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This is the perfect college to attend if your looking for a new beginning. I have tired taking online classes and both attempts were bad experiences but Delgado Community gave me a different perspective on how I was going to obtain my goals.
I been going to the school for about one year and a one half. I'm taking online classes becausei work a swing shift to take care of my family. Dlegado really works with my schedule for classes that I have to take on campus.
Instructors willing to help if you just ask. Classes are usually small enough that it makes it easy to get to know most of your classmates
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It is affordable. More help in the financial aid office and more help from some instructors. Just taking more time out to help students have a better experience.
I love Delgado. They created a flexible schedule for me to work and continue my education. I was, also, able to receive credit for my previous experience in the field.
Delgado is an OK school. Sometimes the service sucks and some staff are rude but the learning experience is great.
Delgado gives students to opportunity to enter a college environment on a smaller level than a 4 year college, giving them the skills and confidence to pursue their degrees.
I was a student a Delgado the city park campus, I graduated in May of 2018 the school is located in a very convenient area where the street cars and buses pass close by the campus, the school is very affordable and the curriculum is overall very good, really helpful professors. My experience was a really good experience which I rated my professor before taking a class,also Delgado had a very good on line program for working people and students.bthe school security is very good and the student Life will get you through the process. There is a very good gym where students get a huge discount when you join. Overall this is a great beginner school, very economic for people looking to pay out of pocket. I graduated and I absolutely enjoyed my stay here at Delgado.
I've been attending DCC since Fall 2016 and I have to say that if you want to go to a 2 year college that feels like a 4 year, then this is the place to start. With more than 3 campuses to choose from, you don't have to worry about travel time to and from school. The City Park campus has all the classes you need and my instructors have been helpful and very friendly to students and will give you all the tools you need to get your degree.
Delgado is an "ok" school. If you're looking for a school where people are going to help you and enjoy doing it this is not the school.
-Delgado is a place where you can restart your life and learn lessons along the way. They give you opportunities to advance and excel, only if your are willing to. Its a great atmosphere there, and promotes postivity. The only thing I would ask is that they invest in getting mini bikes to use going across campus for those that do not have vehicles.
Benefiting from the 1 on 1 focus with your professors really allow you to get the best results. The advisors do everything they can to help you succeed.
The level of care and understanding you receive from the instructors are awesome. Delgado provides a wide range of courses that fits our ever changing economy. Make sure your financial aid is complete and turned in on time...processing tends to be a little slower than usual.
I was mostly an online student, but my one on-campus class, Intro to Theatre, was an absolute joy to be a part of. The teacher was easy going and made class time enjoyable. I found ways to become involved with their theatre program through that class. I discovered a passion for backstage work, and the theatre professors were very encouraging of my interests. I am now a theatre arts major aiming to become a successful stage manager in the future. The campus itself had a bright atmosphere. There is a pond with benches and tables around it that I often used as a relaxing spot to have lunch after class. The geese are friendly, and it is very calming to watch the large koi and turtles swim around. There were many musical and free food events held on the campus that were open to all students for their enjoyment. The staff members were always friendly and patient when helping students. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
They never have anything important information done when it comes to Financial Aid.
However, they do keep up with there campus ( the city park location).
First of all the campus is beautiful. It's situated in an area call City Park, which is a very nice part of New Orleans. The main campus is easy to get around. If you need to reach admissions or financial aide the service is prompt. As far as the teachers/professors, they are very helpful, knowledgeable, and nice. There are other locations/campuses in New Orleans that makes it convenient for those who cannot make it to the main campus. Overall this school is a great place to get an education any many fields. Definitely a great stepping stone for those who want to transfer a major University.
I liked how all of my professors were willing to work with me in order for me to get a good grade in their class.
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I love most of my teachers I've had here. The tutor centers are helpful and I enjoy the online learning I've had through the school that coincides with face to face classes, like Wiley Plus, for example. The school campus at City Park needs a serious face lift though.
I have a degree from a four year institute, but I will say that your college experience is what you put into it. I have found some classes at Delgado to be very challenging - as challenging as classes that I took at the four-year, private institution I previously attended. However, there are some caveats. For example, there is a lot of bureaucracy and some departments seem poorly run or understaffed. Overall, you can get a good education here. You just have to be willing to put in the work.
Delgado Community College ( City Park campus) is an awesome institution for obtaining vocational degrees, as well as for taking classes to transition to a university. Whether prospective students are interested in enrolling in a vocational program or just obtaining prerequites, students will ultimately acquire a strong foundation that will be useful in their academic career. I was able to develope effective studying methods and time management skills. This is a special thanks to the professors who are friendly and motivating. I would definitely encourage students to enroll at Delgado.Delgado Community College is great start and great finish.
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