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Delta Montrose Technical College has a very detail oriented curriculum. I am challenged with what I am learning, and also getting an understanding of the materials. The staff and teachers are very friendly and helpful.
I am starting to grasp the concepts of the material as a whole and understand how it applies to what I am studying.
There is a lot of classroom time and also a lot of homework and as time goes on it is all paying off.
The instructors are wonderful. The school its self could use a remodel.
Because of the nature of the school, each student comes in with the intention of earning a specific certificate. Registration is relatively easy, and reregistering for the next semester was even easier. Instructors take into account that mostly adults are in class, allowing for a different style of learning.
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I'm in Business Adminstration and I'm loving it! So far I'm learning the ins and outs of being in business and I know my own business will benefit greatly from my skills upon graduation.
ok ummmm this school helps me get a better education and i can recieve my certificate.
the campus is really nice and the students are awesome them and the instructors help out alot and i love that:)
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