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I love the location and how everything is very close to the city. The people there are great and really intelligent.
DePaul is located in the heart of Chicago. While they have many outstanding departments, law, music, theater and business, remember to use the resources around you. Your possibilities are unlimited when you combine the education offered at DePaul with Chicago's internships and real life experience.
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DePaul is private and the cost reflects it, but my feeling is that you get what you pay for. Classes are small, required courses are offered often so it's easy to get in. Professors are generally understanding and approachable. Financial aid is offered to most students. They're on a quarter system rather than semesters, so that is an adjustment. It's a dry campus but is smack in the middle of Lincoln Park, so there's a lot to do/eat/drink very close. Lots of student activities, small Greek life. Would recommend mostly for transfers as it's expensive.
DePaul is a very resourceful University with motivated students and genuine staff. I have visited this campus twice and was shocked by how enthusiastic the students were. One student said they had visited around ten schools and chose Depaul because of its strong educational foundation and immersion with the city. Another student said that the professors were very helpful and passionate. A teacher and former student at DePaul had an hour long discussion with me answering each of my questions, about my admission and program of study, truthfully and thoroughly.
Love my experience. There are a lot of resources for students. There are convenient campuses and a lot of computer labs.
Classes were not challenging. Teachers were good, but many of the classes that I needed were not offered. I was also waitlisted for entry into courses for 3 straight quarters and it set me back a full year.
I liked that everything is within walking distance and we could take the EL to the other part of the university.
DePaul University is a great school with experienced professors. Most of the professors are highly educated and they genuinely care about theirs students. One thing I really dislike about DePaul is the class registration process. Depending on your year, you get a specific time and day when you can register for a class. Meaning, everyone can't register at the same thus chances are, you won't be able to register for the class you want. The schedules are very inconvenient and lacks in flexibity.
DePaul is a wonderful school with excellent academics. The school is in the heart of the city with easy access to transportation. The surrounding areas are student friendly. Being a commuter school, it can be difficult to connect with people if you don't join one of the many organizations on campus. There are many diverse student groups to join. Overall, I loved my experience here.
I'm currently looking to enroll in the certificate program for Human Resources program. I called a lot with a lot of question about funding the program. The staff was very helpful and always was prepared to answer my questions.
I toured DePaul University twice and loved the campus! The campus has such as great community feel for being in such a big city. The dorms are great as well. My favorite part about DePaul university was the focus on community service and helping out the Chicago community.
DePaul University is academically stimulating, socially enriching, and caters to support individuals of any background. The academics are enlightening and incorporates a healthy balance of neurological stimulation without being too challenging. Diversity is present, however, can be improved (as anywhere else). The Athletic facilities are impressive! The Professors are individually unique and most often offer guidance, whether academically or on a more personal level. DePaul offers a wide range of student related resources and services that can benefit one's overall experience. DePaul is a platform, what you do with it is up to you!
DePaul is a city school so there is not much school spirit and community, With it being a city school it also makes it difficult to make friends. The two campuses are nice, and it is cool to be in a city, it's sometimes hard to handle socially, which is what makes the experience just average.
I love the campus; it's clean, sleek, and modern. They make sure to keep the college updated with the newest technology and prepare students by teaching them how to use instruments and techniques they will use during their careers.
Since DePaul is in the city and Lincoln Park, There is nothing you'll be missing out on. You will be exposed to city life and urban life. Staff and other students are super helpful and you will have no problem finding your fit at DePaul University.
I have really enjoyed my experience at DePaul University for the past four years as a student and the past few years during my post graduate work in research through the Psychology department. I have been privileged to have had the opportunity to take classes with phenomenal professors. The diverse and rich curriculum allowed me to excel and be as successful as I am today.
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Depaul is a good city school. There are two campuses; one in the center of downtown and in Lincoln Park. It is a good school for those who are not from Chicago, but it does not really offer much for commuters.
Small class sizes with professors who want to help you achieve your goals. Only complaint is the food is sub par for how much we pay.
One of my favorite parts about DePaul is the setting of the campus. The neighborhood is lively, urban, and really engaging. You truly are located in the perfect spot. You have the "traditional" campus of your school, but the city of Chicago is your campus, too.
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