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This is more than just a community college. This college tuition is the lowest in the state and with your tuition the provide any help you would ever need to succeed at no additional cost.
Very good school! Teachers are always willing to help! Would recommend if you haven’t decided your major or just to get general edication classes out of the way!
DMACC has been an overall fantastic place to continue my education, though I will be attending the Dental Hygiene program at DMACC, I know it is also a great stepping stone for gen. eds. before moving on.
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I would like to see more communication with academic advisors in order to achieve the best educational experience.
DMACC has been so amazing! They have helped every step of the way. From setting up my schedule or sending me to the right class room. There are so many activities you can get into and they make sure you have all access to new opportunities.
The professors are amazing! You would not think that at a community college your education would be as good as at a university, but you would be totally wrong. Class sizes are perfect (especially compared to university gen ed class sizes) and there are so many ways to seek academic help. There is an entire building devoted to helping your studies!
Des Moines Area Community College is a great place to start your college education. It has a good variety of classes, and tuition is relatively cheap. A great place to start before you transfer to a four year university.
Des Moines Area Community College or DMACC is the college to go to if you don't want to worry about debt. I graduated within 2 years with out debt and no help! If I could see a change is professors who really want to connect with there student. Overall, the college is a great place to get an associates!
I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people in each of my classes. I’ve had some really good professors and some who were really difficult. It’s a cheap option for college and totally worth it!
I am an online student at DMACC. I am disabled with a physical disability and I am grateful for all the staff at DMACC as they go above and beyond to help you or answer any and all questions you may have. I am excited to earn my degree to transfer to Drake. My area of study is pre law. All the professors are excellent teachers and do respond to any questions about homework and your tests. I am pleased to be a student of DMACC
It's a very big campus, but you have super small class. Everyone is super nice and helpful. I love being a student here.
The staff and faculty here are outstanding. They are very personable and open to suggestions and care about each individual student's success. Classes are affordable and very flexible!
DMACC does a good job with preparing students working towards a degree or transferring to a University at an affordable cost. The professors vary in qualifications and how they treat students (I have had my fair share of good and poor professors). The Ankeny campus provides a Student Center with food choices, a gym, and places to study.
DMACC's Graphic Design classes were phenomenal and excellent for me this last semester. It rivals four or five other Graphic Design colleges around the country. One of my professors, Monte Ballard, explained to us why DMACC's GD program is the best.

"You see, when you look around at other colleges, they're going to charge you tens of thousands of dollars. The reason I wanted to teach at DMACC is because I grew up on a farm, poor, and I loved computers; while my father wanted me to farm. Going to college for new technology, like the computer, was hard. DMACC competes in competitive design with other colleges like UNI, ISU, Drake, and another east-coast college; placing near the top. -- You won't find a better Graphic Design program for the price DMACC's giving you."

And the pricing's don't lie. Ask any student that's graduated from DMACC's GD program, and they'll tell you it was great. Even some of those students work at big and hard to get into companies right within Des Moines.
Not sociable at all. Very good professors for the most part, just a very boring experience. Easy to find your way around after awhile, but parking is still kind of annoying at times. Everyone has a poor attitude of just wanting to "leave and get out of there" or just transfer ASAP. There is little or no school pride. Maybe someone will have a fun, amazing experience if they claim a major right away. Also, if you are from out of state like me... count on everyone knowing each other from high school, and not ever really fitting in. Urban Campus is the least judgmental, even though I learned not to care about that stuff. haha. Everyone is nice for the most part though, I guess.
DMACC has a very positive and supportive atmosphere with plenty of happy faces ready to help. I do not ever feel as if I am in the dark about anything. There are a ton of activities both on and off campus. The small class sizes make learning more effective and it is so much easier to make friends! With this being my first year of college, DMACC made the transition comfortable and welcoming, and I am very happy I decided to go here first. As someone who will be transferring to a 4-year school, the advisors and teachers are very knowledgeable about which classes I should be taking before I transfer. I feel prepared to move on to my four year after I leave DMACC next year and am confident in my education. DMACC has prepared me in more ways than just my education. Thanks DMACC!
My experience at DMACC has been incredible. There is so much diversity and opportunity for success. I would like to see more on campus activities.
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Very helpful, loved the small classroom gave me a real chance to be able to work with the professor in areas that I was struggling in class.
I live this school. Lots of activities and services. I have used counseling, advising, vocational rehabilitation, disability services, and more and each one was very helpful.
The teachers and students here really make you feel apart of a community and I'm so happy I'm getting my education here!
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