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Delta College is a great community college located centraly for the most of the students that are attending classes. The amount of students that are in one classroom is very low because Delta caps their classroom sizes off small so that their teachers will be able to be more personal with their students to provide them with the best education possible.
The teachers work with you one on one to help you. The class sizes are not to big nor are they to small. There are many groups and organizations that are here to help you no matter what. They even offer a free food pantry, help for mothers or mothers to be, and amazing activities. They host a Science Olympiad every year for high school students, many college visits, and work together to help anyone out that needs it while applying or deciding on what to do.
Delta College attracts many people because it's easily affordable. Although this appeals to many people, it isn't as high end as other schools and has all the available supplies. It is a very safe and friendly environment, and you recognize a lot of fellow classmates.
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Delta is a really good starter college, they make it easy to learn with the small class sizes. The professors are more dedicated to teaching students and helping them succeed in college. Also, great school to take prerequisites for your majors.
To be blunt, it is true that college is what you make of it, and that not every college is perfect, or should I say, will be. But Delta, as there say in their marketing, works. I have never had a bad experience with any class in my degree, the professors are all professional and caring, and I feel a sense of opportunity and care. Go Delta!
Small "high-school" life college with great one-on-one professor accessibility. Easy to navigate school with many great programs to start off. Also, extremely cheap compared to a University with no dorm or housing pay.
What a great college I attended! The teachers are very helpful and patient along with the tutors! It was my second home and I felt comfortable at school everyday.
Delta College is by far the best community college in the area, I'm so glad I chose to go here first, not only is it cheap, but the education is amazing. Class sizes really allow for one on one time and make it so everyone has a better chance of understanding the curriculum.
Delta is a really good community college. Many students in the area start here for the affordable classes. The professors really care about the achievements of their students.
Delta College has amazing resources for its students, including faculty, computers, the counseling office, and the library and tutoring center. I have used the majority of these resources listed above and I have seen a drastic improvement in my grades and GPA, because I realized that there are people besides me who care if I succeed. Besides these, the coffee shop outside the library is a huge plus, as it gives a nice environment to study and work, as well as delicious coffee and other treats. It is not always necessary to attend a four year college, and Delta's low tuition costs are a huge dealbreaker. Low costs does not mean low quality in this case!
Its a good college.It has everything I need to make my career better with the program I have chosen to keep my future path going on the right track.With college education you will learn more not just your self but others as well.
Advisors give you concrete steps to take to make sure you are on the right track. Professors are accessible and easy to talk to. Great place to start!
The prices of classes are affordable also the smaller class sizes help with learning and the ability to live at home was great
It was really clean when i went to tour the school i also like tge teachers and the staff they always are their to help
I greatly enjoyed my time at Delta. Although it is only a two-year institution, it has all of the trappings of a major university
Delta College is a community college that makes education accessible for students from all sorts of backgrounds. It is one of the most affordable colleges in Michigan, and offers a large plethora of classes that can be transferred to universities with ease. Professors at Delta are very receptive to students, they are readily available for educational assistance and work their best to encourage a positive learning environment.
Delta College is a wonderful place to go. The class sizes are pretty small, the largest class I’ve been in was about 25 kids. This gives professors the chance to get to know you, and they really do try to help you succeed. There is also free homework help, which comes in the form of a tutoring center and the WRIT center, which is a writing assistance center. Delta truly gives you the chance to succeed in whatever you’re studying.
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I loved taking my Dual Enrollment class at Delta College!! They helped me with all my work, which was a lot! Thank you Delta!!
I am almost done with my associate in legal studies. I have had some of the best professors. There are a few that have gone above and beyond to accommodate my curriculum with my needs. There are small classes allowing for a better experience. They are also very helpful with online and self-study classes, making you feel like your not going at it alone. I have decided to stay and complete a 3+1 degree from Ferris while staying at Delta.
I'm currently enrolled in Delta College as a freshman. So far, I've had a great experience. The classes I've taken are very challenging, but I've always had patient, caring teachers that were always there to answer my littlest questions and concerns. The school has a variety of different courses for a plethora of majors that range of Engineering to Film Study. There is truly a place for any type of student at this school. The environment is very welcoming. The college provides all types of tools and centers to help students study and learn.
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