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I love Design Institute of San Diego because, the energy and will to help of all the staff there is ver supporting each semester. You can feel they are willing and try there best to be there for you no matter what is going on on your life.
No school is perfect, but I couldn't imagine learning as much as I have here any where else. The general education teachers could be better, but the actual interior design teachers are amazing. Everyone teaching is actually in the field, whether they are designers,or architects, they teach on the side. There is no "those who can't do teach" at this school. Besides the teaching staff everyone is family here. I don't know any university where you can say you know all the staff by name and they're interested in what you have going on in your life.
This school is absolutely amazing! The staff is all very helpful and because the school is so small, they take the time to learn your name. All the teachers are real life designers, architects, or artists in the field and are extremely knowledgeable!
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The school is ok. I have definitely learned a few things going here that were accelerated rather than if I had learned by myself. However, the school wants money, they forbid you from taking classes at a community college so you pay for theirs. They try to help with financial aid, but coming towards the end I ran out of money apparently and have to pay out of pocket or I don't graduate. I didn't have these problems at my previous university I transferred from.
I feel like for the amount of classes I took at my other school they should have accepted more, They say its the school board that accepts them. But them as a school make that decision and philosophy, English, environmental studies I have all taken and they accepted half of all my credits. So that needs to be addressed because whether or not its a quarter or semester, I had plenty of classes to supplement the transfer requirements.
Alumni work, there isn't any. ASID is what is considered alumni work but that is an outside program not related to the school.
Class sizes are small which is good.
The internship programs help you get a feel of the real world, I think I might choose a different path than direct regular client to designer relationship. I want to work for a big firm, they almost prepare you for your own business here.
I wish I learned more technical skills earlier on so I had more time to develop those and dive more into professional renderings, also there is too much packed into one semester in certain classes. In my opinion, there is no point shoving tons of information and work when you will remember maybe 1/4 of it. What is the point of the struggle and memorization instead of internalization.
I will not say that I haven't learned anything, but I think having a very strong drive to learn the most I can. I wasn't pushed to my limits like I wanted to be. I am graduating in two semesters and feel like I could have a greater knowledge that what I currently have. All of the photoshop, CAD, Revit classes should be offered towards the beginning of the second year attended so we have time to progress those skills, I understand that we need a foundation but our projects could have been way more advanced and professionally sound if we learned the skills before. The school also might loose its ACIS accreditation, which is different than CIDA but still something to consider.
The lectures could be more in depth or we could have more one on one time with teachers. I feel lost in some assignments if i don't see an example first
Its a great school. As an interior design college, i thought it would be more aesthetically pleasing but it is okay. I wish they had an option for traveling abroad, even for one semester
DISD has been such a great fit for me from the quality of the instructors to the depth of the coursework. I feel like I am getting the best possible education to help me succeed in the real world.
Anne Kellet is the adminstrator who runs the internship program here and is a great resource for finding jobs after graduation. Not only is she well known throughout the community but so are our other instructors. Having small classes they get to know you personally and give you great recommendations when you are looking for a job, this industry is all about knowing people and they give you plenty of opportunties to network!
Our school offers a materials library, most everything is discontinued fabric, but we do have an active kravet library. Our library is small, but is the best resource we have because the Library Lisa is amazing and can find you anything you need, and if we don't have it she can go get it! Other than that, we have no sports, student center or many campus activities. With our cirriculium there isn't much time to use other resources anyways.
For a private school I feel like our network connections could be better. Not all the buidlings recieve wifi connections which can be frustrating. They also recently updated the school email and let everyone know how to access their account, through an email, genius. The best thing is that we get all our of design programs for free here Photoshop CS6, AutoCad2013, Indesign, Revit and Illustrator. Other than that the connection is terrible, constantly freezing and crashing. Could use improvement.
The education I am recieving is definitely worth the money, the class sizes are small so you get a lot of individualized attention. They are well known and can really help you find a job after graduation. However, the communication between faculty and students is poor when it comes to the main office. Best advice, ask for a copy of any changes that happen in your file so you can have your own record. Also, when it comes to student events, be proactive and ask questions to faculty and teachers about ways you can get involved. They post some events but there is definitely more out there, you have to put yourself out there!
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Staff is very helpful. Teachers are will to stay after as late as you need to help you with your issues. also students are nice the school is a great learning environment.
Mostly Females at this school. every one is friendly. and we all help each other
Academic Effectiveness – The program is structured for one thing; success. This school thrives on the success of their students and our dedication as students to the design industry does not fail the status quo that this school tries to keep. I am very proud to call the Design Institute of San Diego my college because I know that they have prepared me for success.
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