you wish to catch up or stay ahead of the game. The only real hassle that I have encountered was me trying to figure out which days to log in on.
Compared to the traditional classroom setting, the online classes provided help make sure that all student questions are answered in a timely fashion. The workload is very manageable and each student helps one another if assistance is needed.
The career center has assisted in helping me find a few jobs but I do wish to stay with my current employer. Being that that fact was stated, the career center are very helpful when it comes to questions regarding my current options for a side job to earn extra money.
The professor is always available to assist students regardless the time being that the courses are online. The lectures are very detailed and there are open class discussions that the students are required to participate in. Those discussions provide well needed information.
The admissions representatives sent me towards the career center right away to help plan for possible jobs to do during my school years and for after I graduate. All of the representatives ranging from admissions to financial were beyond kind and thoughtful. They always made sure to ask how me and my family were doing,
My major is great because not only is it somewhat of a challenge for me but it will also help in my career path that I have chosen and my family has chosen as entrepreneurs. The workload isn't overwhelming at all. The work is laid out simply and it is enough to get a full time student through the week with their work done on time.
My classes start on August 29th but DeVry University has been the best when it comes to helping answer questions and it is easy to navigate around their website which is where you go to access any of your school work. The representatives are very considerate of the students' schedules and they often take initiative to even ask how the student is doing in their home life.
My name is very interesting it covers many areas such as theme parks hotels cruises restaurants and he gives a diverse fields to go into
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When I transferred from my old school everything went smoothly
It's not a typical classroom setting it's different
My Courier Service person is amazing he's helped me set up my resume and gave me advice on my LinkedIn
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