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    211 reviews
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    DeVry University online courses utilize highly experienced professors that continually interact with every student. They share their experience's which goes far beyond the "textbook" theories taught in many colleges. Overall, the learning experience is excellent, in my opinion.

    The online classroom atmosphere is where I have issues, as the virtual classroom's are very archaic in appearance and the discussion boards are even worse. I feel that they have done little to update the virtual setting to be pleasing to students that are paying "top-dollar" for their education. All the material and tools are there to achieve a solid education, but the atmosphere, and look, is very lacking for a top-notch school.
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    I really enjoy the online experience due to the flexibility as I am my husband's primary care giver since his car accident in 2013. As I am the sole driver in the home because there are doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, etc. I also like the fact that I can do my homework in the middle of the night without distraction; it's perfect for my lifestyle.
    The on-line college experience for me is family and full time school/work friendly. The online courses doesn't make me feel I'm on overload but there is enough school assignments and discussions with class mates to maintain what the student receives from the class. If I have any technological issues, I know and understand that I can contact the IT department directly and have then look the issue while maintaining contact with them.