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I love the flexibility. If you miss a day you have the option to make it up even if you dont get the full points.
There is not really any online learning. There is learning we do on the computer and sometimes have to complete homework assignments online, but that is pretty much it!
The only thing I wish is that our breaks were longer.
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I have not have any issues and everybody is willing to help each other out if one of us misses a day. The teachers are also willing to help us out if we have any issues.
My workload is not too bad. I look forward to graduating.
My teachers are very understanding!
The administrative staff is great and very friendly. I love my teachers so far!
Only thing is I wish they had wifi!
The tuition is not that bad, but my federal grant doesn't cover it and I am having to pay out of pocket for the majority of it.
I really like this school and the teachers are fantastic. I like the convenient of being able to go to school at night! I cant wait to graduate.
everyone is serious bout they work grades and performance
Delta school is not a school that I would recommend anyone to go to. The teachers are great, but the administration sucks. The prgram is only 7 months and nt enough is taught in the classroom or lab to be able to go work in the medical field. After the completion of the class time it takes them forever to send you on an extern site. I was very unpleased.
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