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I enjoy the professors and the school. The programs allow a student to really excel and gain valuable knowledge
I've had a blast at Devry University! I love the ability to work on my homework when it best suits me. The majority of my professors have been very understanding of my situations and working with me on deadlines.
Flexible class schedule. I was able to complete my class work on my down time after putting my kids to bed.
Review DeVry University - Illinois
I really do love going to school at Devry. My academic advisor always finds a way to help me to better prepare on what classes I need to take in order to move on in my career. The only thing I didn't like was the group work because I had to rely on some people in my group and it was hard to coumunicate with them because we were on different schedules. I am very happy that I went to Devry for my degree and if I had to choose, I would most defiantly do it again.
Decry is a great school to complete an all online degree. So far me classes have been reasonably and informative.
I love DeVry. The professors are very helpful for me. I work and take online classes. Very convenient and low cost compared to some of universities nearby. Have access to their library and all softwares I would need for my classes online. Also online help and tutors. The advisors are helpful in selecting classes and finances.
i love how this college has the staffing that has the proper training to help and satisfy their students needs either online if on campus. everyone that i have personally talked to has been very nice and helpful and have answered every question.
I loved the professors. Very smart and helpful caring individuals. I highly disliked their accounting program. No classes available for classroom time towards my senior year. The only options were to take online courses to graduate. Highly disappointing my last year.
the school is a great one it has professors in the field teaching the material, it gives good opportunities to student such as completion scholarships. the staff are friendly and always on top of things and the class online is easy
IT'S a nifty little school if you need your education but have others things in life that need to be done, but it is very pricey, and from the reviews I've seen, not sure if it's worth it.
Devry university is a wonderful school to attend. The advisors make sure your prepared whether your attending online or on campus. This is my first year being an online student at Devery University and its the best! I look forward to finishing my education with Devry and recommend anyone looking for a great school that actually cares and focuses on your success to join the Devry team.
The best thing is you can pursue your degree on a flexible schedule. With multiple campuses within 60 miles of each other there usually isn’t any issue taking the class you want to take for most programs. From my experience the professors go out of their way to make sure you get the best education available. There only a couple of negative things. Engineering students usually have to fight for classes at the Junior and Senior levels because there are three campuses so close together many students have bounced around to take certain classes and getting enough students for some classes get tricky. The other are the student advisers, they usually push gen-ed classes, probably because they are easy to fill seeing as multiple degree programs have to take them, which adds to the push for the junior and senior level classes trying to get the classes and keep their full-time or part-time status. Many of the general education classes can be taken online if it’s not available on campus.
This college will be the fourth college I have attended and I must say that I am pleased with my decision in attending this University . The teachers are very good with explaining thing in a way where everyone can understand and it is a very hands on University
This an amazing school to attend. I am a working mother, it was hard trying to figure out what school to attend that would make it easy for me and my family. Devry University have helped me to believe in myself again.
My experience has been excellent. This is beause I am able to take my courses online. This very convevient because I don't have to worry about getting to class by a certain time, or finding a place to park. I can do my coursework on my own schedule and because my studies are online, access is open to me 24hrs a day.
I went to Devry for the convenience. They offered an online degree in my field of study. I am a single parent so I did not have childcare help with my child in order to attend classes on campus. It seems like more of a vocational school than a traditional university. It is very expensive, and I walked away with a great amount of loans. I was already working in the healthcare field so I did not get to experience their career services, but it was offered.
Poor communication about transfer credits, not all credits were granted
Review DeVry University - Illinois
Outdated software platform, workload unmanageable, forced participation even when you might not have something to say about the topic or it's already been said.
Generic e-mails to each student, no personal connection
Straight classwork load no choices, their way or no way
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