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The best in University education Chicago. DePaul connects with students on a deeper level than most universities. Faculty and student body alike, everyone here is here to help each other grow to their fullest potential.
That I came here for a practice SAT test and the service and campus was nice. Dealing the campus security, teachers, and admins that were hosting the SAT event.
I never did lurnt much. All the teachers talk about us hating Trump. Pay your money and yiu graduate. pretty much like a Diploma mill.
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Such a friendly environment. Staff is so involved and willing to help no matter the situation. There are so many resources to help with tutoring, housing, mental health, family. I wouldn't change anything!
After transferring from my from school in Indiana, coming to DePaul was like a dream come true. DePaul was very welcoming, allowing me to enter school in a time where things were stressful and upsetting. But once I got the groove of things, I was really enjoying what I was learning. I was enrolled in a curriculum that allowed me to really engage in the major that I was going for. It also allowed me to finally find a minor that I was interested me enough to want to pursue it a my main study when I attend graduate school. Also, choosing DePaul was a good financial decision, because my scholarships paid for most of my tuition. Because of this, I can happily say that I am enjoying my time at DePaul.
Perhaps it's just my experience in my specific program and area of study, but I have worked with wonderful professors and had the opportunity to learn and engage in content I hadn't begun to think of. Living in Chicago for undergrad it an ideal environment for young twenty-somethings.
I love everything about DePaul University. Located in Chicago, it is such a great place to be. The campus is beautiful and massive. There are so many majors to choose from and no matter what you decide, the faculty are all amazing and very knowledgeable in their study. Besides school, there are so many great things to do. The division 1 sports teams are super fun to cheer on and even participate on if that's your thing.
My experience at DePaul has been wonderful. Small class sizes, easy access to help, wonderful professors, and a wonderful environment.
I believe that Depaul has a lot of strengths when it comes to student life and dorms. I think that academics are strongest in the law, art, and journalism fields but in the science field it is still growing. There are not as many professors for their growing science classes and the curriculum is still being shaped. I believe that this is Depaul's biggest weakness. More and more of the incoming freshman are declared science majors which leaves the current professors stretched thin. I believe that Depaul's college of science and health should be a bigger priority than it currently is.
Well I am a transfer student from a small community college. The reason I chose DePaul University to transfer to is because of its location. Chicago is a city full of endless possibilities, but most importantly many job opportunities. I cannot wait to start school this fall and learn more about the networks DePaul University has with other companies.
Depaul has been great so far, I have just enrolled for the Masters program (starting in September) and everyone that I met with has been very nice and helpful.
When I first arrived at DePaul for my orientation, I was ready to start school that day. I met many new interesting people from all over the country. During this overnight orientation, we traveled the campus and has group discussions in between. My group leaders attended DePaul and were so energetic the entire time. They provided us with all the information we needed to have an productive freshman year. My freshman year was fun meeting new people and new professors
I have just transferred here and there are so many opportunities! Truly an academic surrounded environment. Also located in the greatest city in the country.
The student life is very lively and the campus is absolutley beautiful and full of life. Gives a positively motivating vibe.
I love DePaul. All the professors are knowledgable! They are very approachable and helpful and supportive. There is a lot of resources to take advantage of. Lots of computers and printers. It is a very nice environment for both campuses.
They offer a lot of resources for students of all different backgrounds and walks in life. Most of the professionals there are extremely nice and willing to help students outside of the classroom.
The neighborhood was pretty and I enjoyed my classes for the most part. I had some disagreements with some professors but overall I think the school is a welcoming environment for students of all walks of life.
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DePaul has been very welcoming and very accepting! Finding extracurriculars that I enjoy and classes that i need AND enjoy has not been difficult. The academic advisors and the professors are amazing for the most part!
The staff is very helpful. Located in one of Chicago's oldest and most prosperous neighborhoods, DePaul is an annually evolving university.DePaul is situated in Lincoln Park on the near Northside of Chicago, which gives student easy access to any part of our cultural city. As I mentioned before, the student body and faculty represent many world cultures and there is a diversity of opinion that is very tolerated and accepted. In my years at DePaul, I've seen many conflicts of opinion handled with grace and respect by both the students and administration.
So far DePaul has been an amazing school for me. I have already met two people who I know I will be in my life forever. I have only had professors who care for us as students, our grades, and our futures. DePaul has always been ready to help me whenever I needed help with classes, my future, and anything else that has come up. I worked for the library this year and they always cared for my school work and any student that came in. DePaul has been wonderful and exactly what I wanted in a school.
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