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My experience at Depaul has really opened my eyes to the real world, and thus has changed my goals in my near future. I am hoping to continue my path to complete my four years with no issues. However, the issue with money is something that haunts me near the end of the semester, not knowing if I will have enough to pay.
I’m a freshman at DePaul and am about to head into my 2nd quarter. So far I love it! Chicago is incredible and despite the small campus, having access to so many diverse areas in the city is so worth it. My classes are interesting and incredibly engaging. The food isn’t nearly is bad as people make it out to be. The people are definitely unique because of how independent everyone is, which is really great but can make it difficult to make genuine friends. Overall, I love DePaul and can’t wait to see what else DePaul has in store for me.
As a commuter student, it has definitely been a challenge trying to join campus activities because as soon as class finishes, all you're thinking about is going back home or going to work. DePaul definitely has a variety of things to join which is one of the many reasons why I chose this certain university. Having two different campuses, one located downtown and the other in Lincoln Park, allows for students to explore and get to know the city while using public transportation. DePaul offers many courses that meet certain requirements for your major without having the traditional lecture and note taking-- certain classes require you to do field experience, allowing you to branch out.
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I love this place. The location is great, and many of the professors and staff do their jobs well. DePaul has great facilities and there is a lot to do when it comes to clubs and activities.
Great, motivated professors who nurtured my learning. Excellent job opportunities on campus, including a writing center that is one of the best in the country.
Overall, I have had a great experience at DePaul. The professors care for you and the classes are engaging, although some of the general ed classes have been a bit tedious with a few professors who don't seem completely caring or compelling. Once into your major courses, the classes are informative, interesting, and worthwhile, with great professors.

The location is amazing. Your access to Chicago is incredible, and you really are able to take advantage of all that is going on in the city.
I really liked that even though the school is located in a large city, it's really easy to feel like you belong.
The good: Good location in Chicago's south loop, good professors, good online interface.
The bad: Overfilled classrooms, expensive.
Everyone at DePaul is very kind and welcoming. There are many opportunities for internships and study abroad programs. If you need employment assistance the career center offers services such as mock interviewing and resume prep. There is also free tutoring and a variety of other resources to aid in your college success. There are also a variety of campus events for students to get involved. The school also has two campuses one in the heart of Chicago and in Lincoln Park.
Depaul is a friendly community. All of the people there are so happy and outgoing. It seems like a very nice environment to surround myself in.
While not all professors are great in the classroom, they make themselves very available during office hours. The wide range of classes offered means anyone can find their path.
I received my Bachelors Degree from DePaul and I loved every single class. The class sizes are just right so you can learn as an entire class but also get your one on one with your professor. Every professor was extremely qualified for their position and every single one of them brought in real world experience. The campus always had something going on so if you had free time, you were always welcome to join. I had a memorable and amazing experience that I will never forget about! Go Blue Demons!
I am currently a six year senior at DePaul University. Prior to attending DePaul, I went to a community college, so when I transferred to DePaul, I was told all my credits had transferred but later was told there was a mistatake and I had take more courses than I had expected. That has been the worse thing that happened to me at DePaul, but it ended up also being the best. Although I was misinformed by an employee that is no longer at the university, that extra year and a half I have been at DePaul have given be the opportunity to think about what I want to do when I actually graduate. The professors at DePaul and among the best, they are really understanding and easygoing. I attended the Lincoln Park campus and dorm on campus for two years, and I loved it. I would recommend DePaul University to a person who is not afraid of a fast pace environment, since we have a quarter system which means are courses are only 10 weeks long.
Pretty good school. Lots of homework for certain classes and nearly none on others, but it's manageable.
I like the unlimited supply of clubs at DePaul. There is something for everyone, and in fact so much, that it is difficult to me to narrow down clubs. The teachers are very kind and helpful - I've only had one bad experience with one teacher in the 2 years and assortment of teachers that I have had. The location in the city is the best of all the Chicago schools and that is something that holds DePaul above the others.
I love the area and the people in town. Everyone is very nice and talkative at the school! There are countless resources for the students to use to help them learn and understand the materials they learn in every college and department. There are also resources for inclusiveness and to help the students stay involved within the school and its atmosphere. DePaul offers unlimited opportunities for internships, and they have a Career Center to help the students write their resumés, fill out job applications, prepare for job interviews, and find jobs for during and after attending the university.
I did visit but I heard good information about how nice the campus looked, how the professors helped the students, and that it will not be a decision that I would regret.
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I transferred from a semester school, so it was very difficult to get used to the fast pace of the quarter system. The professors I had my first quarter did not seem too considerate of the fact that everything goes so fast, but I have improved and not all professors are like that.
DePaul is an urban Chicago university that offers many opportunities to its diverse student body. I have had many great professors that have helped me succeed in both lectures and in the laboratory. My only complaint is that I am a science major and the university has very limited majors for students interested in medicine.
DePaul is an excellent urban, multicultural institution with an emphasis on social justice and community engagement.
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