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    46 reviews
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    The education I am getting will be worth it in the end. It is worth it, but right now it is a bit pricey. Financial aid helps with being able to go through school. I feel that the workers at the school help make the financial process easy. Great workers that help make this process less stressful!
    • College Senior
    • Oct 19 2013
    • Value
    I would not choose another school because I plan on graduating from DeVry. No other school put as much efforts in their academic programs than they do.
    Network Has Some Malfunctions – Although the speed of the school's computer system is adequate, there are times when the resources aren't helpful. Recently, our computers are having trouble showing adobe reader downloads from the Internet. The school's online library is a great resource, but its database doesn't have some of the required or additional information that I need for research for design classes. Most of the available resources are articles or reviews.
    • College Junior
    • Feb 27 2013
    • Campus