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DePaul is really diverse, from students to professors. Every class is a new challenge and professors really push you to become the best you career wise and personality wise.
DePaul University is amazing! The area and campus the university is located around are incredible. DePaul has a very diverse student body, a promising athletic department, great academics, and a wonderful Public Safety department. Overall, DePaul University is a great option for higher education in a world-class city and I think you should definitely consider it if you're looking for a good-sized, reputable school in a big city!
The community and everything around it is great. The school itself is far from perfect. They're way too expensive for what they give you in return. Some of the staff is awesome and are very nice people, others are only there for their income and are not willing to help you out in any way.
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I have transferred to DePaul University and I felt pretty welcomes there. The first thing I liked was the orientation. In the orientation, I got to know to campus, met an advisor, learned about all the services, and everyone I met during the orientation welcomed all the students. All of our questions got answered as well. Now, during the school year, I like that the class size is from 30-40. It makes me feel more comfortable and that makes the professors easily reachable. I can ask questions in the class and can schedule to meet with the professor as well. I also like that the faculty staff is very helpful to every student. I have asked questions and all of them have been very helpful in guiding me to the right direction.
there are pros and cons to depaul it's in an amazing location and they really value life experience so you're always out and about but there's no community whatsoever the dorms are silent half the kids in your classes commute so you never see anyone outside of class there are no parties because no one has the space to throw one and when they do they're cramped and boring. the only way to survive the social experience here is to have a fake. i haven't taken a class i've liked yet. you'll love chicago but honestly going here is just like living in a city and going to class your school doesn't feel like your life there's no spirit
When you first start at depaul you're excited, you participate in plenty of events and you join clubs, after a yr or two your clubs won't really see you as much because of all the qork, tuition continues to rise so you're either goung to work hard at work and school and you wont have time for events. Some teachers care some teachers dont. Some help you some dont. Financial aid is a joke.
I love DePaul because of the In dept and interesting discussions in classes. Professors are always open to our ideas and thoughts and take them into consideration for future class work. I love this school because of the genuine people you meet. We’re all there for a purpose of an education and it shows greatly within others.
It's expensive but completely worth it. There are so many financial and academic resources here and the majority of staff and teachers really care about your success. Student activities and events are abundant and it's easy to get involved in extracurriculars. The student body is diverse and very large but class sizes are generally small. Plenty of food on campus though it is a little expensive. Parking on campus, parking passes available for the garages on campus, whole foods is on campus, walgreens is close, clinic/acute care is close, and overall it's a gorgeous campus with older and newer building.
DePaul offers 2 great campuses in a vibrant city. Professors and programs offer students many opportunities to excel.
I love the diversity and education opportunities offered with DePaul. Their community and business network is second to none. Their diversity is exception and only makes them better
It's an amazing school. Although it is expensive, you get your moneys worth. Not only are the classes interesting, but the professors are as well. There's so many free food events that I cried out of pure happiness. There was a midnight breakfast that went from 9pm until midnight the week before finals and there was all you can eat breakfast.
I'm a graduate student studying Data science. The location of both Depaul's campus on both of the very good business area of Chicago which give me an opportunity for finding job either internship or after graduated.
The professors are very professional, and most of them are more than willing to help you if needed. I've had a few that are a little full of themselves, but overall the majority are there to see you succeed.

The quality of education is excellent, but it does come with a hefty price tag. I'm a little nervous about paying back the five digits of student loans, but for my major, 90% of students find a job in their field of study after graduation.

I would certainly recommend this university for anyone looking to for a great education.
When I got to Depaul, they advertised it as an amazing school where you can follow your desires in life and achieve any goals. When I got there, my whole perspective was completely mixed around. Half of the student body are commuters, meaning that if you want to reach out to make new friends, it is very hard because they could be in your class but then they go home immediately after their class. The academics are horrible as well, teachers don't take their jobs seriously here. One of them went to go and see a Kanye concert and felt the need to cancel class on top of the three other classes he canceled for the QUARTER.
As a freshman for the 2018-19 school year, I can say I'm happy with my decision to attend DePaul. DePaul is a very diverse school right in the city, there's a bunch of activities and clubs to get involved. If you're dorming freshman year the more social dorms are considered U-Hall, and Seton (Highly recommend Seton). The academics are mediocre, depends on the program, CDM and Music school have great programs. The party scene is decent, you can usually find house/apartment parties on the weekends. One of the major reasons students come to this school is the city life, and it does allow you to be part of the city on both campuses, unlimited cta rides are clutch, the redline can get you almost anywhere of importance. Crime seems to be a problem, but it's a city there's crazy people. Cons? The campus food does indeed suck and athletics aren't what they used to be. Obviously not a super academic school, it has pretty high acceptance rate, but it has a decent rep.
The teachers seem to genuinely care about their students. There is a variety of courses. The campus is a little confusing, but overall not too difficult to navigate. They are very good to their transfer students.
I've felt like I have become a better student with what they have to offer. They really show how working in the city will feel like. They set you up for success and everything that life will throw at you. It's great being able to tell people that I attend a great college.
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The professors I’ve had thus far are very knowledgeable and great at their job. They also have a good way of teaching and I learned a lot in the courses.
As an online student, I've had an enjoyable experience so far with Depaul. The teachers are humorous and effective and my classmates have all been supportive and great to work with.
I like their programs and diversity as well as it is a christian school. I am looking forward to meet my goals on the future and I can see my future in this school.
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