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DMACC was a great place to get an education. Each instructor was knowledgeable and helpful. I always felt like I had someone to lean on when I needed help. The three campuses (Ankeny, Urban and Boone) I used were clean and inviting.
Very student-centered classes which give students a chance to reach out for help when you don't understand the material. This has really helped me academically to achieve a high GPA for four semesters. However, some of the things I would like to see change would be a more active learning approach instead of only lecture-based classes so we can learn by doing instead of listening.
So far at DMACC I have had access to so many tools that can help me succeed. The staff is always friendly and making sure I know where I'm going and what departments I need to contact for certain information. The instructors are very attentive and make sure each student knows that they are there after hours for any additional help with coursework. I am grateful for the low cost of attendance, because without those savings I would not be able to attend college to achieve my goals.
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I really liked attending DMACC. Their main campus was a fairly close drive for me. I was able to take all of my basic classes there and get my Associate's Degree. The staff was friendly and they offered many classes that I was really interested in and enjoyed. I was able to take some classes online which was very beneficial for me.
I took online classes at Dmacc. The process of registering was simple if you knew exactly what you needed on it. There were places on the form that a parent/ guardian needed to sign, but they didn't have a sport for it and we weren't told till we were trying to turn in the form. The online classes were simple to access and they have programs with them to help students. Each student is able to access Office 365, the dmacc library online and many other programs to help with classes. The professors are easy to talk to and answer questions quickly and thoroughly. There are also many different classes available to take and many different professors for each class.
I like how there are different campuses so if you live closer to West campus you go there instead of driving all the way to Ankeny. I like that they also let students from Iowa State University or other colleges take a class at DMACC if they need it and it's not offered this semester at their current college.
This is a fantastic 2year college! They offer so many different courses and have great instructors! When things get difficult in class they have an AWESOME learning center with great tutors to help you through it absolutely free for students!
This school is awful! The only diversity they have are among the students at the Urban Campus. The majority of the campuses are not diverse. The faculty and staff are not diverse either in any of the campuses. The instructors at the Urban Campus practically to the students work for them. The students are not prepared to transfer to a university and most drop out of school once they leave there. I was and student and work there and hated that place. The only great about it is the low tuition. Beware of sending your child to this college.
DMACC has been an amazing journey. Not only is it affordable but the classes are small and the institutors are extremely knowledgeable. The college also puts resources into their students hands of they need it. They also have an Honor's society and have excellent advisors. I've made a great investment in my future.
This is more than just a community college. This college tuition is the lowest in the state and with your tuition the provide any help you would ever need to succeed at no additional cost.
Very good school! Teachers are always willing to help! Would recommend if you haven’t decided your major or just to get general edication classes out of the way!
DMACC has been an overall fantastic place to continue my education, though I will be attending the Dental Hygiene program at DMACC, I know it is also a great stepping stone for gen. eds. before moving on.
I would like to see more communication with academic advisors in order to achieve the best educational experience.
DMACC has been so amazing! They have helped every step of the way. From setting up my schedule or sending me to the right class room. There are so many activities you can get into and they make sure you have all access to new opportunities.
The professors are amazing! You would not think that at a community college your education would be as good as at a university, but you would be totally wrong. Class sizes are perfect (especially compared to university gen ed class sizes) and there are so many ways to seek academic help. There is an entire building devoted to helping your studies!
Des Moines Area Community College is a great place to start your college education. It has a good variety of classes, and tuition is relatively cheap. A great place to start before you transfer to a four year university.
Des Moines Area Community College or DMACC is the college to go to if you don't want to worry about debt. I graduated within 2 years with out debt and no help! If I could see a change is professors who really want to connect with there student. Overall, the college is a great place to get an associates!
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I’ve enjoyed getting to know the people in each of my classes. I’ve had some really good professors and some who were really difficult. It’s a cheap option for college and totally worth it!
I am an online student at DMACC. I am disabled with a physical disability and I am grateful for all the staff at DMACC as they go above and beyond to help you or answer any and all questions you may have. I am excited to earn my degree to transfer to Drake. My area of study is pre law. All the professors are excellent teachers and do respond to any questions about homework and your tests. I am pleased to be a student of DMACC
It's a very big campus, but you have super small class. Everyone is super nice and helpful. I love being a student here.
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