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My experience with DeVry so far has been awesome! Previously, I had been attending Front Range Community College and was getting ready to decide where I was going to transfer to. I visited a couple of schools I was thinking about transferring to, and none were really that helpful. When I went to check out DeVry though, I knew immediately it was the school I wanted to transfer to. One of the administrators met with me, even though I did not have an appointment, and spent all day with me answering my questions. After talking to this administrator I knew DeVry was the right school for me. Once I decided I wanted to transfer there, the school took care of everything else for me. I had a whole team working for me, trying to get me ready to transfer that upcoming semester. I had someone at the school to help me apply, someone to help me with financial aid, someone to help me transfer my high school and Front Range credits in, and someone to register me for classes. Now I am taking classes at DeVry towards my Graphic Design major, and I am so happy. My classes are fun, challenging, and I love my professors. I'm grateful for all of the administrators who helped me get into DeVry. I also love the way my schedule works (with 8 week sessions for classes, 2 sessions per semester, and 3 semesters per year). I wish that I had gone to DeVry straight out of high school, rather than wasting time at Front Range Community College. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose DeVry first! I love DeVry!
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There are many things that make DeVry unique, but I think the one that stands out the most is that all of the administration there truly work for their students' success. For my first two years of college, when I went to Front Range Community College, the academic advisors there weren't incredibly helpful. When I had meetings with them, they would simply answer my questions as best they could, and would send me on my way. It didn't seem like anyone really cared to help me - they were just doing their job duties. At DeVry, the administration really feels like a team that stands behind me, helping me succeed. I have an advisor there to answer all of my questions, I have a financial advisor helping me with all of the financial stuff, I have someone who makes sure I get signed up for the right classes that I need, and I even have a career coach - who will eventually help me find a job in my career field after I graduate. I'll walk down the hallway after class, and the administrator's there all know me by name, and they always say hi, and ask how I'm doing. I've never had such a personal experience at school before, and I love it! I think that's what makes DeVry unique - is the personal connection they create between you and your school, and it's all so that I can succeed.
The Career Services at DeVry are amazing! They have statistics backing them up that 90% of their students get a career job within their field of study after graduating. I believe those statistics are true because I have a career coach. My career coach can get me some great jobs and internships while I'm in and out of school. My career coach will also be my career coach for life - I can go to them well after I graduate. I am 100% confident that I will be able to land a Graphic Design job soon after I graduate from DeVry. Also, the classes that I'm taking at DeVry will get me fully equipped for my career. I know my professors are all experts and professionals in their career fields. For example, my graphic design professor has truly worked in the graphic design field, so she knows exactly how to prepare me for it. Career Services at my school are excellent!