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I can log into class when I can. I do not have to worry about running late to class or having to find a babysitter
All of the resources needed for tutoring, professor interaction, class registration, study options, etc. Are all inclusive in the online course program and are very useful.
The course workload and program is easily manageable and the curriculum is extremely educational. It is lacking in opportunities for career services for online students.
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I inquired about it one time. I was looking into a small vocational school that would have been able to save me about $20,000 worth of student loan debt so I contacted the school administrative advisers to discuss transfer options. Not only did I receive a poor attitude from the three advisers I spoke to, but I was also told that wasn't an option at any time unless I paid thousands of dollars out of my own pocket. I was looking to save money and was not able to get information about how to do so without it costing me a lost of upfront money from my own wallet and I was never able to get the assistance or the information on how to do so.
As I previously mentioned, the online environment offers freedom and flexibility. The workload is completely manageable which is definitely a plus, along with being able to do the work at your own pace on your own time.
I love the freedom and flexibility of online schooling. It allows me to get my college degree on my own time and the work load is not overbearing. The courses lasting 8 weeks a piece tends to make it slightly monotonous so it takes awhile to get the degree but being able to incorporate school into your busy working life makes it possible to even get the degree. For myself it does at least.
I love my classes and I have no qualms with my coursework, I only wish the financial aid department was not so difficult to work with. Also I wish they offered more career service programs or post-grad services.
There aren't too many post-grad services for me, being an online student. If there are nobody has educated me on them, even considering I have requested this information before. I would love post-grad and career services.
I've been pretty okay with the school. The financial aid issues really annoyed me and the dean never registered me for one semester, effectively cutting off my VA benefits and making me go into serious debt because I had to wait 4 months for pay to kick in again after joining the next semester. THe price is really high and I'm still confused on how financial aid works but i like tha ti can take 2 8-wk courses and can be considered full-time
When you first sign up, you're under the impression it's going to be the monthly price they give you. However, I wasn't informed about having to reapply for Parent PLUS loans and what that mean if they were approved but you weren't going to use one. They also give you all these grants that get you discounts then but your price increases to $800/mo when aid runs out.
I honestly can't think of anything to differentiates it from other schools minus the fact that unnecessary gen eds are required... this is probably because I am an online student.
DeVry offers several options for their students. The online teachers have been pretty great, with the few exceptions of teachers who didn't really interact with the students or the ones that asked way too many questions.
I dislike that I had to take math courses and other non-related courses to my degree program. That's what I struggled with from attending a very expensive art school compared to a general academic school. Oh well, I suppose knowledge is power.
Like I said in the last review, I really like the flexibility of their online environment. For the most part, the teachers reply to the students and it makes you feel like you're wanted there. The 8-week semesters do bump up the work, but it's really easy to spread it out during the week.
There are plenty of degree choices and we follow degree plan programs versus just taking classes that are "recommended" for a degree program. I love being an online student as I can be eating dinner while working on homework or posts. Transferring credits was easy because I had 3 AP exams I took.
I am an online student so my interaction with other students is limited to the discussion boards. A lot of people reply to my posts and seem pretty open-minded and enthusiastic. I rather enjoy receiving those comments on my posts. Other than that, I'm not too informed about the student body.
I get monthly emails on the various services offered and am updated whenever I wish to be when I log into the Student Portal. Career Services, financial resources, stress assistance, etc. More than I expected from a college.
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Numerous locations and options to attend college.
Great opportunities in my concentration of study
Great programs and study options.
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