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It has been a great experience so far. The staff at West Texas Denver Seminary are so helpful and have really been available whenever I have questions about registration or financial aid. The instructors are top notch and are also avaiable for help
The classes are small enough that your prof knows your name and cares about you as a person.
This is one of the best aspects of the program, great resources and connection to the community
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For being a small seminary the housing is new and affordable
The program is exactly what I expected but I was blown away by the attention and passion of the faculty.
It's safe, but there is very little to do in town.
It's cheaper to live on campus than to rent an apartment off campus, but the rent is still high for a student's budget. The buildings however, have been well-maintained and are in good condition. The maintenance staff is very kind trustworthy, which I appreciate.
Few affordable options. I do not eat out because of the cost.
The staff are friendly and helpful, but the amount of scholarships and grants available is very limited, depending on the degree program of students.
I only went to one party and it was awkward.
I really enjoy the quality of teaching offered by the professors, and most of the coursework is interesting and relevant to my future career.
I feel very safe in the school community, but wish there were more relaxed standards for students.
There is no on campus dining.
This school does not focus on or participate in athletics. Primarily it is a seminary and chooses to focus on that rather than sports.
I felt very welcomed and attended to. All my questions and concerns have been addressed. The students have been friendly and personable.
There are several viable options for off-campus housing. Especially considering the proximity to the light rail, many more options are available to students willing to take public transportation.
I always feel safe and secure on campus. The location and openness of the campus helps with the feeling of safety.
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This is a religious based institution so it follows that the majority of its students are religious. All students are asked to attend church regularly. The LGBT community is not shunned here but I would say that it is not encouraged.
There are no fraternity or sororities on campus. If that is a social requirement for your college experience then you may need to consider another campus.
The financial aid process is still ongoing for me but I have had a difficult time finding scholarships or grants that I qualify for. My advice would be to talk to professors and current students about what routes they took with financial aid.
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