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I have just transferred here and there are so many opportunities! Truly an academic surrounded environment. Also located in the greatest city in the country.
The student life is very lively and the campus is absolutley beautiful and full of life. Gives a positively motivating vibe.
I love DePaul. All the professors are knowledgable! They are very approachable and helpful and supportive. There is a lot of resources to take advantage of. Lots of computers and printers. It is a very nice environment for both campuses.
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They offer a lot of resources for students of all different backgrounds and walks in life. Most of the professionals there are extremely nice and willing to help students outside of the classroom.
The neighborhood was pretty and I enjoyed my classes for the most part. I had some disagreements with some professors but overall I think the school is a welcoming environment for students of all walks of life.
DePaul has been very welcoming and very accepting! Finding extracurriculars that I enjoy and classes that i need AND enjoy has not been difficult. The academic advisors and the professors are amazing for the most part!
The staff is very helpful. Located in one of Chicago's oldest and most prosperous neighborhoods, DePaul is an annually evolving university.DePaul is situated in Lincoln Park on the near Northside of Chicago, which gives student easy access to any part of our cultural city. As I mentioned before, the student body and faculty represent many world cultures and there is a diversity of opinion that is very tolerated and accepted. In my years at DePaul, I've seen many conflicts of opinion handled with grace and respect by both the students and administration.
So far DePaul has been an amazing school for me. I have already met two people who I know I will be in my life forever. I have only had professors who care for us as students, our grades, and our futures. DePaul has always been ready to help me whenever I needed help with classes, my future, and anything else that has come up. I worked for the library this year and they always cared for my school work and any student that came in. DePaul has been wonderful and exactly what I wanted in a school.
DePaul University FUNDS private prisons! However, if you don't pay your tuition on time, they will put a hold on your student account so you can't register for your classes, and will hassle you until you pay... even if you have just had surgery.
I went to a two year university before reapplying to DePaul and just through my orientation process I have never been involved with a university that cares so much about their students. The whole faculty, the teachers, everyone wants to help you succeed and that is much different than most universities.
I love the fact that this school has two locations. One with the downtown are and one closer to the suburbs. The stuff it so friendly and helpful in both locations as well.
When I visited the DePaul Open House everyone was very welcoming and kind. The school is massive but there are maps located throughout the area to ensure safety, a top priority of the college. The students are constantly socializing around the campus and there are many clubs to join, essentially you will never be alone.
Friendly community of students, beautiful environment (both Lincoln Park and Loop campus), helpful staff.
Very persistent and very advanced skills in terms of social advertising. College is very diverse and has many programs to help students in different areas.
DePaul University manage to build a name for its self in Chicago. All of their work is well organized and their most important goal is to help student improve themselves in a long term prespective. When I first began at DePaul, I immediately noticed the change in environment. Everything is professional, from classes to professor and everything in between. I highly recommend DePaul University for Business students, because they train you for the future, and they set you to the right path so that you know how to act and react when you encounter real life situations. Everytime I enter campus, wether if it's in the Loop or Lincoln Park, I enter a whole new environment, that includes positive vibes and well educated students and professors.
This school is amazing. I have never learned so much in my life and I really feel ready to start my career.
An amazing school with amazing staff and counselors. They helped me make my dream come true and go to college. I have never felt more welcome.
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DePaul University is an amazing place that is a combination of an excellent place for an education and a place that brings so many different people from different walks of life together.
Depaul Unversity is a large school that has a very great athletic team. People can be an audiance in their games and watch the development of the player.
I attending DePaul for my undergraduate degree and I now I am back for my graduate degree. The professors are excellent and really work with students to achieve success. The class schedules are flexible for students who have to work and everything is conveniently located.
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