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I love it! I get to talk with other students that are interested in computers and technology as much as I am. I like how the classes are set up. I attend one day a week usually in the evenings for eight week courses. Participation with online activities plays a large role with these blended classes. The professors are excited to teach and are very knowledgeable with real world experience. The facilities are very simple and have boards along the walls with job opportunities, tutoring, internships, and professional organizations that they insist utilizing to get involved.
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I love DeVry because they took the time to help explain the program to me. In which my experience with other schools I was reviewing at that time was not as well explained. I didn't feel rushed or pressured into choosing DeVry and I didn't feel like a dollar sign. The care that the academic adviser showed in his delivery of information about the classes and curriculum made me feel confident in choosing DeVry for my education journey. I am now in my last year and I still feel as confident today as Ifelt then... even more so!
My academic experience has been great thus far. The program I am in is called Technical management with a focus in Project Management/ Business Management. This program at DeVry puts you in the hands of professors with years of experience in your field. They give you real life information and examples from their careers that is helpful to what you may experience in your career. The assignments are hands on and helps you to grasp the concept of the content taught. Their aren't any unique things I can clearly point out as DeVry is my first full online school that I have attended. I can however say that this school has pulled me out of not wanting to attend college (because of so many bad experiences) and placed me in a mindset of "Lets go all the way".

The ease of owning my schedule as I am an online student is unparalleled. I do work full time and having a very flexible schedule was important to me. I learn at my own pace and it provides me the opportunity to get all that I desire from my courses. The information provided in the class setting is very informative and fulfilling in helping you understand the content of the class and pushes you to excel. The professor is always available to you for questions and having access to an abundance of materials there is no way you can go through these classes without getting your money's worth. The professors are knowledgeable and are a wealth of information and experience. The curriculum is very pertinent to your field and helps to prepare you for future. It is easy to understand and the school provides and abundance of resources that can help in your academic journey.

My attendance at DeVry has opened the door for me career wise at i am before graduation in the field of my degree and it feels amazing to be here. Thanks to this great school I am better stronger and ready for where my career will take me.