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I will always love Stanford for the memories and the people I have met. Stanford, in many ways, is amazing--sunny all the time and a campus out of a magazine. What's special about attending an "elite" institution is the number of opportunities available--funding for projects, opportunities to travel for free, opportunities for publication, opportunities to work with leaders in your field and more. If you're looking for opportunity, you will find it at Stanford. What sucks about Stanford is probably what sucks at any other private institution in the country: change is slow, it seems like administrators don't care what students think or want, the financial aid department can ruin your day, there are a ton entitled white, rich kids here who pretend like they're not entitled, white rich kids. STEM will always have more opportunities than other fields; the influence of Silicon valley is prevalent.
Let me tell you about this school. They are the most unorganized college I've ever had the displeasure of attending. Let's start with administration: someone didn't bother to make sure my cohort had enough classes to meet the requirements and 4 weeks in scheduled classes on Sunday's. They are also inflexible with their make up days, even though it's their fault in the first place. Don't bother emailing them, they won't email you back. The schedule is only sent ~2 weeks in advance too so I hope you don't have any plans for 21 months. The instructors are interesting, some are good some don't really seem to care. Parking is a nightmare. I'm definitely NOT getting what I'm paying for. The disorganization is insane. DO NOT go here if you can help it. I promise you it's not worth it.
I was just accepted. The faculty seem nice, intense, but very helpful. Also, the facility is amazing! Many places to study, and an incredible "robot" hospital! Looking forward to the spectacular hands-on experience, and gaining the skills and knowledge to become a nurse!
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Before the school changed their name they were in the news because of bad teachers! The retention rate is terrible and they are overpriced for the service they provide. They will hire any Nurse with a masters degree to teach here regardless of the teaching experience. The short term program is designed to prep you for the NCLEX and not much else. If you want a quality education think twice about this place. Also majority of the students are white and female.
This is easily the worst school I have ever had the misfortune to attend. I graduated and passed the NCLEX because I taught myself. I graduated just over 2 years ago and there isn't a single teacher that I had still employed there. They have terrible clinical sites claiming that they can't make everyone happy "because there's just too many of you". Little tip: if you don't have appropriate clinical sites for ALL students attending....then accept fewer into the program.

It took me a year after graduation to find a job and I had to leave the Denver area. I'm shocked that this school is still around and that the state hasn't shut them down. The recent change of name seems to be an attempt at a re-branding or possibly the terrifying possibility that they are finally making good on the creation a Master's program.

Avoid this place!
I like the small class sizes. I did not like the online class I took, I don't feel like I got a lot out of it. The professor was helpful and was always available to talk about concerns though.
DSN offers a challenging, quick, BSN program.

The Positive: small class sizes, NCLEX style tests, and all courses within the program will help in future success as an RN

The Negative: clinical schedules change often, the area of town has only paid parking - and where there is a Rockies Game, parking can be 30$ or more, there is no food on campus, and there are very little food options within walking distance.
This school is in a very small building, but that is what makes it amazing! It becomes like a little family. It is amazing how they turn out some of the most amazing people! They have the best staff, and they take care of everyone who walks through their doors. I love DSN!
The school is very full time and it has been very difficult to do things outside of school.
The school really tries to work with you to find you the best job to fit your needs.
The school put lot of thought into the class sizes and the way classes would be taught and that really shows with the success of all of the students.
Because the class sizes are so small, your really get hands on experience which is beneficial to retaining the information you are learning.
I love that the school is right downtown close to everything and I love how small the class sizes are. Everyone is really there to help you out and the student body is really tight knit.
They were good classes but I am not a fan of online classes. I do not think they get me as involved as much as inclass courses.
The school is currently working on masters programs to help students continue education past the BSN level.
The teachers are my favorite part of the school, they make class fun and have greatly impacted my education in a positive way.
My career prospects are great. Hospitals in the area consider new grads from my school to be competent and excellent employees. Denver School of Nursing has made getting a job very easy for me!
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Great teachers, great classes and a excellent progression of classes building upon what you learned the previous quarter. Makes the learning process that much easier and builds confidence in the students.
Great school, awesome teachers, I would recommend it to my friends and others interested in the field of nursing.
I haven't hears too much about these opportunities thus far.
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