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So far the classes are fun and interactive. The mathematics modules are a little difficult to understand at times but the professors are incredibly supportive if you don't fully understand things. All portions of the classes are online so I can do school work around my job schedule. They also really assist in preparing you for a career after you receive your degree. My only complaint is that the financial aid and finance information doesn't always add up because it is an automated system, so I have had to call the financial aid office a few times.
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For those who work and have a family, this school is perfect with schedule...however, it comes at price! I think you can get similar education at a city university for the fraction of the cost. If i do decide to continue my education, it will be at a cuny school. Right now im just concentrating on finishing my education here at Devry and work on how to pay off my loans.
I feel that the education that I'm receiving from DeVry is adequate. After attending this school for 8 months now, I have noticed that most of my classes I have taken have that accelerated feel compared to a traditional college during the summer. The may work on certain classes, but in my core classes, I feel 8 weeks is not enough to learn. There was a computer class that I was taking the really felt overwhelming for those who didn't have the back ground. It was easy for me because I had taken an A+ certification class that lasted 4 months! Obviously with experience my background education in computers has helped me to above those students who are just starting. There was just too much information to learn in such a short amount of time.
As for Financial Aid, I can saw, the people have dealt with, have really gone above and beyond to help me to get funding to keep attending my classes.
My only gripe, is the communication between faculty and students. communications seems to be lacking at times and sometimes, days on end..
  • June 27 2013
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