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You can't chose when you take the classes. Yet, at the same time I prefer that because it is nice that I don't have to chose when I should take what class, or if I need to take it at a certain time.
Some of the teachers online like to be too strict.
I wish that all my credits would transfer
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I have only had two bad experiences with teachers, only because of other issues. I wish that they offered extra curricular activities and sports, but it is a fast school to get your diploma in and I do not regret going here overall.
BTI offers many opportunities that are great while in school and out of school. For example, they offer to help you with finding jobs after you graduate and I have had help finding a job while I was in school. As well as, they do three months of externships to explore the job you are interested in.
The workload is fairly easy because the teachers go in depth about each topic and are always there for any questions that you have.
This school has taught me so much about business, even though I have changed my major many times, I have had helpful support from all the staff here
The hours BTI offers are flexible to everyone's needs.
I personally have not taken the online course but have heard from many of the other students that the experience is as great and rewarding as being in the class.
The quality is outstanding . The staff helps you every step of the way. You are never left confused or wondering what to do next.
Not only dose BTI offer their graduates employment but they also offer internships as well . They only choice the best employers for their graduates.
My courses this far have been rewarding. I have had the pleasure of meeting the most amazing professors. Their genuine concern for their students academic needs are astounding. The atmosphere is relaxing ;never over crowed.
BTI provides a real world experience in my field of business management. I not only will learn all the skills necessarily to run a successful business but obtain all of the latest technology. The students are provided with the real world office experience while in school. The workload is matched with the everyday pace of office life so you are prepared when stepping into the real world. BTI helps all students be placed with the appropriate internship facilities for there fields so they do not have to struggle finding that perfect job.
I have never applied to a more rewarding school then BTI. No other school that I have applied to has offered all that they do. Nor did any of the staff carry the same enthusiasm and welcoming skills as the staff at BTI. My personal experience with admissions alone left me feeling as if I have been there for years.
evritin is the mos best i see
programs most associated with your shool
it is good i lenrd new thins
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the fan the rule al las perfecion
in this school the studen work hard to graduate
Computer network and overall service works well.
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