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The quality and passion the professors have is amazing & a big factor in engaging the class to actually stay focus
DeSales University has a very good environment and very friendly staff that are willing to talk to you. Everyone is very approachable and it feels like a small family in ways. They make it very easy for students who are spending their first extended period of time away from home with fun, engaging activities.
Great teachers that are passionate about the material. The area surrounding the school is a bit boring, but the school offers many trips.
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I love the Diversity at Desales . I’ve met students from all walks of life . I am currently studying Theater and Performimg arts . I used to be very shy but being at this university, I’ve come out of my shell and learned to be comfortable in my own skill . All of the staff are very welcoming and have made my transition to college very enjoyable
The staff talked about all the events planned for students, all the benefits that students would receive, and all the help students could ask for. When I attended the school with the hopes of all that I was told, I found out that nothing really happens on campus. I was not given the help and benefits that were promised to me. The school is boring and not worth going to unless in a specific program of study.
I spent one year at DeSales University. I met a lot of great people. The staff was great. The facilities were phenomenal, and the food was always interesting. I was always willing to try their different and new dishes whenever they came out with them. It was a nice campus overall.
Great school. Wonderful campus. Great ideals and virtues. Very safe and warming campus. Great administrative.
DeSales has provided me a great learning experience. Student Life is great; Professors are attentive and helpful. Overall a good experience.
Beautiful campus, wonderful people, and great academics. DeSales is the perfect college for all those interested in attending a small Catholic College. The students are very welcoming and by the time you leave you feel like part of a large family. The professors are very willing to work with on if you have any questions or concerns. In addition, if you are a student-athlete the professors are very considerate and will work extra time if you miss class. The dorms are very spacious and even as a freshman you only have to share a bathroom with three other people! There is also in-house cleaning that comes once a month to make sure your dorm is nice and clean. I would recommend the school to anyone.
The people are friendly the change that I want to see happening is dorms to be a lot more comfortable
DeSales University is a great college to attend. The campus is lovely and is large but not too big so its not likely to get lost. The food is good but not amazing of course. The professors can be difficult but are focused on teaching their students the best that they can.
Desales University is a great choice for anyone looking to further their education while simultaneously getting away from the distractions of many modern cities and towns.
My experience at Desales was a wonderful time and I never wanted to leave! Desales is a great place to be at and an amazing work zone. I encourage a lot more juniors and seniors in high school to check out Desales and maybe just go on a visit or even just check out the website.
At Desales University, all the people are so kind and helpful. I didn't know how to handle my financial aid sheet and the lady at the desk was so helpful and patient. Everyone makes you feel at home here!
DeSales University has excellent accounting and business programs. The professors are kind and knowledgeable, as well as care for the students. DeSales has a beautiful campus in Center Valley.
I love this school, but it's tuition is too high. It makes it difficult to continue my nursing education.
DeSales has a great community feeling that helps everyone feel welcome. The professors are wonderful and very skilled. All the staff is very helpful and friendly.
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I studied Television and Film from 2007-2011. The professors that drew e to the program left and were replaced my new inexperienced professors
I am currently at the Lansdale campus as an Access student. I take accelerated classes online and at this campus once a week. So far I have a positive experience. Classes are small which is a good and bad thing. More one on one help but always seeing the same faces.
What I like about DeSales is the courses they offer. What I would like to see change is the amount of required courses.
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