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My course program has been changed on me THREE different times. When I call in, every person tells me something different. I would have switched schools a long time ago, but after 2 years I felt as though I was in too deep. All my hard work.. I was concerned all of my credits would not transfer to a different university. I am also worried that establishments will not take my degree seriously! Carrington College is a sister school and they “promise” to help with job placement for a lifetime.. that didn’t happen. I have faith and only my faith in God, that when I finish this very expensive degree I will get a wonderful career that pays well and allows me to support myself and children!
DeVry really cares about me. The teachers keep in great contact with you and same with the career counselors. They took the time to make sure I was in a degree program that interested me and I feel like I can contact them anytime and they'd be more than welcome to help me.
It was a great experience that I decided to continue my studies, and do my Masters Program that I start in July. Most of the classes were online, but it was great because I get to work in the mornings and do school work in the afternoon. At first, it was challenging and stressful but the support from classmates and the staff made it easier to focus. This year I graduated with my Bachelor's which I thought I would never be able to accomplish. Thanks to the Devry campus here in Arizona made it possible.
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DeVry is a wonderful university, and I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge since attending here. The professors are very knowledgeable, and care about their students being successful.
So far so good! I enjoy the flexible schedule and the knowledge of the professors. The classes move very very fast and you must be ready to put in the time and effort for the fast paced programs.
The Flexibility is yup to you if you are choosing online . I cannot speak for a campus , online you have to have study time and quiet time . It is not a big change for me but for some you have to be willing to make a sacrifice to study . It does reflect on your grade because course are only 8 week sessions so you have to keep up. They have many tool lectures etc but if taking online it is truly up to you if yo utilize all the good tools that they have . They even have live chat with tech etc,.
Gong to DeVry I have been really happy so far I graduate in October 2016 and I have enjoyed classes so far. I do have to say if you are going to go online you will have a excellent coaching experience when you begin . They really try and help you through the first month or so. I am now going to check on job placement and see what will take place etc . But overall a good school . They have been around and are accredited .
I know they offer alot of help with placement and have a form that you can even fill out when you need a reference for scholarships etc .
So far only had one tuff professor and I think that she just really was more technical than a teacher but hey it worked out.
They really help when you want to go into your field .
So far I think it has been okay this is my second time online course and it is alot easier and the instructors are easier to get to and like to speak to you when you need help .
good school I like the classes and the helpful administration department . I had no problem when i started and you ae given a coach that directs you the first month or so .
I have been hired by Jannx Medical Systems, Inc. they accepted my very little experience at school and past work. Devry professors advised me to apply every day.
Well I love how the curriculum is set up. My case I never bothered to study the curriculum l did not know what it was. The map to the treasure box.
Professors where not fair with home work. In my case I was a working adult and did not cope with 8 hrs of work after school.
They have a great interface that help you get through all your work.
Devry host a lot of one on one interviews that help students advance into jobs. I am a current Biomed tech for Abrazo Health I want to complete my degree to have job security and a raise.
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Professor are awesome they love the field they teach. They only care so much if we are passing.
Its great if you are in line to graduate. I think guidance plays a big roll. My parents did not even make High School they had very little idea what the process to complete collage was. My class consular made a great impact in my first 2 years of college.
My class consular had me take classes that required my prerequisites that I had not completed. After completing my last prerequisite classes this past Spring I felt like I would have no problem with the classes I was given.
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