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Over all terrible school. I am only here for the Aviation Flight Operations major, otherwise I would much rather a school like Southern Miss or Ole Miss. The atmosphere of the school is extremely boring. The housing is terrible. Food is terrible. Cleveland itself is boring and not very nice. If you have lived in an agricultural town before and dont mind it then Delta State may be okay for you. If you come from a nice town with lots to do then Delta State is definitely not your place. The Aviation program is also on a major downturn. They simply do not have enough instructions to accommodate people. Students may be waiting years to even be able to fly. I would definitely not recommend this school.
The college is a good school; the location is not the best. Truly you have to experience it to know if it is for you, the teaching school is amazing! The professors do an excellent job of helping students become wonderful teachers!
Delta State University is a pretty good school. There are a lot of resources around campus that help you a whole bunch. The dorms here are alright. The cheapest is the best. The diversity here is okay mostly white people. The food in the cafe is nice and the salad bar is great. The work study jobs here are nice and the ones off campus pay a dollar extra. Parking here is not that great, there are limited parking for commuters.
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Great University love have the University get you prepare and ready for your next step. The university has set up information, people and lifeline to the University and will be the means for official communication between DSU students and the campus including Faculty, Administration, and fellow students.
I love Delta State because of the size of the campus and the size of the classes. The professors are wonderful! They really care about their students. I also really enjoy the elementary education program. I feel as prepared as I’ll ever be to have my own classroom now. It is a wonderful program and will always hold a special place in my heart.
I love the people on campus. Everybody is really friendly and I see familiar faces everywhere I go. The professors are very accommodating, especially for athletes who might have to miss some classes. The classes are very small with a good student to teacher ratio, that make the learning environment so much better.
Great one on one classroom learning setting. A reasonable priced school with loving teachers who care about their students.
Choosing to attend Delta State has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. I attended this school for my junior and senior years of college and I am planning to attend Delta State to pursue my masters degree in Sport and Human Performance. I have gained nothing but great knowledge choosing to go to school here, and I am looking forward to gaining even more knowledge in getting my masters degree. It has been the college experience of a lifetime.
The price reflects the value. The town is small with a few part time jobs here and there. You'd be better off eating in town. There's plenty of academic aid to be found if needed, but some classes have seemed quite disorganized.
Delta State University(DSU) is a wonderful campus that thrives on diversity and hospitality. While DSU is lacking in structure at the administrative level, the professors and staff make the experience worth while. Regardless of Race and cultural background the DSU does a fantastic job of making sure that every is welcome and has the opportunity to engage with other student around the campus. As far as academics, DSU provides a challenging yet rewarding standard of knowledge that with the proper tools can provide everything you'll need in your respective career field.
Delta State is a good value if you need a 4 year degree and you have no way to afford a real 4 year college with a name. While you're a student there, be prepared to be treated like garbage because you're only a student. After you graduate, be prepared to be treated even worse, because you are no longer a source of income for them. It took me something like 20 phone calls, and emails to the registrars office, the alumni office and eventually to the president's office to get NOTHING accomplished. No one would return my calls or emails. Obviously no one cared. Eventually I had to take off of work and drive up to the campus (1 hour both ways) to get a duplicate of my diploma that was destroyed in a fire. The form took literally 5 minutes to fill out, and I was there a total of 10 minutes. I guess it's a good thing I don't live out of state, and I was able to spend 2 hours of my life driving up to the campus to get what I needed.
Delta State offers a lot of study areas and the professors are easy to work with. However, the financial aid office has a lot of requirements. I think they could work to simplify the process.
I've attended this school for 3 years and I will be entering my final year. Delta State is a great school. This university has great academics along with athletics.
Delta State's student body is very diverse, which gives a great opportunity to meet new people from other countries and cultures! There is always something to do on campus, also many organizations to join. Although it is a small campus, everyone is friendly and we are all a family!
I haven't been so I really can't tell you my experiences. I will be a college freshman. I love the campus I wouldn't want to see anything about it change.
A small college with manageable classrooms. One on One feel. Best Baseball program in any D2 college
It wasnt racially diverse enough but the education was worth the money. Not enough instructors that i could relate to and definitely could have remodeled for the sleep quarters.
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Overall, I like my experience at Delta State University. A few changes I would like to see is cooperative activities done on campus.
Delta State University is one of the most affordable colleges in the entire country. With the PTK scholarship, your full tuition is paid. That along with FASFA (Pell Grant) you really only need one loan. Our student body is small less than 3000 but very diverse as there is an exceptional number of foreign exchange students. It's a fun and fascinating experience to meet people from other countries and cultures! Small campus is easy to navigate and they recently repaved all the roads.
I love Delta State and the people who work there try their best to make it an amazing experience for their students. It is a small town so you have to get involved to really get the college experience or you might just sit in your dorm room your whole four years. I recommend joining Greek life and getting out of your comfort zone. It can help you make new friends fast in a small town and help you get involved in the small community. It will also help you connect with teachers and staff, surprisingly. The teachers actually know your name and are willing to go out of their way to help you with something. This is a great school and quality education.
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