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Delta College - Michigan Reviews

423 reviews
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Small school, small classes. It is easy to get help and the school is not over crowded. The tutoring area is very useful.
Delta made my return to college after 20 years very smooth. I am looking forward to taking more classes.
Great college. Affordable and diverse. Flexible hours. Offers a great variety of classes, programs, and degrees. Professors are all very nice and care about whether or not you are actually learning. They want to see you succeed. Employment after graduation rates are high. Nursing program has a 99% pass rate for the NCLEX after graduation. The medical wing is all new. Delta puts a lot of work into being a "green" campus. Big on renewable resources, recycling, and energy conservation. I also like that you don't have to leave the building when going to one class to another like at a big university. Great tutoring and writing center.
Delta college provides a wide range of classes and degrees, as well as a high credit transfer rate. The staff has always been willing to help any time they are asked, the whole experience has been a positive one.
My overall experience has been pretty good here at Delta. The teachers are nice and so are the classes.
This is my first semester at college, but so far its okay. There's a ton of work, but nothing I'm not willing to reach my goals for my grades. The atmosphere is nice as well and all the teachers are really helpful.
Delta College is an amazing way to get basic credits under your belt before transferring to a larger, more expensive, university. The cost to attend is very minimal, especially if you live in the area, and accumulative credits transfer very smoothly to universities across the state. I recommend Delta College to those who aren't quite prepared to take on the crippling university cost but still want to further education.
I have not hr started my online classes but I have heard they are very user friendly and the website is extremely user friendly. I am always able to easily acces my email for delta and sign up for classes ect.
I can't wait to finish my studies and advance in the carrier that I have always wanted to go into. I look forward to helping people and impacting their lives in ways I couplet even imagine.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
This is my first school experience and I love it. I couldn't have picked a better school. The teachers are kind and counsellors are wonderful, the school map makes it very easy to locate all the class rooms.
The career prospects are good. You have so many different opportunities.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
I enjoy being able to learn new things that will help me in my career. The counsellors are wonderful and very helpful.
I really like delta college because everyone is so accepting. I was so afraid about going to school being as old as I am, and so far I have had nothing but open arms.
I have had many great experiences. I have actually learned many new things more than I thought I would.
All of my professors so far have been overwhelmingly helpful when I did not comprehend the information that was being taught. Also when my personal life had a loss every professor was willing to help me stay in sync with the class and not falling behind.
Delta has been a rewarding experience. Each class has been different from the last yet there continues to be one common theme among them all. Friendly professors and quality instruction.
As I am an older student, online classes were new to me and to be frank I do not like them.
As with any community college your experience will change with each passing professor. So far all of my professors are candid, hard working, intelligent and willing to help you succeed in their class.
There is no more affordable college within my area. Delta has a vast array of programs. Each one has an easy to comprehend plan.
  • College Junior
  • 8 months ago
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I do not know much about the program I am currently going into but I hear numerous positive things from my fellow students.
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