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Denmark Technical College Reviews

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Too long of a process
It's not really a huge problem but you do have a few who take things too far sometimes
Some Teachers Are Great – some teachers are great but one of the best teachers they had they let him go. a lot of the teachers don't show up to class. we have been in school for a week and a half and we have not had a math class yet
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they steal clothes, sticker for the cars anything they want to take they take
Its a Means to an End – The school does not handle students correctly. If the children don't go to class and don't do what they are suppose to do then they should let them flunk out not hold everyones refund check till they go to class. They need more security on campus, you can not walk to class without the children loittering in the walk ways and smoking weed. They are fighting on campus
Denmark Lol – They never did there job so they said one thing and did another
They only thing that was nice was the Library and then it closed early did not have alot of time to do what you need to do they need to do better so i hear there trying to .
They try but there was no use locals came on and off campus people steal and fight like its nothing all it is Drama public safety would smoke with the students ...
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