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All of the information is correct. I will never be able to make it with out Delgado. I'm going to school today and forever because of the information I will accept. It's vibrant yet vintage enough for me.
For the nursing program lectures are inconsistent with the (very expensive) textbooks that are given. The tests are inconsistent with the lectures and the textbooks in Level 3. There's about a 50% chance of moving on from one level to the next depending on how you study, but don't expect your study habits that worked in one level to work in the next level because testing is also inconsistent across levels. It's difficult to study and it takes many many hours before you even begin to understand the material.

Some professors are very nice and will help outside of class as much as they can, going so far as to stay past their office hours to give students a leg up. It does very little good in the long run, though, and students just have to muddle through every semester until they figure out how to study for the tests in that level.
It was a very nice experience, the office workers try their best to help and to provide support. Their online study is very excellent and smooth. the have very good and professional teachers that make you love the course. one thing they need to do more is to do advising online so it can be convenient to all kinds of students and another things is to do testing services in all their sites so it can be available to all students from different places.
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Delgado is a good vocational school. As far as applying for financial aide, the task is daunting. The student is on their own to figure out the steps to take to receive financial aide.
Delgado is a very good and diverse community college. It offers a lot of different options and the classes are very affordable. A lot of the teachers are also very hands on and the classes provide just as much information one would recieve from a university!
Delgado is a very good school... Its super easy to get admitted, great teachers who really care about the students. They academic courses needed in this country and the credits from them are extremely transferable to other colleges. Their well recognized worldwide and great reputation especially for the Nursing program because they have a lot of hands on experience in their clinical groups. The government is wonderful in regards federal loans to students and different programs to seek . If your looking for a school that has all the best tools available , come to Delgado !
I had a great experience at Delgado, Flexible schedule which permitted me to work. I didn't have a lot of time for the college life experience due to being a parent, but I enjoyed everything that I did have an opportunity to partake to. Overall it was a good decision and I recommend Delgado.
Delgado is a quiet community college with lots of different people. It's different if your not from New Orleans, but is the same as high school if you are. The only problem is that some of the teachers you may not understand. Environment wise and social wise you'll love it.
Delgado Community College is an excellent school for anyone to attend. They have countless programs of study and very engaging professors. My experience at Delgado has been great so far and I only see it getting better as I finish out my degree program. The over all atmosphere of the school is inviting and joyful. There is always some kind of activity going on to get students involved. There are also clubs and student affiliations associated with every program of study, to help students network and make connections with real world businesses in their field. Delgado is, over all a wonderful community college and I'd recommend it anyone looking for a place of learning.
The school is okay. It's a great school if you are someone returning to college and want to get your degree. It's not so great if you are fresh out of high school and this is your first time being in college.
My experience in Delgado for the first time was rough. The campus is big and its hard to find your way around but eventually you will get the hang of it. The teacher help you in any way they can. The classroom are well cleaned and the teacher teach in a way that everybody can understand, which is helpful for many of the students. Thanks to Delgado I took my first steps to a university.
I love the online classes that’s offered. It’s very convenient when you work a full time job with a family. I’ve had grew instructors. I would love to see our school become a 4 year college.
What i like about Delgado is they have staff that care about you and academically, they will try to help you in all kind of ways. it's nothing that i would like to change about Delgado .
The most important thing I like about delgado is the advisors . They are awesome and a great source for your education. The instructors are good if you apply yourself. The security is ok when their available.
I cannot stress how awful my time at this "college" was. The admiatrative system is a joke. They make you jump through hoops just to become accepted. There was also no communication between professors in my program and those of the main campus. This almost led to our entire class not being able to graduate. Now TWO WEEKS after my graduation I still don't have a diploma because the school printed the wrong year on ours and we're supposed to send replacements in the mail. No sight of it and they claim to have sent it a week ago. These people just do not care about anyone going to the school and are the most unorganized people I have ever met.
At delgaldo i really enjoy the family welcome it reslly just like one big family. What i feel they can improve is the commucation and the education program.
The professors, for the most part, are fantastic. The classes are engaging as long as you put effort in, or else they can be very hit or miss. For the tuition, this is a great starting point. However, unless you are extremely extroverted, it can be hard to make friends at this school. Downside of a community college, I guess. You have to really find ways to get involved on campus to meet people.
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Thus far into my education experience with Delgado Community College, I have nothing bad to say. From speaking to Financial Aid to communicating with my professors, every step has been fairly simple and easy to navigate. I love my classes, even the remedial ones.
Delgado is a great community college for anyone who is a parent. The instructors are willing to work with you if you have a children. They go out there way to help. The college is very welcoming. They have a wide range different types of people.
I feel education wise, delgado is definitely a yes for me. However the financial aid process and overall paperwork process is ghetto and very aggravating and time consuming
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