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I'm currently enrolled in Delta College as a freshman. So far, I've had a great experience. The classes I've taken are very challenging, but I've always had patient, caring teachers that were always there to answer my littlest questions and concerns. The school has a variety of different courses for a plethora of majors that range of Engineering to Film Study. There is truly a place for any type of student at this school. The environment is very welcoming. The college provides all types of tools and centers to help students study and learn.
Delta is an inexpensive college perfect for getting the simple classes out of the way at a college where your teachers truly care.
Delta College is the perfect start to anyone's career. Small class sizes, along with affordable tuition and a friendly environment, makes it a great college to attend. It is in a great location where there are plenty of job opportunities.
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Delta is a great community college with a lot of choices that are offered. They have many programs with 4 year colleges to transfer, to further your education. They are affordable and care about their students!
Delta is a great college all around, some of the professors are little, well, not good but thats going to happen so its not avoidable but I would recommend this college.
I love Delta and am happy I decided to go here. The programs they offer are great and the professors are amazing. The campus is awesome and just the right size.
For my education, Delta College is the best experience I've ever had. I prefer Delta College over Central Michigan University. And I would continue my education through them.
The school is not exactly preparing you for much but job basics, and you surely dont have any leg up on competition when applying for jobs.
Delta is a great place for students who aren't sure what career they want to pursue or who need a more affordable educational option. Delta has a mix of good options and bad. While some facilities are up to date and working, some, like the website, need serious work for functionality and ease of use. The same goes for the faculty, although I haven't had many bad experiences, I have heard many interesting stories describing very "peculiar" professors that make life less suitable. One experience I have had occurred with a staff member having little knowledge with a problem that concerned their title. Overall Delta is a good place to find yourself and save money, however, life may be a little more difficult.
Delta College in Michigan is a great college. It is a smaller college and you don't get lost in the shuffle. Most of the professors that I have dealt with have been wonderful in helping if you ask for help. I recommend this college to anyone.
I absolutely love Delta. The professors care and there are so many ways to get help. The campus is clean and comfortable. I've enjoyed both of my years there.
Fantastic school to get your associates degree or get your basic courses then transfer to another college. They have the MTA, Michigan Transfer Agreement.
Class size is just right fit the smaller campus feel.
Delta is a great college! The staff is amazing and so helpful! I have had nothing but good experiences there. This being my first year of college I was extremely scared, but delta helped me feel more comfortable with college. The professors are great and they really care whether or not you learn the information. If you don’t understand something they are always there to help you! Delta also has great food. There are many places to get food at the campus.
Delta College is a fantastic start to receive your college degree. Instead of costing a fortune, you will definitely save a lot of money by taking classes at this amazing school. They have lots of tutoring programs for when students need assistance with homework or projects. The teachers are also very helpful and very motivational.
I am duel-enrolled high school student at Delta College. I have had an overall positive experience with Delta. All of my professors have been very easy to work with. My classes have been good, and most of them will transfer into a University no problem. Delta is a great college, and I highly recommend it.
The staff at Delta truly cares about their students and wants them to succeed. The professors I have had so far are very qualified to teach and excel at teaching the material.
I enjoy the experience I am having here. There however needs to be larger focus on security for students and women. There was a rape on campus in the past year in broad daylight and this needs to be dealt with. By employing constant on campus police, safety and comfortability of students would increase.
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I work at Delta and am a current freshman there. The staff are so nice and always great me everyday, everyone I meet is extremely welcoming and kind to me and I love that. It's a small campus but it is so well taken care of and nice. I like that Delta is small but still keeps there school nice and really cares about academics and the current students and their futures.
Delta is such a great place for what I like to call the inbetweeners, the kids ( or adults for that matter) who might be wary about college or who have no idea what they want to do with their lives and just need to get started. Delta is so diverse, everyone from high school seniors to senior citizens are perusing and education there everyday.
School can be a really scary concept for many, myself included, but Delta does a really great job of making it easy and not intimidating in the least.
For being a small community college there are so many resources, so many wonderful teachers, tutors and programs to explore and use to expand your horizons. It is such a welcoming place filled with excellent professors, peers and staff!
Safe school, with lots of opportunity. This is a great school to attend to start your college career or to continue your education. The staff is very well informed about the academics and will teach you what you need to know to go out in the real world. I would highly recommend anyone who would like a high quality education for a very reasonable price.
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