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I a taking a Business Analysis, class online at this time and I we are using a lot of custom software that we will use in real world of our career as an analyst. I would have liked this class to have been on campus, but they only offer it online. I like the onsite/campus classes the best. I like having the professor attention in person face to face best. The online professor can only be reach for help by appointment on specific days. We can reach the campus local professor just about any time during school hours.
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The courses are different every 8 weeks, and we must not miss any classes if you want to keep up. The Professors, work well with all students that want their help. I want to make sure no one is left behind. I found my Excel class to be a bit of a challenge in the beginning. However my Professor, came in on his day off to help the few of us and I got an A in the class. We have to do presentations in most of our classes some alone and some in teams. We also work on projects in teams. This is how we learn to work together on the job the class is small in sizes in our school. A lot of the students have jobs and are working towards a degree in the areas in which they already work. So they are very serious about the project we do in class. They work is to be done in a timely manner each week, we all work hard to reach our deadlines.
DeVry University is expensive, but certainly one if not the best schools with accommodating multiple factors such as completion time, course availability, ease of course enrollment and student resources, academic proficiency. Despite what your schedule and availability might be, DeVry has an academic plan that will accommodate day or night, online or onsite courses to aid any student in achieving their degree as quickly and efficiently as possible.