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It has been a good experience so far. I have liked all my teachers except for one, but it was partly the class too. It was college experience which was boring and I didn't learn anything. I have enjoyed the flexibility they have because of different campus locations. But because they have so many locations it's hard to have enough teachers and can't offer as many classes at the smaller classes like the Southridge center. Also at the Southridge center we need more tables for students to do homework and it needs to be a quiet place not the lounge area. Some of the books have been really helpful. Although I wish we wouldnt use the books so much because they are expensive and just tey to get more real life experience since thats what its going to be when we graduate anyhow.
I can honestly say that DMACC is a good community college. I attended two separate campuses throughout my career. The first was West Campus. It was ok. It was a relatively small building and that was all their was to it. Nothing there made me want to stick around after class. However I would recommend the Ankeny Campus. This has many buildings and a more college feel. Most of the instructors I had were awesome. If you showed effort and a willingness to learn they were with you 100 percent. I only had one professor who was pretty awful. She was not friendly or helpful whatsoever. She also was historian working on writing a book so I think a lot of her energy went into that instead. Overall though it was a great and affordable experience. P.S. Avoid the campus bookstore and go across the street to the Textbook Outlet. Way cheaper and much friendlier!
its an amazing college with a lot of good programs and very affordable. the school has many programs that really focus on hands on teaching it gives students the opportunity to learn and also to develop a strong network with local employees. I would highly recommend this school to any student who's is looking for a place to start their education.
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I am currently taking online classes at DMACC, and I have had an amazing experience. The classes have great instructors. Their online website is quick and easy to navigate. Their advisors are knowledgable, and there administration makes everything easy for the student. They make it very easy for someone to work full time and still succeed in online classes. I would highly, highly recommend enrolling at DMACC if you are interested in continuing your education without too much stress!
they are very helpful in helping me decide my major and answering all my questions. they helped me find scholarships that fit me and my family. the campus is lovely and the professors are nice and actually help you with work. you get more one on one contact, which is helpful for people that come from small tons like me.
While at DMACC I enjoy the professors, I like the way they teach and if you need help they are very understanding about it. They have free tutoring and a room where the professors help you out if you need it. The campus environment is very clean, smoke free and safe. The students are very friendly and help you around the school if you need help. They don't have many food places on campus but they're near by food places to eat at for lunch.
The professors are super caring and will give you one-on-one time if needed. There is free help everyday which includes tutoring. The campus is very easy to walk around and everyone is super friendly.
My college experience so far is great. I feel independent when I'm at college. I have to admit I don't mind doing homework because the homework flow is steady for me.
Des Moines Area Community College has a comfortable atmosphere. It’s a great place to learn what you want to go into later in life for better price range then some colleges. They have a very unique “culture“ all of their own. Staff are friendly and very helpful. The student are very friendly. There are no real racial boundaries or even popularity hierarchies.
Many opportunities while at this college, I would recommend someone thinking about going there to do it!
I attend the Urban campus so I don't know a lot about the Ankeny campus. Urban has been wonderful! I am a non-traditional student so going back to school was scary. I am a TRIO member and I highly recommend applying to try to get in.
It is a good community college to start out with before you transfer onto another school. The only downside is the lack of specific classes available, and sometimes communication with staff can be a little tough.
When I first went to DMACC I thought it was okay. The teachers could have been better. Half cared about you and your grades and the other half didn't care at all. I want to return to get my accounting certificate, I'm just glad I can take the whole thing online. being a working adult it really helps that DMACC is very diverse in there options for taking a class.
Good option for college, they have a plenty staff in all the areas, and always they try to help to succeed and achieve your goals
I'm new to DMACC, but what I've seen so far I've liked. I took on-line classes previously, which were also satisfactory.
Everyone at Des Moines Area Community College is extremely helpful and generous, and extremely nice about everything! They make registration and getting ready for classes non-stressful. Everyone I've met has been extremely well mannered and I am pleased to be a part of this college. It's my freshman year in college, but I highly reccomend this place! They help push you to better yourself and achieve your goals when you think you can't do it. Apply at DMACC! It's a great place to learn and grow as a person, to get to where you want to be in life!
Went to DMACC's RN program. Greatly enjoyed to program and the teachers. Would recommend the program to anyone interested in pursing a career in nursing.
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I would like to see comparable program requirements to similar schools in the area. I have taken both Nursing and Medical Insurance through DMACC and the requirements seem to be significantly different than most. Full program information seems to be lacking in some areas as well as informing the students of possible issues that may come up. I am also disappointed with the cancelattion in classes needed to graduate with no lack of sympathy. I hope that my meetings with program directors has opened some paths for other students.
It was a good for how much it cost. would prefer to go back there do to how much cheaper it was. It had very good instructors. The Ankeny and Des Moines campuses are very nice looking. As stated before the price was nice, but the down side is that it is only a 2 year college.
Its pretty good. Some teachers are awesome, others aren't so much. You get your aa and thats what your paying for
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