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Beautiful college and many different things to do while in college.They have excellent recreation center.The college provides generous scholarship to international student and has diversity.
Denison University is a great campus for the academic and student life. The courses are challenging but the professors always have their doors open to help. There is also a great mix of students. The diversity on this campus can be seen from any corner. Everyone feels safe here because campus safety is just a button away. Denison is a safe, fun, and challenging university that helps students unlock their full potential.
The campus is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen. Mix that with top notch professors that not only teach but care about their students. Small class sizes are the norm and because of that allow you to know your fellow student and your professors more intimately. I can't forget about the sports! Being an athlete myself, I can tell you that don't let this 'smaller' school fool you...almost every sport is represented here with superior athletes playing them. Glad I made the decision to attend this great school.
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I love this community. We are caring and our relationships run deep. I often times find it hard to see a strong connection between our administration and our student body. Our concerns are not always taken seriously enough which is bothersome. Although they mean well, some students are cared for more than others and some professors are not given the acknowledgement they deserve. We have our problems but for a small liberal arts college in the middle of Ohio we hold our own in ways that I constantly impressed by.
So welcoming, creative and diverse! A wonderful community with wonderful relationship building. Faculty members engage with students and want students to flourish, and don't do their job "for the money", but rather for the success of their students.
Denison University is a school with two kinds of kids: motivated, engaged students... and apathetic Greeks. The education is fantastic if you choose to be the former, but the environment created by the student body can be oppressive. If you're looking for engaged students, I'd stay as far away from Shorney Hall as possible.
I really enjoy Denison University for the relationships it fosters academically and socially and the knowledge Denison provides for the future. They teach us to become moral agents and to never forget about the unending difference in the world. We need to be able to make decisions that foster growth and a stronger sense of community. I am extremely happy with the school as Denison cares greatly about every individual student.
Denison University has a small, beautiful campus in the quant town of Granville, Ohio. The community is very close-knit with only about 2,000 students. However, there are always new people to meet and new organizations to become involved with. One problem that the campus faces is that it is know to be segregating into cliques. Most students are very academically driven and focused. Classes are small and often quite challenging but professors are always willing to help. Professors and students work very closely and often conduct research together over the summers and through out the school year. Overall, Denison fosters an amazing community environment and provides a great education in almost any field. However, there are not many major options, so look into their options before applying. The dorms are very average and so is the food. There are not many options for food on campus but the restaurants in the town are quite delicious.
I really like Denison because the staff are amazing. The campus is beautiful and always clean. The education is very challenging, but I think that is great because we are learning more.
I love the professors. The campus is super gorgeous, especially in the fall. Most of the people are super nice. It is very hard to be bored. Almost everybody stays on campus over the weekends.
Denison is a phenomenal place. Classes are challenging but the professors are accessible and want you to succeed. The Fine Arts building is amazing, as is the Mitchell Center athletic center, and a new/expanded music and theater facility is in the works. There is no single type of Denison student, there are artists, musicians, social justice folks, sustainability folks, jocks, liberals, conservatives. Greek life is there, but not a big part of campus life. I appreciate that freshman are together in freshman-only dorms since that helps developing good friendships. Granville has enough for when you want to get off the Hill, and Columbus is close enough that you can get to major concerts etc. Denison is the kind of school that sneaks up on you -- after visiting about 15 small liberal arts colleges, I realized how special a place Denison is.
Denison University is a wholesome and endlessly giving environment, full of different niches and unique people from all around the world. The moment I visited campus, I knew I would find myself loving and enjoying everything that Denison had to offer. The classes are interesting and full, and the professors are patient and helpful. They are always willing to lend a hand and an ear, and at times, a shoulder to cry on. The community aspect at Denison is indescribable, and well worth the four year on-campus residency it enforces. I have met and exceeded my greatest challenges while there, at the same time as receiving and learning every single day.
Denison isn't perfect. It's a wealthy school that can be very stuck up. But if you're there for an education, there's no place better. The academics are amazing no matter what you're studying.
Walking alone at night can be a bit scary, but there are measures to take.
The alumni network is great, not too big and impersonal, but small enough to feel close-nit. Career explorations is trying a few new things to help the students better prepare for work.
I hear lottery is extremely stressful, and last year's new system hasn't been very stable.
I don't participate in greek life.....................
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I don't really go to the gym too often, but the facilities are pretty good. Sports is not too big, but lots participate.
It's a great school and the professors are amazing, but the food could use some improvement.
Not many people are told about the harm of mixing
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