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DePauw has challenged me academically and has prepared me to confidently enter into the real world. I feel that I won’t have any difficulty finding a job in Computer Science as soon I graduate in May.
Amazing school! They truly care about the students and truly want them to succeed. There are so many opportunities to get involved and the mentor program is a fantastic way to start the school year. There are really no negatives about this place. From day one I fell in love.
Beautiful campus. The professors are some of the best in the world. The entire faculty is friendly and helpful. The facilities are well maintained. Study abroad is accessible and required!
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Excellent academics at this school. You must get involved in the campus activities to have a great four years. The greek system is a huge influence on this campus.
DePauw University can be described as a place full of opportunity. This established University offers so many opportunities for its students to excel in any direction they choose to pursue. It also challenges its students on their every level of being, whether that be through the rigorous academic options, athletic opportunities, or involved greek life. My experience with DePauw, although it is only the start, has involved all of these aspects and more. I cannot wait to see what DePauw has in store for my future.
I love DePauw. The sense of community you get on campus is fantastic. Greek life is huge at DePauw, but it does not divide you into a segregated silo. You still have opportunities to make friends in other houses. DePauw is great for developing all aspects of life, not just the academics.
My first two years at DePauw were absolutely amazing! The student life was incredible! However, my junior year things changed. The administration changed and the lack of transparency between the school officials and students really changed my view of the school. I still enjoy a lot of aspects of my school; however, with the changes that are being made, I'm not sure that I would recommend this school to future students.
DePauw is a great school academically; if you work hard while you're here, the alumni connections and the prestige of a DePauw degree will take you far. The study abroad opportunities are amazing and definitely unique. The party scene gets exhausting and boring. It's great freshman and sophomore year but by the time you're a junior every night is the same. Students are very very overworked and are expected to spend 30 hours a week studying and at least 15 hours a week in class, leaving the rest of your week nights to do all of the activities that you need for your resume. People are very high achieving but are very stressed and depressed, meaning that mental health is not very well addressed on campus.
I really liked the campus and the faculty. The location is not ideal because its in a very small town with nothing to do.
I love it here. It's the perfect fit. The academics are amazing and internship opportunities are one of a kind. They also provide pretty good financial aid for how expensive it is. I would highly recommend checking DePauw out.
I love this school. Professors are great and always willing to help. There is a great party atmosphere for a small school. It's a ton of fun. Great experience.
DePauw University is the best education you will every receive besides an Ivy League School. I transferred out and had to come back because no other education compares to DePauw. They set you up for success, and you will feel prepared for life after graduating.
Beautifully and enriching liberal arts school in quite and rural Indiana. Students are given a great deal of attention by professors and community activities and life on campus are strong.
I love the small classes, the ability to study music at the School of Music although I am a non-music major, and the individual attention I have received from professors, career center, and staff. I wish the social atmosphere was not so dependent on sorority and fraternity life (70% of students are involved). But, I have navigated this by jumping into Christian organizations and being involved as a Resident Assistant. I think the biggest advice I'd give to someone who feels like they are an "old soul" and not interested in your media definition of "college life" and who wants to attend DePauw is this: Know yourself and find things that strengthen who you are. The academics are top notch and you can find what you love.
I have really enjoyed my time at Depauw. The faculty and staff are attentive, the campus is beautiful and their endowment for financial aid is great. However, I wish that their were more resources and funding for multicultural and LGBT services. Another issue is much of the campus is not ADA compliant and at times inaccessible to people with mobility issues.
The professors are very accessible and always willing to help you with your studies. They're very passionate about what they teach.
The school helps students find the best internships for them, and the alumni network is very strong.
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I personally feel safe, but I know other students (of different races, ethnicity, etc.) don't at times.
Most of the dorms on campus are in good condition, but there are some that have had specific problems in the past, such as mold and water leakage.
As a member of greek life, I'm fairly content with how things are. However, there can be barriers between greek life and the rest of the community.
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