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Delta Technical College - Horn Lake Reviews

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The students are bright, curious, and from a variety of different backgrounds, making Grinnell College an engaging place to live and learn. They are committed to social justice and activism, participating in their courses in a creative and intellectual way that very clearly connects their education to their passions and "real-world" lives. The faculty dedicate a huge amount of time to ensuring their students are receiving the education they need while still reserving time for their own research and writing. However, the administration needs work on the way it communicates with the student body and implements policies, and the location of the college creates a sort of "bubble" that can cause Grinnell to completely absorb the lives of students and faculty.
only day and night classes
they will give us job opportunities and even fight for the job
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not allowed on wifi network
only one small library but then again this is a trade school
some people need an attitude change on life
My teacher is amazing and connects with our students
the financial aid was wonderful from the schools side but federal is a joke
work is not hard at all that is if youre willing to actually do the work
I love waking up and coming here I have made amazing friends and the staff is wonderful
I do not take online classes on a regular basis at Milller-Motte but when I had my baby, my teachers really worked with me to get my work done online.
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