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I’m about to graduate soon, it was good college but not having many activities , also not really a good environment for youngsters because most of students here are veterans
This school has never failed me even on my bad days. I was going through a lot coming back from overseas and my advisor supported and guided me all the way. Now I’m close to graduating in a couple of months. THANK YOU
It start off as a good school but there out for profit and to me it seems less about education. They advertised about having gainful employment when one graduate but that prove to be false. That is what attracted me to DeVry because they seem like once you graduate there is plenty job opportunities that they help you get.
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In my opinion It’s a good school for MBA, staffs and the teaching is excellent, i have learned a lot of things that i didn’t learn from my bachelors 👍🏼
Great school. professors are helpful, and there are a lot of great resources. Honestly, I feel that my original review was harsh, but i had a lot of other factors against me at the time. So i don't think it was warranted.
I had a problem with my High School Graduation Certificate, as I am a Citizen but an International Student. I was fortunate to have an Advisor who not only went the extra mile for me, but also had previous course work reviewed and accepted.
If I would I would only give half a star. This school talks so highly about there graduation rate and how the professors are all nice and think of their students. LIES . I had to take out not one but three different loans. Come to find out they are under a law suit for fraud and other things. Now I am trying to get everything I owe them taking away. I would never tell someone to enroll in this school. I know several people who went to the school who agree with me.
I am currently an online student awesome service very on top of things I finish hs 10 years agow as very hard coming back especially after such a big break and 2 children made it fast and easy
They have a career center in the school that allows you to bring in your resume and they'll Help you fix it
They have a lot of fairs on campus
I enjoy the encouragement and help I get to succeed
Online classes make it easier to work
It allows flexablity for those people who are busy
I personally haven't used it
I like the fact that the classes are small so it allows more interaction
Like I said before it's what the student makes of it , you have the opportunity you just have to make sure you take advantage of it
There's a lot of internship opportunities you just have to take advantage of it
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So far the classes are fun and interactive. The mathematics modules are a little difficult to understand at times but the professors are incredibly supportive if you don't fully understand things. All portions of the classes are online so I can do school work around my job schedule. They also really assist in preparing you for a career after you receive your degree. My only complaint is that the financial aid and finance information doesn't always add up because it is an automated system, so I have had to call the financial aid office a few times.
I cant really tell , because I haven't taken any only courses yet.
I think that everything are pretty good, except the computers that are very slow and the labs tools that are not that great.
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